I remember watching the first episode of Supernatural way back in 2005. As a big fan of the fantasy/sci-fi genre, the show was an immediate hit for me. Demons, witches, and good old fashioned normal people fighting the forces of evil, that’s a gold mine for me.

Even back then, when I was considerably less attentive to the aesthetics of a show, I thought Jensen Ackles wasn’t that good of an actor. This was back in the heyday of the WB, when they recycled young actors from show to show.

This was Ackles’s third show (that I know of) on the WB, after stints on “Dawson’s Creek” and “Smallville.” The WB loved doing this (Chad Michael Murray was on what seems to be a half-dozen show before finding “One Tree Hill”); even Ackles’s co-star Jared Padalecki, who I thought had better acting chops, had been a WB mainstay, as a “Gilmore Girls” cast member for five years. For better or worse, the WB just kept shoving no talent pretty boys down our throats—Jensen Ackles, case in point.

Well, fast forward five and half years later, and the tables have completely turned. Not only do I think Ackles has improved by leaps and bounds to completely inhabit the role of Dean Winchester, I find myself wondering on lazy days—was Jared Padalecki completely miscast in the role of Sam?

I’m the kind of guy who goes back and watches shows over and over. It’s perhaps a tad ridiculous, but it helped confirm something I’ve been suspecting four about the last three seasons—Padalecki is a terrible actor. Words can’t accurately describe how pitiful he is at pulling off a role that should carry considerably more gravitas.

Sam’s demon storyline has really shown Padalecki’s flaws. Surely you roll your eyes when he tries to pull off evil or tormented, with that awkward-looking crooked smile thing he does (too much) with the squinted eyes. You know the squinted eyes. He can’t pull of dialogue either. Much of the show is driven by the relationship with his brother Dean, and it’s increasingly obvious over the years that Padalecki can’t keep up with his co-star.

We now have to follow this ridiculous soullessness plot, which has only highlighted Padalecki’s flaws even further. If you watch the episode “Live Free or TwiHard,” you see Sam in the background cunningly allowing his brother to be turned into a vampire. This should be some diabolical and sinister look; instead it’s painful; Padelecki seems like he’s viewing some kind of fetishistic porn.

To summarize, on the whole, he’s just a terrible actor. He can’t work with his own face, his vocal inflections are poor, and he just generally ruins scenes he is present in.

Interestingly, you can trace the demise of Padalecki’s ability to act with his ridiculous growth in body mass throughout the series. If you watch the first season, he was a tall skinny guy. The biggest changes come between the second and third, and the third and fourth season, when he just swells. And whatever he was taking removed any lingering ability to portray SamWinchester.

The show is now moving into its twilight, and we start to make observations about the show’s legacy, I think the poor acting of Padalecki is going to be one of the big addendums to the show. The fourth and fifth season of the show really broke open the show and took things to another level, but Padalecki has always held the show back for me.

Compare all this to Ackles. He grew as an actor with this role. He pulls off all the darkness, insecurity and inner turmoil of Dean perfectly; combined with Jim Beaver and Misha Collins and tons of solid performances by guest stars over the years such as Kurt Fuller, Robert Wisdom, and Julie McNiven, the show on the whole has had some stellar acting for a fantasy show. If only the other star of the show could act.

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Jason Woods is a Blast staff writer

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  1. Renee

    I think you mean Sam W.
    And whatever he was taking removed any lingering ability to portray Dean Winchester.

      • Renee

        Anytime, I think you have an interesting view point. I don’t totally agree. I do think the Jensen is a better actor than Jared, however, I do feel that Jared has grown as well.

  2. pete

    Got to say I agree. Some fans have been raving about Jared’s acting as soulless Sam but all I see is lame posturing, weird facial contortions and him delivering lines as if he’s reading off an autocue. Don’t understand how anyone can interpret that as good acting. Maybe it’s because he’s had all the cool action scenes and other characters have had little to do action-wise and people are blinded by that.

  3. Amber

    This is so over the top its hard to take you seriously, you sound like the worst kind of extreme Jensen girl to be honest. Almost like you copy and pasted this from that To hell and Back dean site. Well done!

    • Karen

      How droll, given that most of the comments attacking the writer seem to be from people I’ve seen posting at Winchester Family Business and the Limp Sam forum.

    • Iwannasuccjaredpadeleckidicc

      Honestly all supernatural fandom comments sound like theyre all from whatever greasy fat jewish old male producer is fucking or wants to fuck jared and smears him and raises ugly dry wrinkly milk jensen as better to make the superior jared insecure. I watched wb as a little girl and always thought jared was so hot and jensen always seemed so old and dried up and wrinkled and thin lipped with bad crows feet bad skinny body and hes super annoying and corny at acting. Always found him very annoying even when i was 8. Jensen fan comments are definitely not coming from women or young girls at all.

    • Iwantjaredpadeleckisdic

      Jensen ackles was always very ugly and annoying for me

  4. Carla

    Sorry dude, but you don’t acting even if its in front of your nose. Jared has been doing a sensational work when it comes to Sam. Evething about him is different when hes possessed and Soulless!Sam, as well.
    To me Jensen is always reliving the same character with foccused a lil bit on different traits of personality.
    Dean is a older version of Alec; The character he played on MBV as a psyco version of Dean; Prysley in Ten inch hero was a rebel version of Dean, and there you go.
    Check your glasses and watch the show more carefully. You’ll agree with me.

    • pete

      Jared’s played different levels of evil and smug but if you enjoy his performance what’s it to you if someone doesn’t agree. Jensen is a solid actor but he doesn’t have a lot of range either. Neither of them are potential oscar winners.

      • Brad

        They don’t have range in this series, but who knows if given a lead in a movie role…who knows?

    • Tara

      Priestly wasn’t anything like Dean and Alec isn’t anything like Dean. Alec and Dean could have been very similar, on paper they were similar but Jensen immediately made Dean completely his own person. Dean spoke differently(different cadences, different accent, different speed), he moved differently, he had different body language over all.

  5. Kady

    Your comments are so insane, I hesitate to even dignify them with a response. Jared is NOT a terrible actor. I think you’re just a troll trying to generate reaction out of fans of the show, and if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sure you’ll get it. I hope you’re happy.

  6. kate

    You have got the worst knowledge of t.v. and talent I’ve ever seen. Geesh do you do this for a living?

    And Misha Collins is probably one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen. He just doesn’t have to say much and has Jensen there to pull the strings.

    Jared is amazing and has always been amazing I feel sorry for you that you don’t see that because if this is what you do for a living you should really look for something else to do.

    • Amy

      Kate, you might want to check out Karla. Misha Collins was the lead role in that. But if you have, and this is still your opinion, then disregard this post.

      You might be surprised though.

      I think the entire cast has good acting abilities. The two girls that played Meg….meh, not so much.

    • Anne

      Ah, so it’s perfectly OK for you to negatively “critique” – and I use the term loosely – Misha Collins’ acting, but not OK for anyone to do the same with Jared Padalecki? Right…

    • Brad

      They don’t have range in this series, but who knows if given a lead in a movie role…who knows? Wait, Jarad in ‘Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage’, was actually a really good show, and Collins in Karla was super!

  7. Ginger

    Wait – I’m sorry, but am I to understand that you get paid to write articles? For a magazine of some kind?

    Troll harder.

    Your writing is offensive and rude. There are ways to say you don’t like a certain actor’s performance without coming off like a complete assbutt. Any consideration I may have given to your opinion is now circling the drain.

  8. Shaula

    I don’t agree with you, I love Jared’s acting and I really think he grew, like Jensen did.

    I just hope, with all my heart that, by defending Jared and Sam, the fans won’t tear Jensen and Dean to shreds and make Dean fans look bad, like some comments above started. And I hope that this kind of arguing wasn’t what you intended to do either.

  9. lori

    Ok that’s just mean. Jared has come a long both actors really. Jared is really killing it with soulless Sam. I don’t know what show your watching but it can’t be supernatural. Both guys do an excellent job.

  10. Alice

    Interesting article. I don’t completely agree with you, but I do agree that Jensen has done some incredible acting on this show, and I do think he’s a better actor than Jared.

    I think Jared still does too much eyebrow furrowing, forehead scrunching and flaring of the nostrils.

    I’m sorry if you’re going to get raked over the coals for by the Limp Sam fans for stating your opinion.

  11. -1Fan

    I won’t get into the issue of Jared acting, however, as someone who was a die hard fan of this show I massively disagree about s4&5 opening up the show. I think that s4-6 have really shown the cracks in the writing integrity of the show, and season 6 has been the most abysmal unwatchable pile of crap that it’s been my displeasure to try to sit through. I finally have reached my breaking point and have decided not to continue watching this show when it returns for winter hiatus, and it has nothing to do with the acting skills and everything to do with the fact that the writers have turned this show into a cold, plot hole driven gimic of what it once was. I’m truly disappointed I was a stan for this show, as I think it’s becoming apparent that the writers could careless what the fans think of the show, and I’m getting a distinct feeling the ONLY reason anyone is still involved with it is for the money. Which fine whatever, but it’s nice to see that the writers thank the fans for all the support by repeatedly lying about coming storielines, and giving them the shaft in the coming episodes. So yep done with you SPN which is sad, you really could have been epic, but if I’m home I’ll be watching Fringe or paint dry instead on Fridays. And really you think Misha is a good actor, he isn’t bad but neither is he great, I will never understand the fawning over him, but each to their own, for me he is the epitome of what is so wrong with the show.

    • Obnoxious Blond

      Wow. You said everything on my mind. I really do feel the show has left a lot to be desired in the past few seasons, and that everyone’s just in it for the money by now.

      I’ll take up painting on Fridays now. Maybe we should start a recovering SPN fan group or something, I have the feeling a lot of people are gonna be feeling this way soon.

    • Amy

      I’m wondering if your distaste for the show beginning with S4 stems more from the introduction of the angel/apocalyptic arc, than it does from the writing. If this is the case, then that should be respected and understood. You simply did not find the direction the story was taking to be of interest to you. However, the crew has remained the same, the cast has remained the same, and the writers did not go through a complete transition. Check out the link at the bottom and you can see that for the most part, Supernatural has had the same writers that it has had since it began. There was no major change in the writing, it was simply the evolution of the storyline.

      You are portraying your opinion on the show as being reflective of the facts, when it is more a reflection of your own feelings. There is no right or wrong here. You, like others, feel that this show has gotten worse with each additional season. I, like others, feel that it is getting better, with a remarkably refreshing Season 6. I loved the story of S4-5, I loved the apocalyptic feel, angels/horsemen/seals and all. But that’s just my opinion.

      Let’s flip things a bit here… Fringe. I absolutely LOVED Season 1, and 2. But 3…not so much. I did not like the alternate universe storyline. I hate those. But I will not sit here and say the show sucks, that the writing is horrid, and that the cast and crew could care less about their fans, because that is just ridiculous. I WILL say that I simply do not enjoy the show anymore.

      I hope you continue to enjoy Fringe, and may I suggest some other shows if you may not already watch them:
      White Collar, The Mentalist, and Dexter. Great shows.

      • Liz

        “There was no major change in the writing,”

        I don’t believe that’s not true; Supernatural has lost writers (for example, John Shiban, Raelle Tucker and Jeremy Carver) and added writers almost every season (for example, Jeremy Carver, Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin).

      • Liz

        Sorry, that should be “I don’t believe that’s true.”

      • Amy

        True, there were some changes, but there were also many that stayed. That wasn’t really the point that I was trying to make though. I just wish people would say that they either enjoy or no longer enjoy a show, instead of declaring it either great or horrible. We all have our opinions of course, but it just leads to cyclic arguments.

        House is a perfect example of this. Like half the fandom wanted “Huddy” and half did NOT, lol. So who’s to declare that the show awesome or awful? It’s all relative.

        Personally, I’ve found nothing wrong with any of the seasons. Writing or acting. It’s a great show (imo, lol). I don’t know, maybe I’m too easy to please when it comes to this show. That might have something to do with the people. It’s one of the very few TV shows that I have enjoyed for it’s entirety, including S6. I’ve lost interest in House, Monk, Bones, Castle, Burn Notice, Fringe, Numb3rs…I could go on. SPN, for some reason, just enthralls me. It’s paranormal. Ha!

      • Jason Woods

        I’m not sure where comments on the writing came from, because I vaguely alluded to the evolution of the storyline. To clear up any miscommunications–I don’t have a problem with the storyline. I feel the show has gotten better each season; the current season is interesting, but how I ultimately judge it remains to be seen.

        My qualms are not with the writing, or with the character Sam, who I value greatly. I’m simply commenting on the expanded depth demanded of Padalecki, and his inability to meet those creative demands.

      • What?

        You have no problem with the character of Sam “who you value greatly”? What? How do you come to value a character greatly when he is played by someone who you consider a totally shit actor? Thats some weird BS going on there. If you value Sam so much then Jared must be doing something right. What did the guy do to you – steel your girlfriend?

  12. Obnoxious Blond

    Go ahead an hate on me all you want, but the author has a point. A drastically underfunded genre show like Supernatural is never going to showcase the best of the actors abilities, or routinely challenge them to improve their acting abilities. While Jensen has made the best of his situation, developing interests such as photography on set and even directing an episode, not to mention his return to theater a few years ago, as well as voice work, Jared has limited himself lately to simply doing what’s expected of him.

    Which happens to a lot of actors on this particularly mediocre network; they’re too distracted by the benefits of the job to want to explore their creative limits. In the end, most of them will be forgotten, and only the ones that truly tried to make their own path will really make a name for themselves.

    So let’s hope Jared’s pulls himself out of that rut and realizes what he’s doing. He has a lot of potential.

  13. Loriel

    You have any idea how hateful you sound?
    I’m fully aware that people has different opinions, but sometimes it’s easy to spot those who are just plain hateful and biased.

  14. Strangelove

    Great article and I totally agree. Jensen is an awesome actor who’s had the harder job of making his character interesting despite having no story line of his own and the show’s continuing to underuse his character in favor of the other lead.

    Jensen has not only grown as an actor, but has managed to make Dean Winchester an iconic tv character that will be remembered for a long time.

    Sadly, this season I feel that the showrunner is trying to diminish Dean in order to make Sam more noticeable, but I can see that Dean is a character that isn’t easy to keep down. If they would let Dean Winchester shine again, the improvement this season would be remarkable.

    Keep up the good and honest opinion. I’m glad there is someone out there who doens’t feel the need to lie in order to please the unpleasables.

    Oh, as for souless Sam, yeah, considering that Dean’s been given nothing to do, Dean is still the one that’s noticed. That says something about acting.

    • ALI G

      A great article? how about a great article that takes time honoring the good things about the show, not tearing down someone’s hard work. opinions aside, this is not a great article.

    • aerithqoc

      This “article” is the biggest load of BS I’ve ever read. There’s opinions about someone and then there’s just people being hateful, and this piece? There’s nothing in here but useless slander.

      Jared Padalecki is a fine actor who has truly grown throughout the years as much as Jensen Ackles has and, quite frankly, without either actor the show simply would not work. Supernatural is about the WINCHESTER BROTHERS!! THAT’S what’s made it a lasting success not just Jensen’s presence so, my opinion is – you disgust me and your argument is invalid. Have a nice day 🙂

      • Karen

        “quite frankly, without either actor the show simply would not work”

        That’s your opinion, not fact. The show would work perfectly well for me without Jared Padalecki.

  15. DB1

    I think Padalecki has improved overall since the first season and I think he’s been okay off and on, but I do agree that he isn’t near the level of Ackles.

    I also agree that this season’s storyline for Sam hasn’t done Jared any favors since there’s not much range or depth to his acting. If he had some onscreen charisma that would be one thing, but unlike Ackles, he really doesn’t. I also agree that he needs to take his workout regime down a few notches — he was looking like a professional body-builder last season and that really doesn’t fit with the character of Sam.

    Oh, and be prepared to get raked over the coals by Padalecki fangirls for your opinion. Just fair warning. 🙂

  16. aerithqoc

    This “article” is the biggest load of BS I’ve ever read. There’s opinions about someone and then there’s just people being hateful, and this piece? There’s nothing in here but useless slander.

