When “Bitch Slap” comes out later this year, America Olivo will make a certain scene by Denise Richards and Neve Campbell look like a Disney movie.

The 31-year-old beauty, daughter of 1959’s Miss Canada, is on the cover of Playboy in May, and she dished on her upcoming films and her upbringing.

The singer and actress appears in a 6-page nude spread available May 15.

She stars as a drug-running, street-fighting lesbian in the upcoming “Bitch Slap,” which boasts the longest girl fight in cinema history, Playboy said in a news release this week.

Olivo told the magazine that she had to do “blatant lesbian scenes on a trapeze, in which I’m making out, kissing this girl between the legs and riding her so intensely I was more sore than a mofo.”

She also talks about how, attending Juilliard, she was encouraged to lose her virginity.

“Every time I sang about love,” she told Playboy, “my 97-year-old mentor would say, “You can’t really sing a song like this until you’ve lost your virginity, and I can tell you haven’t!” Her solution? “I lost my virginity in Rome in a park with a view of the Vatican — literally.”

Olivo appeared in two episodes of House, has a role on General Hospital, was in the “Friday the 13th” remake and has five more films to her credit coming up after “Bitch Slap.”

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