The British Board of Film Classification, or BBFC, recently announced that the they’ve found a recipe for the production of crystal meth somewhere in Liberty City. But wait, there’s more.

This recipe, said to have been found somewhere after seven or eight hours of gameplay by video game “experts” is actually inaccurate.

That’s right, Rockstar, the development team behind the epic title, informed the BBFC that said recipe was indeed “inaccurate,” and anyone following the in-game directions would have wasted hours and hours setting up that lab. Bummer.

The fact that we’re just learning of this now is astounding and is proof that Liberty City is a place of many dark corners capable of holding many, many secrets.

Has anyone found the recipe? I’ve played hours and hours and hours of GTA IV and have never run across anything that would, to me, resemble a meth recipe.

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