    Jared Padalecki is a fine actor who has truly grown throughout the years as much as Jensen Ackles has and, quite frankly, without either actor the show simply would not work. Supernatural is about the WINCHESTER BROTHERS!! THAT’S what’s made it a lasting success not just Jensen’s presence so, my opinion is – you disgust me and your argument is invalid. Have a nice day 🙂

  17. dstarrw

    I was not familiar with either actor prior to Supernatural but what I have seen is growth on the part of Jensen Ackles. He took a stereotypical sidekick and made him into a layered, interesting person.

    I haven’t felt any growth in Jared Padalecki and when the writing doesn’t support the character of Sam (which it tends to do, sacrificing both plot and character to do so as Seasons 5 and 6 highlight), the actor brings, for me, nothing to the screen.

  18. Karen

    “Words can’t accurately describe how pitiful he is at pulling off a role that should carry considerably more gravitas.”

    God, this. I so agree. His abysmal acting ruined Swan Song for me. And I speak as someone who had no issues whatsoever with him up and through to the end of S4. It seems pretty clear he was bored to tears in season 5 and the facepulling has gotten so bad it’s derided as his “constipation face” in fandom. The current season’s showcasing of him isn’t helping the show at all, and I’m now at the point where I Tivo it and fast-forward through the worst of him. I still haven’t been able to bring myself to rewatch any of his scenes in Swan Song.

    I admire your cojones for coming out and saying this though I have no doubt you’ll be dogpiled for it.

  19. simone

    Pretty sure if the acting was as terrible as all that then the show wouldn’t keep being renewed. And no they’re probably not Oscar potential but I’m pretty sure they’ve never had aspirations or allusions that they are that kind of material. Anyone who does have – has stars in their eyes. Both of them have improved significantly – not just Jensen. Jared nailed the dual persona mirror scene in the Season 5 finale. I still think he has lots more room to grow as an actor. As does Jensen. And in their roles as Sam and Dean I’m pretty sure there’s no one else out there who could pull them off quite as well. But as in all things creative and artistic it’s all a matter of opinion in the end, and people should just agree to disagree.

  20. Ruth

    no offence, but i completely disagree with you here.. the show is about a relationship of two brothers and nothing else. Demon hunting and all that comes second to theyre relationship. Jensen is a fantastic actor and he has proved that he can capture emotions beautifully and I even sometimes forget Jensen is a real human being and that Dean Winchester is a fictional character. On the other hand, Jared is also a fantastic actor but it seems like it took him a bit longer to understand Sam Winchester. And u cant forget that Jensen is older and more experienced than Jared. Jared was 22 when he started so he was still growing up. I honestly think Jared gave his best performances during season 5. He really outdid himself. But thats just my opinion. Jensen and Jared are both fantastic actors. And i love them !!

  21. Stella

    I agree to a large extent with what you have posted, however the writing has been far from kind to both the leads. S4-56 have truly shown the lack of interest and care the writers have in this show and in no way to I believe the writing was as good as S1-3, if it had been then Jareds lack of range would not have been so apparent.

  22. ALI G

    This article is a perfect example of the hate and selfishness in this world. Is it too much to ask that you spend your time doing something productive? helpful? uplifting? Think about all of the better things you could have done with your time than spent it bringing down someone’s hard work. Whether you feel this is the truth or not (and for the record I do not agree with your points at all), there’s no need for you to insult and tear someone down like this. Think of all the resources and energy you are wasting on your computer when you sat down and typed this. Go green, stop bullying, and help someone.

    • Karen

      “This article is a perfect example of the hate and selfishness in this world… stop bullying”

      Huh? *Seriously*? It isn’t “hate and selfishness” to have an opinion that is different from yours. And it isn’t “bullying” to state that opinion.

      I agree with the writer. And I certainly don’t hate Jared Padalecki – he seems like a nice guy in his Con appearances. However, the fact he’s likeable doesn’t preclude me or anyone else finding his acting to be mediocre at best.

    • redrum

      LOL! If this is your idea of “bullying” you need to get out in the real world and see what people have to put up wit when they aren’t pampered celebrities who make a millions of dollars.

  23. Jim

    So, you’re claiming that the acting is so bad, yet you go back and watch the show over and over again…and who’s lame here? Sorry, but the guys are about equally talented and like a good number of actors, they have personal mannerisms that show up after playing a character for so long. Maybe if you watched ALL shows that frequently, you’d find that out.

    • Elle

      It’s the famous hateful Jensen fans in action again. Don’t mind them., they are all acting out because they feel Jensen’s been snubbed since the show isn’t all his this season.

      • Ent

        Seriously? Some idiot writes an article, gleefully bashing Jared and you automatically point your bony, accusing finger at Jensen fans?

        Did you not notice the backhanded compliments towards Jensen? Or are you so incredibly dimwitted, this is the only argument you’re able to come up with?

      • Jake

        Isn’t it funny when people do that? The author doesn’t like Padalecki’s acting so he must be a hardcore obsessed Jensen fan? Um, no.

    • Lea

      Can’t someone just think someone is a terrible actor without having to be a fanboy of his co-star? Gosh. Imma just say it, Jensen is a mediocre actor, but Jared is a terrible actor and as a result, everyone else looks 100x better in comparison. 😛

  24. Kelios

    I’m not a Sam!girl by any means, but this article borders on offensive. If you don’t care for someone, there are ways to say it without being cruel and excessive the way you are here. Your invective is so over the top that I find it hard to believe that your article actually reflects your true opinion; I’m pretty sure you’re just trying to stir up controversy between fans. Jared and Jensen are both fine actors who do an excellent job portraying their characters despite often subpar writing (as admitted by writer and showrunner Sera Gamble). Please, go find another fandom to stir up trouble in and let us enjoy our show in peace.

  25. Cindy

    I couldn’t agree more, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what these showrunners are thinking or doing or going for when they sideline the best actor/character on the show in such a way as they have this season. It’s mind boggling.

  26. Donna

    I agree with you Jason. I feel Padalecki is quite limited but I also feel he stopped trying a couple of seasons ago and I think he may have already reached the apex of his career. At this point I don’t think anything that’s written for Sam W. now would make a difference in what I think of his ability.

    I’ve followed Ackles since his stint on Dark Angel and he’s grown in ability considerably. He’s also very shrewdly taking steps to diversify his resume with theatre, directing and voice-over work. His co-workers have always spoken very highly of his conduct and work ethic and I feel he’s destined for a long, solid career in the industry.

  27. Jane

    Jensen is quite good, not great perhaps, he lacks a strong presence and tends to fade into the background in scenes with strong actors, such as those who portray Death, Crowley, Zachariah and Lucifer, but he’s still good. As is Misha Collins and Jim Beaver. But I have to agree that Jared is mediocre, maybe not awful, but the definately the weak link acting wise.

  28. Heather

    You totally left out the nose flares and forehead scrunches. JP is a serviceable actor he just doesn’t have much range. I don’t know why TPTB continue on pushing super special Sam to the forefront when JP can’t handle a nuanced scene.

    For example the Lucifer / Michael scene was an embarrassment .

  29. WWLL

    Wow, let the wank begin.

    Jared and Jensen are both intelligent and professional enough to know what their acting abilities are, in the larger world of actors, and have said so.

    What strikes me as especially sad about this pseudo-analysis (and I’m a Dean!Boy, fwiw) is the way that the writer completely misses both the point of Sam’s changes and the role of Sam’s character in the larger mythology.

    His physical changes (which I understand are primarily because Jared WANTS to be fit and muscular) are entirely, entirely suitable to Sam’s journey, his role in the plans of Heaven and Hell, and his growth as a hunter.

    And really, they’ve both gotten better as actors. What show is this idjit watching? Or was it his those manips he found on his gf’s computer?

  30. Strangelove

    I love how the Sam fans, the same ones that insult Jensen every time he gets any attention, now feel the need to call you on your honest opinion because you are not praising their boy Jared. God forbid someone tell what they feel about Jared’s less than stellar acting.

    Don’t let them get to you. Honesty isn’t hatred, it’s your opinion, and you have as much right to it as they do when they feel they have the right to diss other actors.

  31. Strangelove

    Oh, and also, don’t let the Sam fans bully you. They are notorious for bullying people into taking back things they say about Jared’s bad acting. They actually bully everyone off the forums most of the time, because nobody can ever say anything bad about Jared or Sam. What’s sad is that Sera Gamble actually listens to them and the show is suffering for it. Nothing like trying to get the weakest actor on the forfront while backburning the strongest one.

  32. sandy

    I thought Padalecki was for the most part pretty awful in the first couple of seasons, but he has gotten steadily better, and now I think he is actually quite good. So are you just bitter because he has gotten an awful lot of praise this season.

  33. thesnowleopard

    Wow. You are a brave man.

    On the one hand, I gotta admit that I don’t agree with you. Though I think Ackles is better (I even liked him in Dark Angel. Yes, that far back) I think Padalecki is a decent actor with not a little charisma, who is let down by writing that doesn’t play to his strengths at all. There is a problem with the character of Sam, yes, but I blame the writers. Look at some of the ridiculous stuff they’ve had other actors do over the years that has made them look ridiculous, too. And poor Padalecki has to answer for a lot of showrunner sins, ranging from portraying his character as a Gary Stu to making Sam the plot macguffin of the week.

    On the other hand, not only do I think you’re entitled to your opinion, I think you also made an effort to explain your position and support it, and to be balanced about it (not liking Ackles’ earlier roles, for example). Maybe it was harsh, but compared to some of the off-my-meds rants I’ve seen made against Ackles, it seemed pretty reasonable to me.

    Sadly, you will probably now get bashed up, down and sideways by a certain contingent of fans, as pretty much anything negative about Sam or Padalecki has become taboo in the fandom.

    • Anne

      IA with your first paragraph. I think some actors need more direction and I think JP is one of them. I found him very believable and sympathetic in the role up until S5 and then I got the distinct impression he was phoning it in. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that happened after the demise of Kim Manners (and that the overall quality and coherency of the writing suffered after that too). JA is, I think, more naturally gifted and more diligent about applying himself to his role and for that reason he seems to have a better handle on his characterization. I think that added up to him not being as badly affected by the loss of Manners. I think JP knows the nuts and bolts of acting but isn’t as naturally gifted and needs more guidance when it comes to characterization. In the absence of Manners I suspect he hasn’t been getting it. I think that is evidenced by the sheer bipolarness of his performance as soulless!Sam, which to my mind comes from the fact that the showrunners themselves went into this storyline with no clear idea of how he should play it and thus were unable to give him the direction he needed.

      • thesnowleopard

        In all fairness to Padalecki, he’s four years younger and has much less experience in TV shows (not to mention shows where his character was written inconsistently), than Ackles. Learning to deal with inconsistent writing is a skill that you have to learn, just like any other one. Ackles began in soaps (the epitome of all-over-the-place writing), and then did Dark Angel, Dawson’s Creek and Smallville, all shows whose wildly inconsistent writing was frequently remarked, especially for Ackles’ characters. One could say he’s had a lot more experience learning to roll with the punches of a show’s oddball plotting than Padalecki, who had only been a supporting player on Gilmore Girls and had done several films before Supernatural.

      • lola

        I just don’t think Jared thinks that deeply about his character. From what I’ve seen, he just does what the script tells him, unlike Jensen who actually seems to try to keep the core of Dean recognizable despite the writing inconsistencies.

  34. Jose

    Well, I have to say that while I agree that you are entitled to your opinion you kind of went at this a little too hard. For the record, I am a JP fan (actually, I like both of the guy’s very much) I do find Jared has some facial things that he does a lot and that his acting my not appeal to everyone, but the same thing can be said about Jensen. I think Jared has come a long way and is not only a good actor but a fantastic human being. I think you could have found a better way to express the way you feel about someones acting without actually insulting that person. No one on this earth is perfect, the only thing we can do is live our lives the best way we can and I think Jared is just doing that.

  35. reilly

    Psst…Strangelove….This Dean fan is telling you that you are not doing our side of fandom any favors.

    • Strangelove

      I love those that call themselves Dean fans but…and then talk about how great Jared /Sam is. I also love the Sam fans that come on and say how they used to be Dean fans but…wow Jared just blew them away. So, I have a great distrust for those that start with, I’m a Dean fan but…

      But what I am tired of is being bullied off forums and sites becasue of the Jensen/Dean hatred I read from the so called fans of the show, but only if one loves both, or better yet, Sam better.

      So, excuse me for being honest.

      • Mina

        You should check out Television without Pity’s forum, I believe you’ve fit in nicely there.

  36. LOL

    Wow, I’m guessing this article got linked on TWOP judging by the number of rabid, frothing Dean fans in the comments.
    You people shouldn’t be allowed out of TWOP forums. You certainly shouldn’t be allowed to post articles in Blast Magazine. This kind of rabid frothing fangirl/fanboy “I HAS A CRUSH ON JENSEN AND THEREFORE JARED IS BAD” stuff is an embarrassment to the fandom.

    • Anne

      I found this because it was tweeted. And I take it you haven’t counted the number of rabid, frothing Sam fans in the comments? And before you accuse me of being one you might want to note that I have posted here in support of JP suggesting that he isn’t getting the writing or direction he needs this season.

      Nothin is worse than the type of fan who comes in claiming some sort of moral high ground when it comes to the E*G wars. There are extreme fans on both sides and you sound just as extreme as the fans you are criticising.

    • LOL2

      Wow, I’m guessing this article got linked to supernatural.tv (aka sam.tv) and the Limp Sam forum, judging by the number of rabid, frothing Sam/Jared fans in the comments.

      • Renee

        Are you kidding? I’m the first one who posted and I also tweeted a link. I could care less who they are dating. I love Sam and Dean equally. You can’t have one with out the other. Well I guess you can, however, then I am not interested. I am not thrilled with GC’s return. I will watch it anyways. It’s just a show. I don’t get all the anger.

  37. redrum

    Thanks for your honesty Jason. As you can see, it’s not really appreciated in this fandom.

    For the record, I also feel that Padalecki is the show’s weakest link and that’s never been more apparent than the end of season 5 and now this season when he’s being pushed to carry the show. It’s not working as anyone but the most hardcore fangirls can see.

    Heck, I still laugh my ass off when I think of him playing Lucifer with his Zoolander face on in the embarrassingly bad Swan Song. Hard to believe but the smirking and mugging has just gotten worse as he has tried to play soulless Sam.

    • Louisa

      He ruined Swan Song for me. I still haven’t watched it again since it aired but I have such a clear memory of the facepulling. It was excruciating to watch. In fact I can remember having to look away at times, it was so embarrassingly awful.

  38. Mina

    I’m a big Dean and Jensen fan but your bodyslamming and nasty personal attitude towards Jared is way out of line. I’m ashamed to call myself a Dean!girl with the antics of all of the EDG’s in these comments. Uncool guys.

      • Mina

        And I didn’t say that did I? It’s the tone and plain bashing in so many comments that shames me.

      • anon

        Mina – you obviously haven’t been to some of the sites that have been mentioned in the comments who continuously and very harshly bash Dean and Jensen. What’s been posted here is just plain criticism compared to those sites.

      • Mina

        No I haven’t but just because bashing happens in fan forums doesn’t makes it anyless disgusting when it happens in an article and in comments like here. It’s even worse imo. Stop the freaking bashing altogether, I’d say.

      • thesnowleopard

        Take, for example, the reviewer back in season four who talked about Dean’s behaviour in “After School Special” as if Ackles were a pedophile. When called on it, he then tried to edit the article to get rid of the evidence. This has not been either the first or the last time somebody said *really* inappropriate about Ackles.

        While this article’s critique of Padalecki’s acting is harsh (and the speculation about what Padalecki may or may not have “taken”, that may or may not have affected his physical growth and acting, is pushing it), it’s still a critique of Padalecki’s acting, rather than an attack on Padalecki himself. I’ve seen far nastier things said by self-proclaimed Jared fans about his choice in spouses (Yes, I’m talking about all the Genevieve Cortese-bashing). Those are personal attacks.

