On opening night of the Democratic National Convention, Senator Ted Kennedy is scheduled to steal the show.

Kennedy, who is battling brain cancer, will make just his second public appearance since the diagnosis.

At first it was public knowledge that a video tribute would be made for the Massachusetts senator, however word recently slipped that he will make an appearance, one that is now being highly anticipated by many supporters.

Michelle Obama will deliver the main address of the night, the aim of which is to give Americans a glimpse of the Obamas’ personal life, something that, given Obama’s celebrity status, voters desperately want to know.

Democrats have no doubt that Mrs. Obama is more than able to handle the task of giving the people what they want to hear in this her first lengthy public address of the campaign.

The DNC’s aim, to unite the party after several bruising presidential primaries and caucuses, connects with what democratic leaders have been doing for awhile now.

Just this morning, Senator Hilary Clinton spoke to members of her delegation, urging them to support the democrats and unite behind Obama.

Obama will accept the party nomination on Wednesday and deliver a speech on Thursday. He will appear via satellite from Kansas City after Mrs. Obama’s speech tonight.

Obama’s newly named running mate, Senator Joe Biden, is scheduled to speak Wednesday.

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