The National League announced its MVP for the 2008 season and his name is Albert Pujols. Not terribly surprising, we knew it would be between Pujols and Philly’s Ryan Howard. In the end, however, baseball writers don’t like it when a guy strikes out 200 times and plays shaky defense. That said, the Phillies don’t make the playoffs without Howard and we know how that turned out.

Pujols, who hit .357 with 116 RBI’s and 37 HR’s, beat Howard in votes 369-308.

In the American League, the MVP was awarded to Boston Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia, who beat out Twins slugger Justin Morneau 317-257 in the voting.

Pedroia hit .326 with 83 RBI’s and 17 HR’s and also won the 2008 AL Gold Glove. Not too bad for a second baseman.

I used a picture of Pedroia to support this piece just to make Guilfoil happy.

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