  39. Mel

    I disagree with everything you said, but that’s fine. What bothers me is the comment about Jared’s body. Would you say the same about a woman that gained or lost weight? A woman that toned up? That was really out of line and has nothing to do with acting or the show.

    • b.

      Re: It’s perhaps a tad ridiculous, but it helped confirm something I’ve been suspecting four about the last three seasons….

      Damn html.

  40. Fantasyfan

    Very strongly worded but thought-provoking!

    I liked Jensen back in Dark Angel (always been a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and to a lesser extent, horror) and thought he had acting talent. In those days I thought a lot of people didn’t take him seriously because of his looks. He has improved tremendously in the last few years on Supernatural, learning wherever he could, from Kim Manners, from strong guest stars, from the talented crew. He’s also worked very hard doing different things like directing, voicework, theater, instead of just staying comfortable with being Dean W.

    I don’t think Jared is a terrible actor. He’s somewhat limited in range, especially in drama. He’s okay in action-oriented plots. I liked his acting better in the first couple of seasons and found him at his weakest in Season 5. In my honest opinion, I don’t think he has grown and improved during the years on Supernatural.

    “a role that should carry considerably more gravitas.”
    This is an interesting view; I agree. Sam is the hero, his story should be the most dramatic and central. But over the years, Dean seems to get the more dramatic stories, and Jensen pulls them off. When Sam gets dramatic storylines and is at the forefront, the show drags. Jensen does extremely well in scenes with other strong actors away from Sam, but Jared’s best scenes are generally with Dean/Jensen. When the writers try to reestablish Sam as the hero and Dean as the sidekick as originally planned, the show is less engaging – my problem with Season 5, especially its ending.

    I wonder what the series would have have been like if Jensen had been cast as Sam and Jared as Dean.

  41. MizzT

    Between the vicious trashing of Padalecki’s chosen profession and the body shaming, I can’t honestly choose which offends me more. The overall tone of this article is hateful, and disgusting. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, but there is nothing that states you must be allowed to express it in a vitriolic fashion.

    Perhaps, Mr. Woods, you should be more concerned by the things that this piece reveals about you as its author than with Padalecki’s skill level and gym routine. I can assure you that the opinions I’ve formed of you based on this article, which is the first, last, and only thing of yours that I plan to read, are anything but flattering.

  42. awaiting

    Jason, let me say, great article and bless you for stating what some of us have thought but were never allowed to voice, as you can see from the reaction of some fans who cannot take criticism of their actor in a more critical manner.

    I agree that Jared’s acting is very limited. He does ok on some stuff, but mostly, he’s just skating on Jensen’s ability to pull an episode together. It can be seen in many episodes where Sam is to take the lead, yet those are the weakest episodes.

    Unlike some, I thought that the mirror scene between Lucifer and Sam was bad and the scene between Michael and Lucifer was just awful! I can’t believet that Kripke himself didn’t see that.

    I think Jared does well when Jensen is allowed to lead. It makes the episodes stronger and it actually makes Jared’s acting a tad better. By having Jared lead, Jensen is forced to understate his own talent so that Jared isn’t overshadowed, and many times it doesn’t work because Jensen does have presence, and Jared really doesn’t.

    This doesn’t go over well with all fans, but hey, honesty usually doesn’t. Some fans don’t want to hear any negative thing about their favorite actor and that’s too bad. I like some actors but will agree that they are not strong if I feel that is the case. If I like the actor, I will wave away the limitations and just enjoy the show, if not, I don’t watch.

    Unfortunately with Supernatural, the showrunners insistance that I like Sam no matter what, and that I will not think Dean is better than Sam, just turns me off the Sam character and makes me not want to watch because the brother I like is more or less dismissed.

    But anyway, good article and don’t let the nasties scare you away. The truth shouldn’t have to be hidden because some people just can’t take any criticism as far as their actor is concerned.

  43. Aussie_Girl

    I must say, I do not agree with the main argument of this article. Yes, I do believe that Jensen’s acting has improved as the seasons has gone on, but he’s also been given a lot more material to work with. I do not believe that means that Jared’s acting has worsened. Yes, the first couple of seasons were more Sammy-centric and so Jared had more to work with. However, I have found that he has also grown as the seasons have gone along.

    In Mystery Spot, Jared had to play a man who watched his brother die hundreds of different ways and was never able to stop it. Constantly reliving the same day, the agony translated well. I don’t think that episode would have worked if Jared hadn’t been capable.

    I don’t think it would have been easy to play a man addicted to the blood of demons (not exactly a normal addictions and with some side effects that don’t come with any other addiction), but Jared managed that. The conversation he has with Chuck in The Monster At The End of This Book about the demon blood and the Apocalypse was well-played.

    In Season Five, he continued to prove his abilities, particularly in the episode Point of No Return, where Sam was trying to stop his brother from saying yes to Michael, and the heartbreak when he thought Dean was actually saying it.

    Perhaps I am the only one who believes this, but those were just things I picked up that led me to believe that casting Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester was not a mistake.

  44. SPN addict

    I am sadly addicted to this show even though I recognize it’s many, many flaws and I hate to say it but I agree with you that JP’s Sam is my least favorite part of the show. He is just not convincing as any kind of badass and pumping up to such a ridiculous degree didn’t change that for me. Getting all those shirtless scenes with him only highlights that the producers seem to be aware that his greatest contribution to the show now is as the beefcake. It’s kind of hilarious actually.

  45. SammiezGayLover

    JP & JA are both doing well in their roles some fans will always prefer one actor over the other and controversy will always pandor to that. Both actors are well cast and professional and commited to there roles… Some scenes will show the abilty’s of one over the other and that keeps it interesting and intense veiwing.

  46. Lina

    Strangelove, you post on TWOP don’t you? If you do, you’ll realize that it was actually the Dean fans who drove Sam/Jared fans off that forum with their hatred. The bullying actually happens from the Dean/Jensen fans to the point where the Sam/Jared forums have been inactive because his fans have been driven out.

    If you did watch the show, you’ll also notice that Dean’s character is handled a lot more carefully than Sam’s. Hell, even TPTB had to apologize to the Dean fans because Dean was called a dick in an episode. Seriously. Sam fans have never gotten an apology.

    If you’ve been watching this season, you’ll also notice that Dean has had the emotional arc and the POV. Sam was a plot device. Nothing more. Plus, we didn’t even have Sam for half a season. It’s been all about Dean’s issues and how he’s handling them, and all about how Dean is handling Sam. Sam may have been the problem but so far the show is simply showing us how Dean’s affected by it. Dean’s the POV and has been since S4. What are you watching? Every season has a mandatory nearly Samless episode, and even Sam-centric episodes don’t feel Sam-centric. You as a Dean fan should feel lucky. Sam fans don’t have much reason to watch but we’re still loyal.

    • Lina

      Oh, and as for Jared. I will say that Jensen is the stronger actor. Jensen is also given better material to work with. I don’t think Jared has ever been given a Sam-centric episode as good as The End or What Is and What Should Never Be or In The Beginning. Furthermore, all the other characters on the show center around Dean, giving Jensen more to work with. However, Jared has improved so much since the show started. He was 22 then and is a good 4 years younger than Jensen. I loved his portrayal of Robo!Sam. Mechanical, creepy, self-serving psychopath who was somehow adorably clueless and innocent about moral issues. Different strokes. I won;t hold it against anyone if they don’t like Jared’s acting. Fair enough. I’m just commenting about about the extreme comments by Dean/Jensen fans.

    • maia

      LOL! Yeah we can see how mild-mannered and meek the Sam/JP fans are by the comments to this article.

      Y’all propagandize well, I’ll grant you that, but the idea that Sam fans were bullied off TWoP is a joke. The recapper and the former mod are big-time Sam fans and mocked and banned dean fans with impunity for years. Hell Kripke even rewarded them for their support of Sam by naming characters after them in one of his episodes.

      Also let me ask you, if the TWoP boards are so dead because of the evil dean girls, what’s your excuse for the dead boards at SNTV and the CW Lounge, compared to previous years? Both of those boards are overrun with the most extreme kinds of (dean-hating) Sam fans and the mods are all exclusively sam girls in both places, yet posting is way down there too.

      I would argue that the sluggish interest in the show is due to the natural attrition of an aging show and because the end of season 5 was such a huge let-down, as is the samcentric direction of season 6. A lot of people, dean fans that I know of, have jumped ship or if they are still watching, they can’t get up the enthusiasm to comment anymore. Bottomline, when the show focuses so exclusively on Sam, people tend to lose interest.

      • Sacha

        I love both brothers equally but I have to admit, TWOP has about eight obsessed Dean fans who think he’s a real person and obessively go on and on about how he is slighted and how wonderful he is. It’s ludicrous and embarrassing. I think the Dean fans there have driven many sane fans of both brothers away. I don’t know why they are allowed to continue that nonsense.

      • maia

        Possibly. But there are also about five similarly sam-obsessed fans who do the same thing and around and around both groups go.

        But even so, that still doesn’t explain why discussion is down at SNTV, the CW Lounge and even most of the LJ coms. In point of fact, the most active and interested people seem to be in the Castiel fandom and even they are running out of things to talk about because that character has been so MIA this year.

        Whatever Sera Gamble is doing, it isn’t generating the same kind of online buzz that we got two or three years ago and I think that is a huge problem for a show like Supernatural that is largely ignored by the mainstream entertainment media.

        Not to mention that ratings are lower than they have ever been. I think it’s significant that Fringe beat Supernatural at the PCAs this year and that’s a big problem with Fringe competing for the same time slot this year when the show is routinely getting well below 2 million viewers.

        Gamble needs to step up her game and leaving all her eggs in the Jared basket isn’t going to help in the slightest, in my opinion.

      • Key

        Maia, I cannot stress enough how much I agree with you. When I first started commenting on official Supernatural boards I was really surprised how pro Sam they were. I mean ’officially’. There has always been a certain ‘political supernatural correctness ‘ supporting Jared. (Zap2 it, for example, and its main Supernatural editor, Carina Mackenzie has stated time and time again that she’s a Sam/Jared girl – so much for a journalistic objectiveness. The same with WinchesterBros. At times, defending Dean seemed like fighting the status quo… It is only when I went to my first Supernatural convention that I saw how many people ADORE Jensen (and Dean). When I started asking around, among the fans, but not online fans, it turned out Jared is liked but Jensen is loved and Dean has become a really iconic character. That’s why, with the show becoming more Sam-centric, it seems to lose popularity. ‘Real’ (meaning off-line) people really love Jensen because the real talent and charisma don’t need publicity and have direct impact on people. Sam fans are very vocal and aggressive and maybe that’s where the impression that Sam’s character is as popular as Dean’s come from? I don’t know. (Maybe because Jared behaves like a big kid and some people feel the completely irrational need to protect him?) All I know, because I’ve experienced it first hand, is that sometimes saying such an obvious thing as Jensen greatly surpasses his co-star resembles fighting in a real war. Good luck Jason

    • lola

      “If you did watch the show, you’ll also notice that Dean’s character is handled a lot more carefully than Sam’s. Hell, even TPTB had to apologize to the Dean fans because Dean was called a dick in an episode. Seriously. Sam fans have never gotten an apology.”

      TPTB have never needed to apologize for the writing of Sam because they’ve never had other characters call him a dick or accidentally put him on par with someone who commits hate crimes, which is what happened in Yellow Fever. So much for careful writing. In factr, it’s pretty rare when anyone says anything negative about Sam even when he’s doing some pretty heinous things. Most of the time it’s all “he’s so smart, he’s the best damned hunter, blah, blah, blah” so why do they even need to apologize for anything like that?

      Even when Sam actually does murder people (because apparently JP likes to play evil Sam), TPTB always make sure he has some excuse. Demon-blood, no soul, a bossy big brother who drove him to trusting a demon. All of that is about protecting Sam so, yeah I think they are plenty careful with the character.

      And let’s not forget this season where many Sam fans are calling dean a rapist for getting death to put sam’s soul back. Apparently it violates soulless Sam’s human rights or something. So much for the writing being careful where Dean is concerned.

  47. Darun

    I find this article to be full of venom and shallow at times for all involved. I concede that not every actor can create a bond to every person that sees the show and so in that you are granted your right to your opinion. My turn though. I love Jared’s portrayal of Sam as well as Jensen’s portrayal of Dean from the start to the finish. There faces and mannerisms are their own and they use the necessary expressions n their faces to express those emotions. If you’re noticing every time they squint or their lips twitch then you’re too focused on the actor and not allowing yourself to see the character, and when you can’t see the character then you have no ability to say what the character should be acting like. As a matter of fact lets look at it this way. Kripke, Sera, Singer, Manners and more people I won’t all bother to list that were directors, producers, and editors all thought that their show…let me reiterate… THEIR show, should be represented by these two actors and every time they did a scene they accepted what the actors portrayed. That means your sneering at how the actors do their jobs is basically like walking up to Eric Kripke and saying “You don’t know what the show is supposed to be about..” So just stop and think exactly how much weight your words have compared to those people on how well of a job Jared and Jensen do because trust me your opinion is about as heavy as a flea on an elephant to them, the show runners.

    On the shallow comment, you have brought up that these are just pretty boys that can’t act, which makes you sound like a jealous little child trying to make yourself feel better. Because Jared has grown physically over the seasons your assumption, which by the way makes even more of an a** out of you, is that he must have taken something instead of hard work. Well I don’t think you know very much about steroids then if you think a guy like Jared who goes to conventions and is one of the nicest guys fans have met could be on a drug that is famed for causing rage in its users. Do your research before making yourself look stupid next time. You’ll save yourself some face and waste less of our time.

    Your entire article is disliked by me and I seriously hope not too many people see it and take what you say as being worth more than the space it takes up. Good day, and next time you’re about to wag your tongue….don’t.

  48. meg

    Gotta laugh at the Jared girls getting their panties all twisted. Look, it’s an opinion, which you have every right to have. If someone doesn’t think Jared or Jensen walk on water in the acting department, that’s their right. Get over it!

  49. Gwen

    I completely agree with you. So much of an actor’s talent is shown by using what he is given and making the most of it. A stronger actor REALLY could have turned Sam W. into a stellar part. It’s all in the interpretation of the script and Jared (good looking though he may be) can’t really act his way out of a paper bag. It hasn’t anything to do with being a “Dean fan” or a “Sam fan”, it has to do with being a fan of TALENT. And I do think Jensen shows a great deal of depth in his part, but Jared just seems to ride along without really putting a lot of feeling into his acting. Even “Soulless Sam” could be really interesting in the right hands — but it takes some ability to craft something interesting out of the words on a page.

  50. Lucy

    I agree with your views that JA is the better actor! I would however phrased by concerns with JP a bit more diplomatically, however everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is a free country where it is allowed to express personal views 🙂

    My dislike with Sam (not JP), is mostly due to what I preceive as favorism from the writers and producers. They claim this is a two leads show, yet Deans storyline (if there is any) this season again, is showed in the background. In too many episodes Dean or other characters had lines going “What is wrong with Sam”… Talk about shoing someone and a plot down our throats.

    And I can`t get over the really bad writing with the last episodes of season 5, and what Kripke said that Dean had to learn to love Sam more?? And it was NOT cool with demonblood drinking… Sorry, writers, you keep pushing Sam and his plot in front, it only makes me dislike him more as a character. At this point, I would prefer Dean and Castiel working together. Misha is a great actor, and why couldn`t the writers have given the magic of Dean and Cas a chance! I think then the show would have blossomed!

  51. Lucy

    I also forgot to mention that even though I don`t dislike JP, I am not a fan of his. He seems like a nice enough guy at cons, however, rumors have it that he had a tantrum midseason 5, and this lead to a change in the storywriting. Also it is said that he had a tendency to show up late, and were given a warning because of this.

    Can anyone confirm this??

    • Ria

      Be warned when that starts to happen it often means they are bored & frustrated with the show and see other stuff take priority in their life. I’ve heard it said that SPN is more Jensen’s thing than Jared’s (wouldn’t surprise me if we start to see Ackles coexec produce the show in future if there’s life still in it years from now!) but who will leave first is probably what I’m waiting to know….

