LOS ANGELES — NYKO was the best peripherals company at E3.

So what if they were the only one there? They rocked. And they had booth babes. In fact, photo credit for the pictures in this story goes directly to a red-wigged girl with piercing eyes.

But enough about my frustrations, back to games.

NYKO has several handy products available that they were demoing at the Media and Business Summit, including a guitar that works with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band in PlayStation 3.

So pay attention to the wireless Frontman. It also makes the transition from Guitar Hero to Rock Band much easier. The Frontman feels natural, responds smoothly, and looks great. It loved it, and I’m buying one. As you can see, I also look great playing it.

NYKO Media Hub for PlayStation 3Another product you’ll probably buy if you have a PlayStation 3, the NYKO Media Hub+ is a combination USB hub/media card reader. It fits flush against the PS3 and will allow you to plug all your instruments into smaller PlayStation 3’s without as many USB ports.

NYKO also has cooling products available for PlayStation 3 and Wii that turn on when the system gets hot and turn off when the system cools down — they even stay on right after you shutdown the system to make sure everything cools off properly.

As NYKO publicist Quinn Wageman explains, “if you’re watching a DVD, you’re not going to need the fans, but if you’re playing a graphics-intense game, you will.”

Disclaimer: NYKO was the company that invited Blast to E3 this year. Blast appreciates and enjoys its long-standing professional friendship with NYKO, but reminds readers that it has no effect on our reviews or editorial policies. Every media outlet at E3 this year was invited by another company. Except maybe IGN.

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