    • Ollie

      Personally, I am surprised by this. I have only heard good things about the boys’ acting, but then again I don’t go many places and I only found this through a link.

      As for Jared’s tantrum, that was just a rumor. Jared mention at cons that at the beginning of the season he was a bit overwhelm. But naturally, the internet twisted it into something more. It wasn’t anything and Eric Kripke had planned the ending of the fifth season for five years. He knew where he was going and only changed it a little for the sixth season, which was the addition of Lisa and Adam at the last minute in the fifth season. I have never seen anything negative about Jared’s performance come from anyone on set or who works with the show. On every commentary, the creators and producers talk about how lucky they got with the boys and how hard working and wonderful they are. There have been no official warnings about being late, in fact BOTH of the actors have signed on to do another season of the show if it receives a seventh season. (I highly doubt they would have asked Jared to come back if he no longer an asset to the show.)

      I don’t agree with this blog and I find it most distasteful. I have only heard good comments from everyone who has worked with them. TV Guide and many other websites have praised Jared for his performance this season. Mark Pellegrino gave Jared many compliments on his performance. And Jensen Ackles said that he was very proud of Jared’s performance, so much that when Matt Cohen asked Jensen for help on how to play Michael Jensen showed him Jared’s performance in “The End.” I believe that Jensen and Jared are wonderful actors and make this show amazing.

      I am sorry that you do not agree, but maybe some other show wouldn’t trouble you as much. Supernatural was never going to AMC’s “Mad Men” or FOX’s “House.” I believe that both actors Jared and Jensen make the show what it is, which is simply amazing and fun to watch.

  52. Nat

    Where is a good lawsuit when you need one? Where are Jared’s representatives? They won’t do anything against this article?

    • M.

      Sue? Why should he sue? If Jared can’t take this kind of criticism, then he’s in the wrong business.

      And yes, I do think the extra bulk didn’t help in conveying the idea that Dean was bullying him. Sam’s like twice his bulk and I’m supposed to believe that Dean was pushing him around?

    • Jack's Back

      Padalecki’s didn’t sue the National Enquirer when the published a story about him getting fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for alway being late to set and holding up production. So I think Mr. Woods and Blast are safe enough. But nice try spreading the libel chill just because you don’t agree with his opinion.

  53. maia

    Heh! I’m enjoying the explosions of outrage to your article Jason. This fandom is good for the yuks, if nothing else.

    While I don’t agree that Jared is as bad as you suggest, I do think he doesn’t have nearly the talent or charisma to pull off the storylines they have given him these past three years. If you’re going to present a morally ambiguous character, the actor has to be able to maintain a certain connection with the audience in order keep him rootable, but I don’t think JP accomplished that to a successful degree.

    Part of it is uneven writing, but part of it is in the acting. Even before Sam went “bad”, JP made him way too condescending and bratty to be really sympathetic, IMO. Mostly, I have spent three years wanting him to get taken down a few pegs. He got a bit of that in season 5 but then it was back to business as usual with Sam knowing best and everyone telling us he was awesome and special and the only hope for mankind or whatever.

    I also agree that he’s a much weaker talent than Jensen, Misha and a number of the stellar guest-stars on SPN over the years. So the more exclusively the writers focus on him, the more the show’s weaknesses become apparent.

  54. Julia89

    Jared is a terrible actor? Are you sure that you are watching the same show like the rest of us?
    Well,I highly disagree with you with your whole article. Jared has grown over the years as well. Jensen and Jared are BOTH amazing actors. And as you said that Jared is miscast for that episode. Supernatural wouldn’t be Supernatural wthout Jared as Sam.

    Next time you want to wag you tongue about something …just don’t. Because usually you keep something that you don’t like to yourself.

    Oh, and talking about Jared’s as you said ‘ridiculous growth in body mass’ . Is the acting now judged by body measurements???

  55. caroline

    Thank you Jason for saying what I’ve been thinking for a long time. I have nothing against Jared as a person, he is always gracious and funny at conventions, but his acting really isn’t good enough for what he’s being given.

  56. syd

    totally agree about JP’s ‘acting’. his version of lucifer in ‘the end’ vs mark pellegrino’s in season 5 spoke volumes…

  57. disgusted

    Did one of you edg’s pay this guy to post one of your rants? That is exactly what this sounds like, right down to the accusations of steriod abuse so I am guessing it was written by an spngosser edg amirite?

    • lola

      Dude I wouldn’t brag about your familiarity with spn_gossip. The J2 tinhats over there are totally batshit so linking yourself with them invalidates any opinion you have.

  58. Liz

    What a load of crap, you’re entitled to your opinion but quite honestly, mine is that you’re full of shite.

  59. ASamGirl

    I’m in love with Sam.. JP is one of the hottest guys on the planet as far as I’m concerned. But I do have to agree with some points in the article. Yes JP has some annoying little habits that don’t make a convincing performance. (Yes I know the squint) But I also agree that Jensen has a stronger part to play. He get’s all the good one-liners and storylines.

    But guys.. seriously. Enough of the in-fighting. We’re all fans of the same show. It’s not a JP vs JA fest. Share the love!

  60. demi

    what this person wrote is honestly bullshit.
    jared isnt a terrible actor. yes, jensen is better but that doesnt make jared bad.
    he has something that makes the scene more emotional and give more meaning. try to watch season 3 final and not cry.
    jensen can do the same thing only more powerful. how he portrays dean is seriously amazing. whatever jensen says, you believe it. jensen can really make you think dean is real.
    but in all honesty people, jared is a great actor and also doesnt get alot to work with.
    the show is about dean picking up his brother to fight the supernatural. lets face it, it has almost always been about dean, and believe it, it wont change. jensen gets more to work with then jared so jensen gets to show more of his skills.
    i think this is just complete bullshit what this person wrote. obviously he is not good at noticing things.

  61. Holly J

    What a diabolical piece of writing this is. Are you a journalist reporting a fact? Absolutely not, did Jared dump you in a past life or something, it’s the only reason I can think of for such bitterness.

    Jared brings a massive percentage of this audience to Supernatural and if the Sam army stopped watching you can be pretty sure this show would be in ratings epic demise. So go watch something else and stop criticizing an actor who is literally the reason I watch this show.

    Jensen shouldn’t be criticized just because you’re slandering Jared but his acting in a gruff batman like style is hardly emmy worthy. He growls out his lines and one emo tears his way through the series. In my opinion I feel things a lot more for Sam than Dean. That being said both boys are fierce in their roles and without them it wouldn’t be the show that us fans are so passionate about.

    Your article is nothing more than some personal offensive attack on Jared and you should crawl back to the vile little hole you came from if you have nothing kind to say. The world will thank you for it, trust me.

    • Jack's Back

      ” Are you a journalist reporting a fact? ”

      No he is a television critic giving his opinion. Why are some people in this fandom so embarrassingly clueless?

    • Cody

      *Jared brings a massive percentage of this audience to Supernatural and if the Sam army stopped watching you can be pretty sure this show would be in ratings epic demise.*

      I doubt that actually. Most fans watch for Dean/Jensen.

      • Tim Evans

        No actually they don’t, deluded Dean fans sleep easier pretending that.

      • pete

        Why are you arguing over something that can’t be resolved unless you survey the entire audience? Having said that Dean/Jensen does seem to win every popularity poll going by a mile so if I had to bet who draws the most viewers my money would be on Dean.

  62. Sally Anne

    I think Misha Collins is a horrendous unemotional, boring actor where’s the article on that huh?

    Jared remains the reason I tune it, so do one you idiot. Karma will come back to you in the end.

  63. Rosalill

    “Even before Sam went “bad”, JP made him way too condescending and bratty to be really sympathetic, IMO. Mostly, I have spent three years wanting him to get taken down a few pegs”

    Glad I am not the only one thinking this! JP did make him condenscing.

    As for the opinion of JP`s ackting, I can support what you say, Jason, to some extent. JP is not a great actor, however, at times he shows that he can act, he is however a weak link in the show. Still the writers seem to be willing to make him the plot focus. No wonder the ratings are falling.

    It is very brave of you to state your opinion like this, Jason. Kudos to you for doing it 🙂

    As for the rumors of his breakdown. I fear it really had effect on what happened in season 5. Kripke stated early on that season, that episode 100 would be a big one for Jensen. Heh, that never happened. I read JP commenting on his breakdown, and Kripke had to pay him a visit concerning this. Something happened to season 5 after this. I am sure of it.

  64. Reagan

    Are you Jensen’s agent or something?

    This article is badly written, massively offensive and pathetic. How people like you get into journalism i’ll never know but i sure hope you’re not paid for it. Padalecki has always been harshly critiqued against Ackles for a reason I don’t see at all. I don’t buy Ackles at all, when he emotes I don’t feel it, when he acts this season I really don’t feel it. Seasons 1 and 2 i thought he was solid but since he has gone downhill over and over again. Padalecki I felt grew in talent right from the start, he has become stronger and stronger and from initially being a Dean girl i became a Sam girl and have been from the end of season 2. I get that this is your opinion but why you state it like a fact when the entirity of this fandom can tell you for one nanosecond that if Jared wasn’t cast they’d be as invested in this show or the brothers relationship they’d be lying out their ass.

    Picking comments about his muscles, is absolutely sickening. He bulked up for auditions for the movie GI Joe and has since toned it down, it’s called acting and truly committing to a role, something he does every time and something we all love him for.

    So go screw yourself.

    • pete

      “I get that this is your opinion but why you state it like a fact when the entirity of this fandom can tell you for one nanosecond that if Jared wasn’t cast they’d be as invested in this show or the brothers relationship they’d be lying out their ass.”

      Wow I didn’t know we had a spokesperson for the entirity of fandom, I’m sure the writer of this article is honored by your presence. FACT is if someone else played Sam instead we wouldn’t know what we were missing good or bad, take a breath before replying with nonsense. We could have had a more talented actor who might have made Sam Winchester a truly iconic and memorable character given the storylines he’s had instead of being barely adequate.

      • pete

        Also I don’t think Jensen’s agent would be writing that Jensen was just a talentless pretty boy actor for years before landing Supernatural. I think you’re going to have to accept that a non-Jensen fanboy has a negative opinion about Jared’s acting, shocking. Make that two. I think Jensen’s decent to good but he’s not doing anything ground-breaking either.

    • lola

      Dude I hope Jensen’s agent has better things to do like finding him a better gig than the mess that has become Supernatural.

    • Cody

      *Are you Jensen’s agent or something?*

      Are you *SERIOUSLY* suggesting Jensen Ackles and his people have something to do with this? *Seriously?*


  65. Jamie

    Personally I’m a huge fan of Supernatural, but I do agree with many of you here that Jensen is a better actor, but that is also down to the material he’s been given. Dean’s character and emotional journey throughout all six seasons have been handled better than Sam’s and the writers seem to have put more depth into the character of Dean anyway. That’s just my opinion. I do think Jensen portrays his character better, but as said before, that could be down to the amount of material he’s given in comparison to Jared.

    I think this blog is too critical of Jared, but we’re all entitled to our own opinions at the end of the day. Some people think he’s terrible, others think he’s mediocre (as I do) and the rest love him. If we all thought the same, the world would be boring.

  66. Jedaqia

    Each time I’m writing my comment, the site refreshes. I lost my comments.

    You know what, I love the two boys.

    So if you think it was miscast, who do you think should play Sam?

    Justin Bieber?


  67. Karen

    I used to love the show because of the brotherly bond. I didn`t think one actor was better than the other. However, I do think that Jared hasn`t put as much effort in his character as Jensen has. Even when given bad writing material, Jensen makes Dean special. The same can not be said for Jared unfortunately. Jared is not horrible IMO, he is just not good.

  68. aisis

    Absolutly agree with this coment of Lisa:

    “If you did watch the show, you’ll also notice that Dean’s character is handled a lot more carefully than Sam’s. Hell, even TPTB had to apologize to the Dean fans because Dean was called a dick in an episode. Seriously. Sam fans have never gotten an apology.

    If you’ve been watching this season, you’ll also notice that Dean has had the emotional arc and the POV. Sam was a plot device. Nothing more. Plus, we didn’t even have Sam for half a season. It’s been all about Dean’s issues and how he’s handling them, and all about how Dean is handling Sam. Sam may have been the problem but so far the show is simply showing us how Dean’s affected by it. Dean’s the POV and has been since S4. What are you watching? Every season has a mandatory nearly Samless episode, and even Sam-centric episodes don’t feel Sam-centric. You as a Dean fan should feel lucky. Sam fans don’t have much reason to watch but we’re still loyal.”

    The show is killing Sam’s role, a role that a lot of fans love, and I think eventually they will regret this.

    And about the steroid thing… no coments, real bullshit.

  69. Lili

    Dude i wouldn’t like to be you right now!!! LOOOOL Jason Woods you are forever marked in the SPN Fandom…good luck!!! By the way : who the hell are you anyway, besides someone craving for a little more attention?

  70. SoniaTL

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and in my opinion, this article is BULLSHIT! Clearly you have been watching a different show to the rest of us, we supernatural fans adore the show, and both Jensen and Jared. Both give an outstanding performance as their characters, and have delivered us with a fantastic show for the last 5 years. I’m wondering when you went to acting school, since you seem to be such an expert on the matter? To call Jared a terrible actor is a personal attack, both unnnecassary and unprofessional. You should be ashamed of yourself. The show has recieved so much praise and it is all deserved. I hope jared doesn’t have to be subjected to reading this utter rubbish, because it will be five minutes of his life he will never get back, and this article just isn’t worth the time.

    • Jane

      Critiquing an actor’s work is hardly a personal attack, anymore than any person getting a performance review for their work. It’s a legitimate discussion. Agree or disagree with his opinion, it’s completely professional and appropriate to discuss.

      • Later Tuesday

        Likewise this poster is entitled to their opinion.

        As for whether or not this was attack, it is, at best, in the grey area between attack and critique. Saying you dont find Mr. Padalecki’s acting up to snuff is one thing, but this article just harps and harps. Personally I think the author of the original piece went too far.

      • Elle

        Yes, it’s very professional to discuss the physique’s impact on acting skills. Indeed.

        Gave me a good laugh and looking at this dude’s other articles I get that he is dying for some feedback on his mediocre work in the field of journalism.

        This article is full of illogical conclusions and bitterness against two awesome dudes who have gone further in life than he ever will. It’s a sad piece, really. It shows far too well how lacking this “journalist” is in any kind of analysis when all he has to say is that one dude is too large to be a good actor. .

      • J


        Very well said.

        …’Yes, it’s very professional to discuss the physique’s impact on acting skills’.

        Well, in case of actors…it..kind of…is.

      • JustMe!

        I agree. Actors often beef up or slim down to be appropriate for a part. I think what the writer is saying is that being so huge and buff that Sam looks like he spends four hours at the gymn everyday, is not the kind of look one would expect a hunter have. Especially one that spends his days on the road and eating at fast joints and road-side diners. Sam should have a more naturally fit looking physique.

      • spnrules1

        If anyone noticed Jared does not look like he did last season. People’s appearances change every year. In my opinion Jared is in great shape this season. Actually, Sam eats way healthier than Dean does.

    • lesley

      All i can say is what a d**khead this guy seriously doesnt know what he,s talking about and really should keep his opinions to himself, if he doesnt like jared as an actor then dont watch the show and leave it to the thousands of awesome fans who do, i myself cant praise ALL of the actor,s highly enough and enjoy meeting them at the con,s ive been very fortunate to attend, as Lynn says for a 3 yr old he can sure type well but thats about as far as it goes and anyway if Jared was that bad an actor he wouldnt still be on the show, soooo guy, skeep up all the awesome work and may Supernatural continue for many years x

  71. lynn

    WOW! I’m impressed. I didn’t realize there were that many three year olds who could type this well. Or did you all have someone write it for you?

  72. Seán

    While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, for me, both you and what you wrote lost credibility the moment you went from critiquing acting and descended into personal, unfounded attacks with this comment: ‘And whatever he was taking removed any lingering ability to portray Sam Winchester’. I would have hoped that you, as a writer, would have more honour than to make a baseless, spurious comment such as that. I guess I was wrong.

    Jason, I can’t make out if you are dissatisfied with the writing (as is evident by the ‘ridiculous soulless storyline’ comment}, the direction (the ‘fetishistic porn’ comment) or the acting (of which you give very few examples of ‘bad’ acting.)

    In relation to what you said about Padalecki being a poor actor, I couldn’t disagree with you more. I found the acting is early season one to be the weakest, from both actors, possibly as they were both still finding their feet with their characters. I thought ‘Hookman’ and ‘Bugs’ were Jared Padaleckis weakest performances to date. However, he has, in the five years since, gone from strength to strength, churning out consistently strong performances, despite the poor development his character gets.

    Had the show’s producers any qualms about Padaleckis performances, then they would have to adjust accordingly, either by reducing the amount of time he spends on screen, giving him less challenging storylines or writing to suit his strengths. Instead they have done none of this; the character of Sam remains central to the story, Padalecki has been asked to play another variation of Sam (soulless) and he has done so with aplomb, he has been given (and will continue to be given) challenging scripts, and he has successfully played Sam in a variety of different ways and has shown him to be a hugely layered, hugely complex character. This shows that the producers are more than happy with his performances and Jason, I find their opinions to have much more merit than someone who decides to express their views in such a bilious and incendiary way as you did.

  73. Stevie

    I think this piece is written just to provoke the supernatural fandom, I’d say: let’s not pay attention to it.

  74. Greg

    I have to agree. Padalecki is the weak link on this show, and he always has been, IMO. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    • LJ

      Clearly it worked. You guys are insane. Actors get bad reviews all the time, but I’ve rarely seen this kind of frenzy.

      • LJ

        Oops. Sorry Greg. This comment was meant to reply to the post above yours. I need coffee.

  75. LJ

    Holy crap, I heard this fandom crazy and now I’ve seen the evidence for myself. Talk about a bunch of bullies. Good luck Jason. You’re gonna need it.

    • Kat

      Parts of the fandom are crazy, not all of it. I am a massive supernatural fan and have basically followed Jensen Ackles from Dark Angel, but at the same time, i respect that Jason feels the way he does and although i fee the oposite, i’m not going to go nuts at the guy.

      I’m also not attacking you, here, just to point that out. But it does irk me when people automatically assume that the more…overly dedicated and crazily protect fans of the show for want of a better term are a represtation for the rest of us.

      Having said that, knowing how parts of this fanom react, I’m pretty sure Jason knew what he was getting into.

      Now i’ve said my piece, i hope everyone has a nice day and Supernatual fans, keep it clean and abuse free please. I’m not saying don’t voice *your* opinion because everyone is entitiled to one, i’m just saying lets not crap all over everyone else’s okay? Okay.

      • Kat

        I know i’m replying to my own post, but, the bunch of bullies comment was completely uncalled for, even for the crazies. They’re voicing their opinions just like Jason did. Although a little more forcefully.

        once again, just pointing things out and not a personal attack given that i don’t know who you are.


      • smothers

        I think when the fans don’t criticize the article but attack the author, that, for me is bullying. I don’t see why the disagreement can’t be about the actor’s ability, rather than the opinion of the writer. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yes, but calling the author names isn’t about opinion, it’s a personal attack and I’ve seen this type of reaction too many times in this fandom to just brush it off.

      • LJ

        Oh wow. so you’re totally fine with idiot after idiot coming here making the most personal and vicious remarks to the author en masse, but when someone calls them on, you chose to berate that persona. Yeah, everything is totally right and sane in your world.

  76. Ozzie

    I will disagree here. Mr. Padalecki is very talented and special in the acting world. I tend to have a radar for special people in their types of work. So far Iam also batting a 100. In tennis I picked Agassi …and knew he’d win the grand slam of tennis…even when critics dogged him and labled him a loser and all hype. In hockey I knew Mark Messier was the one who would break the Rangers 1940 hockey curse…and I was right. In the world of TV Land …for me it’s Johnny Depp, James Franco , Owen Wilson, Skeet Ulrich and Jared Padalecki …that my radar is focused on. Even when I first saw Keanu Reeves in Ted&Bills Excellent Adventures…I knew in my heart that Mr. Reeves would one day be a major star and get the perfect role. He did in playing Neo in the ”MATRIX”. I have picked Mr.Padalecki and James Franco as my two next targets on my RADAR of talent. You are entitled to your poor POV…but like I never heard of your magazine….both your mag and your POV are off Target and be proven wrong. 🙂

  77. elizabeth

    Mr Woods, you are entitled to you opinion and I am entitled to agree with it most thoroughly. Jensen’s talents have grown and I agree, Padalecki’s limitations became quite apparent both in season 5 and 6 when his charcter was pushed front and center.

    Please don’t let the Samfan armforce you into changing your opinion. I know of a few, and even some bloggers who should have more respect for others’ opinions, who have done this.

    You spoke your thoughts and many of us agree. Trust me.

    • Jess

      And many of us also disagree. As I’ve said in my comment below, I’m saddened that it seems that fans who enjoy both actors seem to be such a minority.

      Even though I’m a Sam fan, I have no desire to convert anyone. I respect people’s opinions, as long as they present them respectfully, which IMO this author has not done with the whole “Jared bulked up and whatever he was taking limited his acting abilities” cheap shot.

  78. Kiri

    I’ve seen Padalecki in a ton of other stuff, and I personally think he’s really good at what he does.

  79. Melanie

    Wow, I’m sorry I gave this nonsense a page hit. But since I did – so, you started out thinking that Jensen wasn’t a good actor? That kinda shoots your credibility way down. But after five seasons you finally figured out what most of us have known since the Pilot? Kind of a slow learner, aren’t you? Well, hang in there, maybe in another couple of seasons you’ll get up to speed on Jared’s acting too. Good luck.

    • Jusme

      hmm Melanie but most of us know that Jensen’s talent is in a different league than Jared’s…And this is exactly what the author is saying… There’s no comparison

      • Mark

        Self-righteous much, Melanie? There’s is nothing to learn or, especially, be taught by you. Jared is a decent actor, Jensen is a very talented actor. Both are great guys. You, on the other hand, need to get off that high horse of yours.

      • Melanie

        Actually read the comment much, Mark? Sarcastic, absolutely. Self-righteous, not so much. I can agree with you that both Jared and Jensen are great guys. What I don’t agree with in the OP’s original post, in Jusme’s response to me or in your judgemental response to me is that Jared is in any way an inferior actor.

    • Tim Evans

      I watch for Jared so the superior tone of your comment doesn’t compute with me Melanie. I’ve never thought Jensen was superior but that’s called a ‘different opinion’. Hi let me introduce you to it.

  80. Pinkwood

    I find it really bizarre that you question the casting 6 seasons in when pretty much every SPN fan, regardless of their predilections and opinion on the Winchesters’ relationship, would cite the chemistry between Jared and Jensen as the main draw.

    You give Sam’s expression as he watches Dean get turned as an example of bad acting but perhaps it came over exactly as it was meant to? It was the take that was ultimately used after all…just a suggestion. You only have to watch Mystery Spot to see what Jared is capable of. I’m not suggesting he’s the best actor the world has ever seen, but he can bloody deliver.

    The accusations of substance abuse are snarky and plain defamatory. The guy was in his early twenties when he started on SPN. He was a boy and now he’s a man. A man who likes to work out, and he looks amazing.

    I just don’t understand the culture of shredding something if it no longer works for you. Healthy debate is one thing and everyone is totally entitled to an opinion but this is quite vicious. It’s damn hard to maintain an ambitious show over such a long period and impossible to please all of the people all of the time.

    Personally, I still love the show. It’s had highs and lows like everything else, but Jared, Jensen and everyone involved have done and continue to do a stellar job. Half the fun for me is that we can laugh at Sam’s ‘Bitchface’ and Dean’s pouting and the next minute they’ll be making us cry.

    I think people are entitled to an opinion and nothing should be taken too seriously but this is a tad vicious. I genuinely love this fandom, but sometimes the element of this ‘I could do better’ attitude drives me nuts! As Dean Winchester would say:

    “For fans, they sure do complain a lot!”

  81. artemis cambridge

    what a load of crap! jared is a fantastic actor as is the rest of the cast yes you have a right to your opinion but if you have never acted then your opinion doesnt count for much, so keep your bitchy opinions to yourself and remember if you cant say nuthin nice dont say nuthin at all….

  82. Sacha

    I think saying Jared is terrible is a bit harsh, but I do think he is limited. I think Jensen has gotten quite good. He certainly has come a long way over the course of the show though. He wasn’t highly regarded at the start and really was a mediocre pretty boy actor at the start but has improved greatly. But the writing made this show, not either actor. The writers created the characters people love. Neither actor is all that great but good enough for a WB/CW show.

  83. Cody

    Jared’s definitely the weak link for me too and I’d happily continue to watch the show if he left, especially since the chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins is better by miles. People should be able to say that without getting dogpiled. We’re all entitled to our opinions.

    • Jack

      Oooh I completely agree with you. The only times I found Jared passable as an actor was in his scenes with Jensen because they had a good chemistry but I feel it has been missing during the last 3 seasons. The Ackles/Collins chemistry is what I’m all about, it’s so refreshing and their scenes always get a re-watch.

    • Fantasyfan

      Cody and Jack, I agree. The undeniable chemistry that Jensen and Jared had in Seasons 1-3 has been missing for quite a while now. Instead, Jensen has wonderful chemistry now with Collins. I think chemistry is due to the acting and shows how well-matched Jensen and Misha Collins are.

      • mara

        You’re right on the money with this comment, Fantasyfan!

    • Tim Evans

      AHAHAHAHAHA Misha can not change his face Collins. Vomit. You’re precisely the kind of personal abusive fan that probably mentors a Dean/Cas forum and doesn’t realize that Supernatural would have an audience of three, you and your two friends if Jared left. He’s the only reason half the audience watch and without the brotherly chemistry nobody would be watching. Misha has as much charisma as a painted wall and holds my interest as such.

      • pete

        Again you’re pulling statistics out of your a$$ Tim, in opinion polls/online competitions Sam seems to be the least popular out of the 3 regulars but yes if he left the show there would be an impact in the rating but more-so if it were Dean/Jensen and there’s more evidence out there to back that theory. Note ‘theory’ not fact.

  84. Jess

    You’re entitled to your opinion but I have to say I disagree with it completely. In my opinion Jared is a great actor and I can’t see anyone else in the role of Sam. Since you seem to hate his acting so much, who would you suggest take over the role of Sam? I’m not trying to flame, just asking an honest question.

    I also find it a tad ridiculous that you link Jared’s changing of body mass with his supposed inability to act. You mention “And whatever he was taking removed any lingering ability to portray SamWinchester.”, as if you’re implying he was taking something like steroids. That just sounds like a cheap shot to me, and totally unnecessary. Yes, it is your opinion, but I don’t think you needed to include it.

    This article just sounds like yet another example of the great fandom divide between the Ackles and Padalecki fans. It’s so obvious that you’re a huge Jensen fan (even if you didn’t start out that way) who delights in scorning Jared every chance you get. I’ve seen this from a lot of fans. It’s really a shame that fans who enjoy both actors, like myself, seem to be the minority among Supernatural fans.

  85. spnrules1

    Mr. Woods, you are completely entitled to you opinion but I have to disagree. Jared is a phenomenal actor who has taken Sam on many journeys over the 6+ seasons. I have grown to love both characters but will say I am more a Jared/Sam fan. He has shown his range of talent by how Sam has been portrayed. He has been sweet lovable Sam, possessed Sam, Lucifer and now Soul-less Sam. When the show returns he will be reversing his character again. That, Mr. Woods takes a lot of talent. If it was not for Jared there would be no Sam because no one else could have played that character so well.

    As for making comments on his physique and other not needed references what exactly does that have to do with his acting. Absolutely nothing. He was a cute, tall, lanky kid when the show started. Now he has turned into a very HOT and Sexy man. Personally I was looking at him in the episode that just aired and let me say he is very well built and toned. Peoples looks and physical features change every year. But I will say again that has nothing to do with their acting abilities.

    Finally, there is no Supernatural without Jared and Jensen. They have the chemistry and have made the brothers who they are. Try not to forget that when you think of the show. Thank goodness the actors do not pay attention to meaningless little articles such as this. You sounded a little bit whiny and over dramatic in regards to one person and yes Supernatural has a very strong fan base and will defend our boys to the end.

  86. Cheryl

    What an hateful attack on an actor! Wonder what your true motivation is as it’s not from your knowledge of what makes good television, otherwise you would have seen the higher level you claim kripke started to take the show in Season 4 and 5 failed miserably. But not because his Angel mythology wasn’t brilliant as it was. But because he failed to stay true to his own characters to treat them both fairly and with thought love and care. The mythology also failed because kripke didn’t stay true to his own storyline when he didn’t stay true to the facts in it or omitted them in season 5 to push another agenda and he underestimated the fans intelligence when he thought the fans wouldn’t notice. Betraying his own characters and the storyline wreaked havoc on the show’s history and contradicted a lot of it
    Kripke biggest faillure was to the brotherhood the very heart of this show and it cost him a quarter of his viewers in S4 the most lost to this show ( 1 million viewers)and in season 5 it cost him another three quarter of a million viewers. Sera is trying hard to fix what kripke broke,and the magic of this show is finally beginning to return. What’s amazing is you don’t talk at all about the chemistry between Jared and jensen and how important chemistry is to a show. The chemistry between Jared and Jensen is why the show is an success,the way the brothers love each other is why this show is an success as seen by what happened when they took it away in S4 and 5. Jared has grown into a great actor and you can see how well he and Jensen work together by how they didn’t miss a beat and the incredible timing they had in the fairy episode They managed this so easily even with the change in Sam’s character to Robo cop. Guess with you being so busy with whatever personal ax you have to grind against jared you missed his transition into a solid emotionally expressive actor when given a POV and some meaty dialogue to work with. Guess you missed that when you missed the whole point of the show being about the love of family which is where at long last it’s headed back to in season 6.

  87. Just Me

    Now. The article IS a bit harsh but we all know it’s true. I’m not a crazy fan of the show myself but recently I’ve read A LOT similar articles, most of them concentrating on Ackles’ unique talent and charisma. Mr. Woods simply had the balls to deal with the second lead’s flaws. Respect, Mr. Woods.
    Now, from what I can say, Padalecki is an ok actor. He’s just had misfortune to be cast alongside Ackles, a VERY talented and versatile actor (as well as Mr Beaver and Misha Collins, both great characteristic actors) and a myriad of really fine guest actors. In any other show, Padalecki’s talent, I think, would be enough. But not in this show.

  88. Alex

    I don’t agree with the whole article but I have to agree that Jared is definately the weakest link in supernatural. Don’t know what happened to him but ever since S4 his acting from season to season is getting worse and when you compare him with guest stars and reccuring characters, it’s painful to watch him.
    In his interactions with Dean he always comes of as either arrogant, bored or looking down on Dean and when he has to pull an evil Sam or angry look he makes weird faces – you can see he is trying too hard.

    He simply doesn’t have the gravitas to pull most of the scenes these days.

    • rejna

      “…In his interactions with Dean he always comes of as either arrogant, bored or looking down on Dean and when he has to pull an evil Sam or angry look he makes weird faces …”

      This is exactly how Sam should act by the way. Esp. the weird faces of soulless Sam.

      Reading the comments I am starting to think some of you don’t get what Jared’s trying to do.

      • Jtm


        ‘This is exactly how Sam should act by the way’. So not true. Sam Winchester shouldn’t be arrogant, bored (or BORING) all the time. He should have A LOT OF DIFFERENT (other) emotions of which Padalecki seems to be incapable. And that diminishes the character of Sam.

      • Alex

        What I get from Jared’s acting is that Sam doesn’t give two cents for his brother, Dean seems to be a nouisanse for him while Sam is all concerned about himself and that was prior to soulless Sam.

        It’s for a few seasons now the attitude I’m stronger, smarter, better than you but I put up with you cos you are weak and might do something foolish, not to mention the eyeroling.

        I don’t get from Jared’s Sam that he is proud of Dean or that he respects him in any way.

        Soulless Sam is basically – all of his bad traits from previous seasons multiplied. I haven’t seen anything new with his portray with this soulless Sam just things that I hate in a character of Sam in general.

        ¨He should have A LOT OF DIFFERENT (other) emotions of which Padalecki seems to be incapable.¨¨

        This! he has few faces/interpretations and he sticks to it.

  89. Toni M

    I got half way thru this article and had to stop reading it. To say Jared Padelecki is an awful actor is well laughable. Think back on your reactions to his acting thru the years. When he was bad Sam were you angry as I was? Disgusted? Wanting to beat the holy living crap out of our favorite giant? I know I did which is EXACTLY what the writers wanted us to feel. A “bad” actor wouldn’t bring that response out of the fans if he was so bad. Did you cry when Sam cried when he had to kill Madison in heart? I did which once again is what we were suppose to do. Proof that he is a truly brilliant actor lies within our reactions to his actions on the show. This season alone I have gone thru such emotional feelings with Sam thanks to his acting and the writers. I went from distrusting him to almost hating him. After we find out he had no soul my heart broke for him, then I began liking him and his snarky ways. Which in turn turned back to disgust and anger while he had Bobby tied up, back to almost being in tears as he begged his brother at the end of appt in Sammarah. How can such a bad actor inspire these reactions from not only myself but other fans of the show out there? If the show was miscast it wouldn’t be so loved and adored as it is now. yea ok Jensen and Jared are great looking and nice to watch BUT if the acting sucked the looks would not hold fans for long. I respect your opinion of Jared’s acting but that’s just it YOUR Opinion it does NOT reflect all of the fans opinions of this gargantuan guy whom we all love.

  90. Jeffbdr

    well, i’ve been a fan of the show since it started and i think your wrong in thinking that Padalecki is a bad actor, i would agree, that some facial expression and lines are sometimes off and not really believable, but i can hardly blame him. Throughout the entire series, his role in the show has constantly been changing along with his personality. He went from a goodd college boy, to slightly violent when dean made a deal to bring him back, then he got worse when he got hopped up on demon blood, then suddenly good again, now all of a sudden he comes back with no soul, I wouldn’t be able to blame the guy on making a few mistakes here and there, I’m not saying his storyline is written badly either, im just saying, i don’t think it matters who plays the part, honestly i think sams character is the hardest to portray because his personality keeps randomly changing. So i’d say that jared should keep up the good work(Y) and Jason, i wouldn’t knock anyone on their acting, seeing as you’ve probably never acted in your entire life

    • JM

      Jeff. I’m an actor. All my friends are actors. I agree with the author. (And all my friends, just to be clear) The way the article is written is perhaps, as some have mentioned, a bit too harsh ( but I think it also illustrates how much the author cares about the show), but the content is absolutely right.

      • spnrules1

        How can you even say that writer cares about the show. All he basically did was attack the person. Jared has to portray Sam in several different facets which is a credit unto itself. I respect your view but if that is your career as well as any of your friends take a long hard look at Jared and his acting you could learn something from him.

      • Mk

        And you’ve just personally attacked JM (and his friends…)
        Are YOU an actor? It was really refreshing to read some ‘professional’ point of view. Thanks JM.
        Please, spnrules1 stop commenting on every post criticising Jared. We get what you’re saying. We got it reading your analytical and mature post about Jared being ‘hot and sexy’..

      • spnrules1

        Why so touchy? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that. I did not feel that I was attacking just making a suggestion on watching an actor who is very talented. Also, the author made the references about Jared’s looks so I gave my view. By the way is there a limit to the number of comments one is allowed to make because I did not think so. Out of the over 200 posts here I made 3. I do believe I saw other peoples names more than once. No one said you have to like what I am saying so let’s agree to disagree.

  91. Jenny

    What a load of rubbish this article is – I’m sorry, I know you’re entitled to your own opinion but how can you say Jared can’t act! – I have always preferred Jensen but Jared has improved 100 fold since season one and this season he is doing an amazing job!

  92. rejna

    No it’s not miscast. Show me a miscast show that become this succesful . I am wrting from Turkey, you have no idea how international this show’s success is.

    People, there is no need for super talented actors for this show. Jensen and Jared are OK and they do the job well. They are not super talented or terrible actors.
    But when you think for a second do any other names come to your mind “erm…this would be a better Sam or Dean…” I don’t think so.

    The writer of the article doesn’t think so either in my opinion, becasue he doesn’t suggest any other name or say what’s missing in Jared’s acting other than a facial expression in 6th season.

    it’s just written to make Sam girls crazy,lol.

  93. Isabelle

    I agree with you about everything except the part where Padalecki has ever had “acting chops” of any kind. He was horrible in the first season but he seemed to be working with an acting coach and looks like he wanted to improve and he did, for a bit. He delivered some good performances in the second season but shortly after that he seems to have become more interested in bodybuilding than acting, I don’t know if one thing has anything to do with the other but the two coincide. Now we’re stuck with a gym bunny whose idea of emoting is a lot of grimacing and squinting and delivers his lines in the most bored, dead tone possible. I think the soulless sotyline highlighted his weaknesses because while he was supposed to be “Ted Bundy” he came off more like a snotty teenager during their rebellious phase. I think the character was miscast because a better actor would have pulled me into Sam’s story, a more charming actor would have made the character more likeable and relatable. I think is sad that the showrunners have not challenged/questioned Padalecki’s choices since who knows what kind of actor he could have turned out to be.

  94. Barbara J

    Wow, that’s 12 minutes of my life I’m not getting back.
    Padalecki is a wonderful actor. His portrayal of Sam Winchester, Meg the Demon and Lucifer are all brilliant. In the 6 months since I’ve discovered Supernatural, no one has made me cry more than Jared P in all his fantastic performances.

    • Cody

      Actually no one has made me cry more either on this show, though it was tears of laughter while watching his awful acting in Swan Song.

  95. Mark

    C’mon people. I”ve been in this fandom since the beginning. Everybody knows it’s true. Mean and unpleasant but true.

    • Rhea Ohio

      Whatever ‘Mark’ or ‘Jensen’s agent’

      Jared has been the reason I watched this show since day one. And i’ll watch him in whatever he does. Sam’s my favourite and your opinion is yours alone. A lot of us don’t watch for Jensen, he certainly wouldn’t be enough to keep me watching if it was just him, it’s a good job they are both in it. At the same time i wouldn’t want to watch the show without Jensen either, Jared and Jensen are good because they bounce off each other so beautifully. This article is a load of sh*t.

  96. rejna

    I don’t get the idea behind pointing out that “Jared got worse after he started to work out” This coincidence doesn’t mean anything you are telling it over and over again.

    There is nothing wrong with his acting, you are waiting something bigger than the show needs I guess.

  97. Alison

    Personally, I’ve always thought Jared Padalecki was the weak link in the cast, from the pilot episode on. That’s not to say that he hasn’t had his moments, he has, but as time goes on they’ve gotten so few and far between as to be non-existent. He has said he doesn’t watch the show, doesn’t watch his scenes. Perhaps he should, maybe he could see what so many others see and do some work to improve. Although, honestly? I don’t think he cares beyond cashing the check these days.

    The obsession he’s developed with beefing up hasn’t helped matters. He’s at the point of looking ridiculous, IMO. When would Sam Winchester have time to devote hours a day to pumping iron to bulk up? Does he carry his weight equipment in the trunk of the Impala? Have a lifetime membership to a gym that’s franchised in every backwater town in the US so he can always find a place to indulge? The show seemed to try to explain it away with Azazel’s blood making him “big and strong”, but as I recall there were numerous “Psychic Kids” also infected with Azazel’s blood as infants who were not built like that. Matter of fact, none of them were built like that, not even Jake.

    I will concede that “mind powers” are stupifyingly boring to watch on screen. There just isn’t a lot that can be done with it to make it visually interesting. which would pose a challenge for even accomplished actors. However, JP’s one note ‘one size fits all’ eye scrunching, grunting, lip pursing, eye rolling, bitch facing isn’t exactly a standard of acting to be aspired to and it seems to be his “go to” for the majority of his scenes now no matter what emotion/reaction the script calls for from Sam.

    I’m hoping with the sinking ratings this will be the final season of Supernatural so JA can be free to move on to someplace where his gifts will be better utilized and appreciated. Perhaps JP will move on to a place where the showrunners will force him to a higher standard rather than genuflecting at his feet, reveling in mediocrity and handing him everything on a platter in spite of his proving time and time again, he’s not up to it nor does he have any interest in bringing himself up to it..

    • Tim Evans

      Jensen was truly awful in his 3d movie attempt so this higher ‘plain’ of material you speak of has yet to find him and I doubt will after Supernatural. Devour was similarly horrendous. He is at his acting best as far as I’m concerned in Supernatural i’ve never watched anything else where I thought he excelled.Jared is still young and has time on his side, and Friday 13th I believe was the highest grossing show ever. Take your vitriol somewhere where the guy hasn’t made millions with his film. You’ll be eating your vile words soon enough.

  98. tar

    No it’s not miscast. Jared’s doing a great job portraying soulless sam. He’s really different from season 5 you can’t tell how emotionless he is. Sam’s a messed up guy, angry, rebellios. jared’s been able to pull that off all the time. You know the main reason why it isn’t miscast, ’cause there’s been chemistry between the two main leads from the beginning. You just wrote this cause you’re a dean!girl who hates sam or you’re just trying to give some publicity to this site ’cause I never heard of this shit web before.

    • Tim Evans

      Two words for you ‘sock’ ‘puppet’.

      Take your three fellow people with this opinion and get lost. Nobody agrees with you accept yourself.

  99. Michelle

    Both Jared and Jensen play well off eachother. They have a great chemistry that has brought alot to the show. You can really feel what the brothers are going through. I think both actors have grown. Im so sick of some lunatic fan that likes just one of the guys that goes and bashes the other one. There are alot of fans out there that don’t like Dean and some can’t stand Sam. Why? I havent a clue. Both are great actors, they are both handsome and have brought alot to the show. They also support each other. This is an awesome show and I for one am glad Jared and Jensen are a part of it. I like them both. They each bring something unique to their characters and they do a great job. It’s sad really that people feel the need to bash one of the guys so they can feel they are doing justice for the one actor they like….its really kind of pathetic.

  100. Jessica

    This article on Jared took the words right out of my mouth. He is a terrible actor. I feel embarrassed for him with some of his facial expressions. It really shows how unattractive he really is. I can’t see him going very far after Supernatural. Maybe some horror shows/movies and that’s about it. On the other hand Jensen is a great actor and if he plays his cards right, he will go far.

  101. Mike

    Jared has always pretty much sucked as an actor and it’s gotten worse the last few seasons. And yet he shows up late to set and has tantrums?? Why, he sure is nothing special?They should of fired him. I don’t know how Ackles can stand to work with him. I don’t think Ackles has much use for Jared anymore, that’s pretty obvious. Maybe Jared regrets marrying that ugly actress who can’t seem to get a job and that’s why he’s become so misserable. Oh and Jared, get off the roids, you look ridiculous.

  102. JustMe!

    I think Padalecki’s biggest problem is the hair. If they fixed that, his acting improve by leaps and bounds. lol!

    But seriously, your raise an interesting question about casting. I have often wondered what the show would look like if the network hadn’t pushed Padalecki instead of Ackles to play Sam. Of course, then we wouldn’t have gotten the awesomeness that is Dean Winchester. I do believe it was kismet that paired this particular actor with the role. Or perhaps I should say Ackles made the role of Dean much more remarkable than it was ever meant to be.

    However, I think he also would have done a solid job with Sam and since Ackles has great chemistry with so many of the guest stars such as Misha Collins or Jim Beaver, it’s not a stretch to imagine that they could have found another actor that he had equally good chemistry with if they had found someone else to play Dean.

    But still, I’m glad things worked out the way they did because Dean Winchester as played by Jensen Ackles really is the best thing about the show.

    Anyway thanks for a thought-provoking article. I don’t necessarily agree with all of it but it doesn’t hurt to challenge the fandom sheeple from time to time.

  103. Mina

    Wow, I just read all the last 100 comments and all I can say is, sorry Jared. The viciousness and personal attacks from the Dean/Jensen/Misha fans in this post is NOT the opinion of most of us. These people is an embarrassment to our part of fandom. It’s one thing to say something doesn’t work for you but the way these people state it here, with petty speculations about his personal life and namecalling of his wife, is completely past civilized behavior.

    This has basically become one big Jared bashing post for the extremists.. Thanks Mr. Woods, you’re probably quite proud of yourself. o.O

    • Amber

      Agreed. Its the extreme Dean fans here bashing Jared, and I would have to include the author in that, whether he is an extreme fan or not because the views he expresses are those that strike a chord with the worst fans of this show. There is no need for fans to tear down Jared to build Jensen up, a guy who doesn’t know you exist and if he did see this would think you were a bunch of a$$holes anyway.

      This is not a critique of Jared as an actor, its a call to like minded fans to join in the bashing of a really lovely guy and it goes beyond anything that could be considered reasonable criticism and includes an attack on his body, his reputation (accusing him of substance abuse, throwing tantrums etc) and his wife. This is really a low point for this fandom and that is saying a lot.

      • Amber

        Just to clarify I am referring to the comments from the author himself as well as from the awful fans who have turned what was already an objectionable article into a feeding frenzy.

    • Ann

      I also agree with Mina. Mike, for instance, is one of those cowardly online posters who would never dare say those types of things to a person’s face. I’m referring to the personal attacks, not his opinion of Jared’s acting. I agree that Jensen is the better actor and he seems more committed to his career but I would never have started watching SN if I didn’t get drawn in by the chemistry of the characters. I wouldn’t watch SN if Jared wasn’t on it. By the way, my 13 year old son thinks Genevieve is hot.

  104. Kacie

    ARE YOU PEOPLE DUMB AS EVER LOVING SHIT? Jared is fucking FANTASTIC. I don’t even know where you’re getting this “bad actor” crap from. Are you pulling it out of your ass? Because it seems like you’re pulling it out of your ass.

    Never ONCE have a watched an episode of Supernatural and thought: wow that was bad acting. NEVER. And I know many, many fans who feel the same way.

    Not only is he FABULOUS as Sam, but he is a WONDERFUL man! So everyone back the fuck off and appreciate this GQMF.

    • Kevin

      I agree these people are not fans and I really dont know where they came from.
      Jensen in Jared are both great actors and the chemestry for the show feeds off it.
      Its a way to express your opinions if you had to. But dont write poorly edited articles about it.

      Every fandom have there bashers that come out from under there slimy layers.
      To all the hatters take a nap in stop wasteing everybodys time.

  105. Jimmy

    Yes Melanie. There are only 2 kinds of people in this world: the ones that agree with Melanie and the ones that are wrong (that’s sarcasm). The fact that you believe this is a perfect illustration of self-righteousness.

    • Melanie

      Gosh, Jimmy, of all 200+ comments on this article, mine is the one important enough to be commented on by you? Now I feel special! Thanks!

      • Jimmy

        Your welcome Melanie.
        To clarify…I don’t know why my comment appeared as a ‘new’ one. I did hit the Reply button just below your answer… Because you know, you right, your answers are not that important…

    • cracked

      I doubt Castiel cares one way or another. He’d just as soon let Sam rot in Hell eternity. 😛

  106. Lea

    I wish I could hug this article 😛 It’s right on the money.

    I’m ebarrassed to watch Jared squint, scrunch and huff his way through scenes. He’s TERRIBLE. Apparently his fans are just too blinded by his shiny, oily chest when he takes his shirt off to realize how much he sucks.

  107. spnrules1

    It is funny to read the lack of intelligence from some people in the last few posts. Bashing a person and their life is just ridiculous. If you do not like the person then do not watch the show. That would seem like the intelligent thing to do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but really some of the posts are going a little overboard. It sounds like a little exaggeration about showing up late, tantrums and Jensen fed up with him. Jared and Jensen are like brothers on and off screen. They have a chemistry that is very obvious. That is why Supernatural works. Whatever though. Jared is awesome and a great looking man with a bright future ahead of him despite this crazy article from a writer who needs to go back to writing 101.

  108. Julia

    Is Jared miscast as Sam? NO.

    The chemistry between the leads is what has kept this show running beyond the first couple of years, in my opinion. Both actors were at their best during the fourth season, and both also had some of their weakest performances during the 5th season, arguably the worst season of them all. Now, in season 6, I think that Jared has been doing a great job as souless Sam. It’s interesting that this article is coming out at a time when Jared has been receiving kudos from reviewers more than ever before.

    It’s your opinion though, but it’s hard to respect it when you equate acting ability with muscle mass, and actually make such slanderous statements regarding substance abuse. Needless to say, I don’t agree with your views, or your way of expressing them.

    • BloodyMonday

      …in season 6 (…) Jared has been receiving kudos from reviewers more than ever before
      In season 6 Sam – the character- is supposed NOT to show any emotions. And that’s when Jared – the actor gets all the praise. It actually proves the author’s point…

      • Ari

        Three things i’ll say for you:
        1 You are an idiot
        2 I don’t like Jared, but you are completely wrong about this.
        3 Jared it’s NOT the best actor that i’ve ever seen, but he CAN’T do everything perfectly ( as you want)…so live him alone !

        You know, there is no perfect actors, as you want. In the career of everyone (actors) have some errors. And I can imagine that you have made a few of them .

  109. Kristy

    I do think Jared has squinted and huffed through episodes, but he’s still the best fit for Sam. Sure Jensen is a good actor. Sure Jensen has been a consistently amazing presence on the show, but Jensen and Jared work superbly together. I do think that Jensen is the BEST actor on Supernatural. I think Jensen has been carrying the show for the past three years. But I also think that the article needlessly bashes Jared. Jared works hard to portray a character that is constantly changing and maturing.

    Although I agree that Jensen is a wonderful actor, I disagree with how the article has rudely bashed Jared’s hard work.

  110. Mary

    So, one of the lead actors is miscast and yet the show has so many fans, is in its sixth season and will probably go for another one??? All that because of Jensen only??? Give me some of what you’re smoking dude!!!
    Oh, and among these ridiculous comments (not all of them) I’ve read, I found one really funny that said that Jensen can’t stand Jared anymore!!! The poster does know a lot about the Js’ real life friendship *rolls eyes*

    Some of you people in here (and the author of the article as well) watch it… you might get poisoned if you ever bite your tongue…

  111. Annie

    What are you on? Are you so in love with Jensen that you can’t see beyond your own rose coloured glasses.

    Jensen is fine but he is hardly the best actor in the world. Ever really watched him closely – do you not struggle to hear what he is ‘mumbling’ sometimes? Don’t you ever get fed up with those little moany noises he makes when he is supposed to be injured? Yes he can act but he isn’t Oliver you know!

    As for your comments on Jared – I wish I could say something clever and smart but I am speechless. He is excellent as Sam – he is so different as Sam than he is in real life – he even has a different voice. His performances have been great and he has constantly improved. You obviously are no acting expert so don’t even try to be a critic – bad acting doesn’t spoil my enjoyment of Supernatural but your stinking comments do…

  112. mara

    You have made my day by stating candidly what I’ve been thinking for quite some time. Sam Winchester was always intended to be the hero of the show but Jared Padalecki has never been able to carry the weight of this responsibility. I think TPTB struck gold by casting Jensen Ackles as Dean because as Jared failed to deliver on Sam, they were able to turn Dean from Sam’s cocky, sidekick brother into a sensitive and complex character and, thus, make the show that much more interesting.

  113. Jake

    Personally I think that Padalecki is a good actor he just isn’t on the same level as Ackles. And I do agree that he seems to be getting worse and he can’t really do angry or intense that well. And I notice he plays Sam the exact same way he played Dean on Gilmore Girls. It’s kind of annoying really. But he is a good actor but not a great one

  114. Maggie

    Wow Jason. You really don’t pull any punches, do you? Too bad that they all missed.

    I like both Ackles and Padalecki, and I don’t think either of them were miscast. They do a great job portraying brothers, and although they have strengths and weaknesses, much of the issues come from the storylines. The acting on this show is much better than anything else on the CW, and better than things on the major networks. Lost, anyone? Talk about embarrassing acting.

    I’m guessing you couldn’t pull off playing either Sam or Dean. You sure can talk through your hat though.

  115. Jim

    I think what you have identified is not a change in Padalecki, but in the series. Beginning in season 4, SPN became much more of a soap opera largely dominated by male angst and long cliched emotional dialogue. That doesn’t speak to Padalecki’s strength. He’s excellent at the quick dialogue, looks that speak volumes, and humor that dominated the series first 3 years–all real assets in many movies. I don’t think he signed up for a soap. Ackles is of course a veteran soap actor–as well as being an all-around gifted actor. I just think Padalecki signed on for an action-adventure series and found himself in a soap. OK, his future is not in daytime drama. But, I’d bet he has a real career in movies.
    I guess too I’m a bit troubled by your comments. They really sound like many of the posts of Dean girls so infatuated by Ackles that they take their jealously out on the person they’d like to be: Padalecki/Sam. I too don’t get the point of writing a column trashing an actor–just seems mean spirited to me, but it will anger people and get you notice I suppose at his expense. Typical of the times I suppose.

    • Jen

      Yeah because Gilmore Girls was an action-adventure series…and I like the guy but saying that Padalecki is ‘excellent at the quick dialogue and looks that speak volumes’ is taking it too far, don’t you think?

  116. Kathy

    What Padalecki is this article referring to? Because the one that I watch on Supernatural is a fantastic actor. Jensen Ackles acting is stronger than Jared’s but people seem to confuse that with Jared being terrible. Anyone who says he’s terrible should go watch “Swan Song” or “No Rest for the Wicked”. I hate how fans of Dean/Jensen Ackles seem to think that bashing Jared makes Jensen better. I doubt Jensen would appreciate people hating on Jared just to make him seem better.

  117. Kate

    1. This articles is full of crap and Jason you’re obviously trying to compensate for something. Its not your fault you live in your mothers’ basement and haven’t even been able to get a girlfriend 🙂 ….well it kind of is because you’re an arrogant d*ck and not even your own mother can stand the sight of you. That having been said I move on to #2
    2. Supernatural Fans: We can yell at this guy for hours and the close-minded idiot isn’t going to open his eyes. See thats the problem with idiots. Posters like this don’t realize how stupid they actually are so he won’t be able to change his mind (if he has one) let alone summon the brain power to realize good acting when its right in front of him.

    • J&JFan

      I totally agree 100% with you on this…I couldn’t have said it any better myself!!!

  118. Max

    Pete, I’m not one of the crazy Dean fans and I’m certainly not trying to convince you into worshipping Ackles, far from it, but I think you might find it interesting that one of my acting professors ( and believe me, the guy is really respected and has been acting and teaching acting for more than 30 years) showed us a few of Ackles scenes, e.g. in ‘The End’ with the following commentary : ‘this is the best one-on-one acting I have ever seen’. So I do think Ackles is more than just decent/good.

    • Tara

      That is really awesome. Jensen Ackles has done some amazing acting on this show and I do believe he is respected by other actors. I’m not saying he’s the best ever or that he doesn’t have room to improve but I think he’s already doing a fantastic job on a very consistent basis and has been for years now. I mean hell even one of Supernatural’s writers said there were times when she knew a line was mediocre but figured “Ackles’ll make it work somehow”. Which sucks for him, being given subpar and/or lazy writing sometimes but it says a lot for his ability to take something and improve upon it. Making a movie or tv show is collaborative process and it is actually an actor’s job to bring something MORE to what is on the written page, to turn the character into a living thing and I think he has shown he can do a great job of it.

      As for The End, that was about as seamless as it comes, which yes is thanks for the work of EVERYONE, as Ackles himself said, he talked about how the lighting and costume and make up all contributed to making it look real, but he still had to play it and I really can thing of very few other performances of an actor playing against himself that have been as good.

      • Anon

        “Impressive” is stretching it. Jensen has good facial expressions, but he has a tendency to overact at times or swing his body awkwardly. The camera close-ups do a good job of hiding his weird quirks.

      • miami

        Jensen is impressive and he’s the best a to and your dumb if you don’t like him and all

      • miami

        You don’t know what acting is then? Jensen was always a great actor and he is awesome and all you bitches who said that jensen is awful are blind and just jealus cause jensen he’s real talent and looks! I’m sick of you bitches that bash the show too irs still good! And jason woods your a asshole jerk. Jared maybe a bad actir but he’s better looking Than you! Jason you really are ugly and dumb and your wrong jensen was always a great talented actor

      • miami

        All you idiots who bash jensen are just mad cause he is really talented and jensen ackles is better than all these other crappy actors on tv now. And he’s better than that overraated asshole johnny depp. Anyway this so called artilce is crap and jason woods is dumb. You assholes that agree with him are dumb. Yeah jared is an ok actor somtimes bad. But jensen was never awful! And jensen is the bestter actor than jared that’s fact! So fuck y’all if you don’t agree with that. The people that say that dean/jensen is the best are right. Oh and dean girls are better than sam girls ! Misha collions is the awful actor! bettie your a dumb bitch and ppl like you a annyoing as fuck. The fact is jensen ackles is the best actor and ppl should love him more and treat him with respect! He has real fans like love him and he’s a awesome guy. you trolls are losers!

    • Bettie Johnson

      Either that’s a lie or your at an AWFULLY bad university. Just sayin’.

      • miami

        Betty shut up bitch and jensen is a great actor and he’s better than jared!

  119. M

    Jensen Ackles IS terrific, and Supernatural does have a generally strong cast. I’m really glad I found this show six years ago. I’ll definitely be following Ackles wherever he goes next.

  120. Greeneyes

    As an avid fan of this show, I have to say that the show would not have worked if Jared Padalecki was as bad as an actor you think he is. It is the chemistry between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles that make the show and the relationship between Dean and Sam believable. Personally I don’t think Padelecki is a bad actor, it is just that Jensen Ackles is much better. He takes over every scene he is in. He is a full body actor, who doesn’t even have to say a line to make the viewer feel exactly what Dean is feeling.
    One must also remember that a lot if depended on the writers, and unfortunately Dean’s story lines are just better. Most of the emotionally heavy and demanding episodes are Dean centered. Now, is that because Ackles is the better actor, who can say.
    My one hope is that his career will follow the likes of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I can’t wait to see what the future hold for Jensen Ackles.

  121. Margaret

    This whole Article is complete Bulls**t.
    I wouldn’t rate one actor over the other, I think Jared has improved so much from the first season that he is on a level with Jensen Ackles as he stands now.
    The level of bashing Jared has taken from this fandom and people like this….’writer’ here astounds me.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  122. Jim

    You’ve opened up the conversation, or what passes for conversation, on many Supernatural boards. There is a element of the SPN fandom that campaigns for turning SPN into a chick-flick soap opera filled largely with Dean angst and plenty of Castiel-Dean slash material. Sam’s in the way–so is the horror and the brother’s relationship. They consistently attack the character Sam–want him out of the way. The most appalling tactic is to attack Padalecki personally–and especially his wife. Its downright disgusting–kind of sick. You must be proud to have given these people a way to vent their venom if they search Padalecki under Google news–their campaign of personal destruction of Jared has heretofore been limited to fan sites. Shame on you.

  123. Dedi

    I’m sorry, but do you even watch the show on a regular basis? Jared Padalecki is one of the best actor’s out there. His portrayal of a souless Sam was amazing. He can tell you a story just with his facial expressions.
    And Jensen Ackles is just as great. The emotion that he can show as Dean is so real!
    Apparently you think good acting comes in the form of Oscars and awards. Those that win those awards are not the only great actors out there.

  124. Lana

    Jared turn you down for a date or something? This article is complete bullshit, Jared is a fantastic actor and a lovely guy as is Jensen, I hope you choke on all the shit you talk

  125. Ross

    I think somebody is a little jealous hmm? Your use of the term “pretty boys” clearly shows you yourself lack in the looks department and I can’t help but think you are taking your aggressions out on two men who are not only more attractive than you, but two men who are also far more talented. Your jealousy can also be pointed out where you state you began to dislike Padalecki (who is a terrific actor) as he bulks up. Was this because he started to remind you of the jock kids who beat you up in high school?

  126. .

    I’m sorry, but I can’t take your article seriously. Because you obviously have a thing for Jensen. But if you want to talk about how good he is, please do it without bashing Jared. He’s a brilliant actor weather you like it or not.

  127. maggie

    JENSEN > JARED (but that doesn’t mean Jared is a horrible actor he just can’t like act as good as Jensen is all).

  128. leslie92708

    I don’t know what show you’re watching…But I think that Both the lead actors as well as supporting cast on Supernatural have been superior! There have been a few miss-steps (but that was writing/story). I love their chemistry. You are so wrong! But it is obvious with your rant that you will see what you want to see.

  129. Rochelle

    I think that Jason makes some good points! I know other fans of the show who’ve noticed the same weakness in the cast. Of course, everything is subjective and everyone should just take a deep breath!

    Have a wonderful Supernatural day!

    • Lindsay

      Yep! ENTERTAINMENT IS SUBJECTIVE, people. Take a chill pill and don’t take ONE critic’s thoughts so seriously. I love Supernatural as much as any other fan, but my goodness, there is no need to have a hissy fit. Let’s try to remain a respectable fandom.

      As Jason said, “Not everyone agrees with critics. Write something tactfully voicing that. No need to lose reason and sanity over differing opinions. If you disagree, I’m happy, because you likely found greater satisfaction than I, which makes you the winner, no?”


    • Rhea Ohio

      Dean fan then? Yeah thought so. Some of us adore both boys. You should be ashamed supporting an article like this, i shouldn’t even call it an article it’s crap.

  130. Becky Schofield

    I do agree that Jensen Ackles is a superior actor. I feel like the genre of the show and the network it is on have kept him from getting the emmy nods he deserves. If it was a major network show, it would be a different story.

    That being said, I disagree with how negatively you have portrayed Jared’s ability. The problem isn’t his acting, the problem is, the show has changed Sam from being the angsty, emotional, sensitive character that Jared portrayed so well in seasons 1 & 2, and most of 3- into being this soulless, demonistic, badass, which is not his milleu. I am hoping the trurn of his soul will offer him some of the good emotional scenes that are his bread and butter…

  131. Archie

    Have you actually been watching the show or is our opinion just based on the youtube video you posted.
    First of all, playing evil is not the only thing Sam has done. Even if one was to concede the point (which, I most vehemently don’t), that Jared’s acting as evil!Sam is subpar, that is not the only role he has played over the years. Compare the Sam from season 5 to season 1 and you will notice how much the character has grown.

    Yes, Jensen is a better actor, maybe that’s why he gets a lot of character-centric episodes, but the show is not carried just by him. Dean is not the only main character of the show, Sam has been with him through the five years. Compared to other regulars, like Bobby, who usually plays just a grumpy old man and Castiel, who is a stoic angel, Sam has had to play a range of emotions and the show could not have lasted if he had screwed them all up. Besides, the mainstay of the series is the brother’s relationship and it requires terrific acting on both the actors’ parts to pull that off. Jensen could not have done it alone.

  132. Ineyda

    What are you smoking? Jensen and Jared are fabulous actors. Don’t bash Jared just because you can’t act. And also, I hope you read all these comments and realize what an asshole you are. Don’t know why anyone would agree with this bullshit that you have written. And no, I will not stop cursing.

  133. Dora

    First off, are we watching the same show here? Because it seems like we’re not watching the same compelling, extraordinary, captivating, magnificent show that is ‘Supernatural’!! Second, what is wrong with you, and have you lost your damn mind on such silly evaluations?! BOTH Jared and Jensen are and always have been and always will be phenomenal, brilliant, talented actors (as well as any ‘Supernatural’ cast member), so whatever you’re saying about “Jared being a bad actor” and “Is ‘Supernatural’ miscast?”, or what have you, is a load of crap, and you know you’re awfully wrong!!!

    From a fan who has always loved both the actors and both Winchester brothers on the show equally, I have never thought either Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are better than the other (same goes for Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, and other recurrent cast members); they’re both (and all) equally incredible in my eyes! Jared and Jensen have such a strong, perfect relationship with one another; amazing chemistry with each other as best friends, actors, and of course with their characters. And I have to completely disagree with the way you think Jared portrays Sam. Do you realize after six seasons, you think both characters are going to be the same? Obviously not! I mean, look back to your own life. Is is still the same from when you were a child? No, of course not, and same goes with the characters on the show. And out of all the really terrible actors and actresses out there, you seriously think Jared is horrible?! REALLY?! You must be losing your vision and hearing. And you obviously don’t know real talent if it bit you in the persqueeter! This is why I HATE when people have negative things to say about the show or the actors; seriously, keep your damn opinions to yourself and stop judging something negatively that isn’t there! And for you, as a “supposed fan”, you sure as hell are very negative instead of supporting both the main actors, as well as the recurrent actors and the show in general. I mean, what’s with people like you who like to nitpick anything and everything you “think” is wrong with the show and the actors? How about you actually watch the show and just enjoy it, and really think about what you said in your bullcrap article, huh?

    Enough said, or I’ll continue ranting on, because I can and I will if I really wanted to. As a super hardcore, very devoted and very supportive, true ‘Supernatural’ fan that I am, you should never engage in such ridiculous views that you seem to have, because you sure as hell pissed me off. So hell, you deserve my rantings, and more. And if you’re going to talk about the show or the actors again, how about next time (and from there on) you say positive and supportive things about them so you don’t get people bashing YOU instead? Just a little heads up, because I’m actually a nice person and we don’t want you to pull another ludicrous article like this about ‘Supernatural’ and the actors in general ever again.

  134. Svenja

    I think you are right. Jared is really a bad actor. And I´m saying that as, a, really, really huge Supernatural Fan. <3

  135. johnny

    lol what Lucy said that pretty much wraped it up for me.

    Your true fans are behind you Jensen in Jared we will continue to show love to the show.
    In the only thing that sucks is this letter take it down cause its so far off base.

  136. johnny

    a really cool comment from winchesterbros.

    I always love reading your commentary. This is no different. Great observations. I think, though, that the anxiety that feeds your dislike is actually intended from Sera, et al. To my mind, the unpacking of the characters has always led to this breakdown. And I think that also, Dean is our lens into the storyline, meaning that we (the audience) are to adopt Dean’s perspective since he has often been the watcher to the story. Although he has been participant in later seasons that participation evolved from the storyline; it was not at the heart of the initial story.

    Let me clarify what I mean. I think there are three parallel storylines: Dean, Sam, and then Dean and Sam and us. These storylines intersect in the brotherhood, and the affection they/we hold (held?) for each other allow each to bear witness to the other’s struggles, which is why I think that the Chuck character was important and actually a natural outgrowth of the story that was told. He was a way for the story to point to itself as story, but even moreso, as allegory. And allegories are always more heartbreakingly close to us than simple story. Although I could go on and on, I’d like to restrict my comments to how I see Dean and Sam and how they got to this point.

    For me, Dean’s struggle is all about redefining himself in opposition to the Winchester legacy. Is he mother? Is he father? Is he brother? At the moment the story of Dean begins, we see the break between the Dean that could’ve been and the Dean that is. When John places the infant Sam in Dean’s arm, he dramatically changes the course of the boy’s life. From innocent child to immediate savior, Dean becomes the nexus for the family, and we get glimpses of that role via flashback. Dean is caretaker for the family (and as we see again and again, Sam is the base definition of John and Dean’s notion of family).

    I have no doubt that Dean wants a normal life; he remembers the time before. And since his natural inclination is to care for, his position of hunter allows him to be a caretaker in ways that are much more universal than local, i.e. savior versus father. Now, for Dean, this life (and this role) is singularly represented by one thing and one thing only: Sam.

    And as caretaker, Dean must continually refrain from experiencing his own emotions. Why? He must suspend his own reactions in favor of what is good for the group. To indulge in the anger is just that, an indulgence, which explains his advice to Sam in “Sam, Interrupted,” about pushing down those emotions and Lisa’s observation about him last week, when she points out how he keeps those feelings inside. That is his defense mechanism and his tool for survival. However, as we see in certain moments, he cannot carry those emotions for too long before he explodes. Since Sam is Dean’s touchstone, as evidenced by that horrible image of him in hell during “No Rest for the Wicked” when he screams for Sam, the story of Dean relies on this relationship (which has been jokingly referred to as co-dependent but which I choose to believe is ultimately the ideal of platonic devotion). As a consequence the violence he shows at the end of last week’s episode, while hard to watch, is an extension of that struggle. If Sam is not Sam, then Dean is not Dean. And Dean’s inability to negotiate his own emotions over a long period of time displays itself in the beating of Sam. It’s not about Sam. It’s about Dean.

    Now Sam, on the other hand…..A funny story. My 79 year old mother watches the show with me. She’s hard core now – won’t even watch previews because she’s afraid it’ll ruin the surprise for her. She went through the entire series over the summer with me, and at some point, demanded I start dvr-ing it so we can see them again. Well, she’s a “Sam girl.” I mean she loves Sam, even now in his soulless state. So we were having a random discussion about the show, geek-girls that we are, and I asked her why she’s still so pro-Sam. I mean, I like Sam too, and I really don’t consider myself partial to either brother, but after “Live Free or Twi-Hard,” I was having my issues with the guy. She responds with an interesting observation. She tells me, “Linda, he’s just lost, but he’s always been lost.” And ta-da, I got it.

    Sam is the central component of the story. We know that from the fact that the series begins with him. His struggles are what we witness and to a great degree, his struggle is about not re-defining himself, but simply defining himself. Is he son? Is he brother? Is he part of a family or is he loner? A lot of dialogue is spent, especially in the first seasons, dissecting Sam’s difference, which we see come to fruition with the demon blood/Lucifer story. He experiences an emptiness that infiltrates his daily life; his body and his spirit have been the subject of public disputes. He is owned by others — always. And he resists that control — resists John’s control, resists Azazel’s mission, resists destiny, and finally, resists the apocalypse by not resisting. But that resistance was tempered by his relationship to Dean, but again, Sam resists Dean. And his resistance comes in the form of the lie. The lies he tells are the weapons he launches. As I said in my other reaction to your episode review, I think that the position of the lie, especially for Sam, comes down to a utilitarian value. But now, all Sam is (if he is indeed soulless) is utilitarian, so of course he just lies. It’s the most efficient way to effect the mission.

    And actually, I find that I like both characters more right now. I find myself really feeling for Sam. What he is now is the culmination of all that he has been: empty. This is a perfect metaphor for his development. He has tried to fill himself up in so many ways — with Jessica, with truth (about himself and Azazel), with Dean, with demon blood, and finally, with Lucifer, but to no avail. He is the saddest of heroes and I think that’s why we and Dean want to take care of him. He’s lost. Whereas Dean is entrenched (and trapped), Sam is always wandering, always lost, always close to empty.

    So I think we are meant to dislike them, but for a purpose — to love them again.

  137. Karla

    This is a really stupid article, and also there are “stupid” comments.

    I`m sick of read that Jensen is a better actor that Jared, like “these fans” have the only and absolute truth, Hey!!! YOU DON’T!!!!!!!!. There is something called “personal opinion”. Like this:”FOR ME” they are both good and different actors. They roles are different. They have had their moments. Sometimes I think that in some scenes Jensen over react, and cry too much!!!!!

  138. phyllis

    you are a small minded person.why dont you do what jared does everyday and then judge him. i think hes a n excellent acter and shouldnt be defended by the likes of you..both boys are wonderful at what they do and its their chemistry that makes the show along with the other acters.you dont like it dont watch it, go find someone else to rag on. leave jared alone phyllis

  139. Kaylenn

    Can I just say I am so pleased at so many of the comments and how well fans of our boys are handling this article. Defending both of them, because make no mistake, Jensen was slighted as well. Jared has grown by leaps – he totally rocked Lucifer in that white suit in The End. And his demon blood addiction brought him to a new level.

    The best thing would have been to leave no comments at all to this trash, but at least fans are uniting instead of dividing.

  140. Megan


    • Kristy

      The blogger has a right to his own opinions. True. I’ve personally loved Jensen’s acting from the beginning, so I can’t agree there with the blogger. On his other article I had to possibly agree that Jared’s performance probably would have been much better if the CW had stuck to Kripke’s five year story plan and Kripke’s writing.

    • Theron R. Cantrell

      Holy Crap, but this author is SO RIGHT! I’m a huge SPN fan. I even teach a class on media and pop culture where I feature a section on SPN, and I have to beat students, undergraduate and graduate alike, off with a stick. so I owe a real debt to the show. But Padalecki is just a dismal, horrible actor. Jensen Ackles, on the other hand, I think will move into film once the show ends, and he should. He’s talented. I could see him a Bond in a few years. But Padalecki . . . well I hope he had a good financial planner. The thing is, I’ve never thought Padaleck was any good. I always thought Ackles out-acted him from day one. All the fangirls out there–chill. No one is saying he’s not cute . . . well . . . I gues I am; Ackles is better looking by leaps and bounds. But I’m a 37 year old married straight guy so what do I know.

      • Theron R. Cantrell

        Dang! I have a Ph.D. in English and I couldn’t manage to put the “s” on the word “as.” That sentence should have read, “I could see him [Jensen Ackles] as James Bond in a few years.”

      • Kristy

        Just my opinion…

        Theron, you seem like you know what you’re talking about, so I’m not sure why you’d use the words dismal and horrible when discussing Jared’s acting. I just think that’s extreme. I think everyone has room to grow in his craft. Jared isn’t horrible. He’s still learning.

        Just my opinion, but I adore Jensen’s acting. I think he’s intuitive and smart. He makes interesting decisions and he’s able to convey several layers at one time. Jensen creates while he acts, maybe I’m not explaining that correctly, but I feel that Dean Winchester is a real person. I can see Dean thinking, not Jensen, but Dean. I love what Jensen is doing because he sees film as a craft. It isn’t just his own acting that Jensen is concerned with. Jensen realizes that other actors are in the scene with him and he works with them. That’s why Jensen seems to have chemistry with all the cast members. Jensen seems to know what camera shots are going to be used and he has an acute awareness of everyone else blocking. Jensen understands that his character looks a certain way, moves a certain way, and reacts to his environment a certain way. But that’s Jensen. And that’s what is different.

        Jared is getting his acting skills together. He is still learning. But he’s getting there because he’s growing as an actor. It’s not bad acting. Maybe it’s not enough scene study skills. Jared doesn’t analyze in detail. Maybe…

        Jensen is busy trying to tell that story that’s in the script. Jensen’s awareness not only covers his character, but everyone’s in order to tell that story.

        I just thought those words were extreme, especially coming from a teacher.

  141. Blank

    Jensen Ackles is an overpraised mediocrity who is either lucky or unlucky enough to attract mentally unstable bitches who are so jealous of Jared Padalecki and Sam Winchester that their disgusting hatred bleeds through everything they say online. That this article reads like it was written by some older woman acting like a high school bee-yotch on Jensen’s behalf is what saddens me the most. Seriously, you may be a guy, but this article reads so much like the psychotic and hateful drivel written by the worst element in the Jensen/Dean fanbase that it is uncanny. I won’t call them Supernatural fans, because they aren’t, not really. Even the comment disparaging Jensen as a pretty boy at the beginning was an obvious set up to praise him later. Seriously. I hope you find your man pants some day and stop fearing Jared and his tallness and his muscles. By the way, Jared was only overly big in season 5, and yes, it did show, but he’s slimmer than ever now, or did you miss how thin and chiseled his cheekbones have been this season so far? Dean girls are notorious for putting down Jared’s body out of jealousy. He’s only had his shirt off twice this season, once more than Jensen, and people act like it’s happening in every episode. Or, maybe it is, in their heads.

    The biggest clue I’ve gotten that Jensen isn’t all that comes from being forced to watch Dean, Dean, Dean, and more Dean to the point where it all bores me stiff. Really. That fake ass Batman voice? Lamest acting decision I’ve ever seen on a tv show, very nearly. And he’s still doing it! Lame! The pretty boy single tear of emo? Total cliche by now. He looks like he’s afraid he’ll look unattractive if he moves his face too much. And yeah, he did a great job playing two Deans in The End. But Jared shows up for five minutes, practically his only five minutes, and he steals the episode with his portrayal of Sammifer. That shows that what Jared needs is actual solid writing to do his best work. Jensen succeeds so well because Jared is being handicapped for him. And that is all it is. How do you fail in a part where you have most of the POV, the dialogue, the side characters, the guest characters, and special episodes designed for you? Yet, as soon as Jared/Sam gets a solid episode and solid writing, Jared wins out and comes out just as strongly, if not more so. Honestly, if Jared were being fully utilized, there is a good chance that Jensen would fade away, not from lack of talent so much as lack of a real, natural presence. To me, Jensen is simply not a natural presence. He is a very posed sort of actor, and if posing is what cues you into thinking that you’re seeing good acting, I’m happy for you. I prefer a different style and a different emotional quality.

    I almost posted a critique of Jensen’s acting before, then deleted it. I decided to post this because I am so sick of this nonsense about his every little move being seen as Emmy material. It’s not. Maybe it isn’t bad. Maybe it’s pretty good. But he’s just a good actor doing a mostly good job on a decent little show with a psycho fan base. And to me, Jared is just as good if not better. Jensen has been overacting an overwritten part for awhile now. Jared is the one whose grown more subtle with time. He is way more subtle and way more natural than Jensen.

    It’s also true that this show survives on the actor chemistry of BOTH Jared and Jensen. Misha is just an afterthought and his character barely works on the show whether you like Castiel or not. I love Sam and Dean and SamnDean. But I’m not blind nor am I stupid. Both actors are good and both have their issues.

    • Hayden

      Couldn’t agree more, excellent post. Overrated is key here. He’s solid, but not Johnny Depp.

      • tar

        I agree with you. Jensen’s overrated. He’s pretty good as an Dean winchester but sometimes I think he overacts makes dean look exccessively overemotional and he’s character is not much of a challenge and hasn’t evolved as sam. Jared has a tough time trying to portray sam and yes he could do it better, but so far his performance has been good enough to please me. The same as jensen but I don’t drool over the guy

    • kate

      You know your wrong…and your right at the same time. Jensen is a brilliant actor. He is definately a stand out and an extremely natural actor. The first time i saw him I thought something was up with him but then I figured out what it was…it was his co-stars, even seasons co-stars struggled to be as natural as he is and as in the moment. But that was all before Jared imo. Jared is a stunning actor and he also is a very natural actor. He has a different demeanor than Jensen and their characters are different so he had to probably play away from his cool persona and be the little brother.

      They are both amazing together and definately bring out the best in each other. Each scene together is a stand out compared to scenes with even the best actors they’ve had on the show. Their great but Jensen and Jared together are so much better. They seem more invested and are willing to go there and make it not seem cheesy. Its like they made that pack that this is unrealistic and we have to make it heartfelt and as real as possible so lets do that together. And I don’t think anyone is as good as these two are even on other shows.

      Jim is great and OMG JDM was amazing with them and Mark P and Mitch P and Kurt F and some great great actors have been on the show but still these two keep up. The one that doesn’t is Misha. Misha is a terrible actor, its not his thing imo. He’s there because they don’t know how to get rid of him but Jensen in particular and now Jared work overtime in scenes with him because he really is just that bad lol. But whatever.

      Both boys are amazing, there is no failing by either of them. They sell it every single time. I don’t think I’ve seen two guys sell such unbelievable storylines and heartfelt moments like these two. Chemistry is a wonderful thing.

    • Nics

      What the hell is your problem Blank?? No1; true Supernatural fans, Dean Girls included, would not say anything against Sam or Jared! No2; you are in a VERY small minority thinking that Jensen anything less than a fantastic actor who deserves a lot more recognition than he gets… it sounds to me like you’re a guy who is probably a little jealous of Jensen as he has it all; looks, talent, girls falling at his feet… and perhaps you’re built like Jared Padalecki (which there is nothing at all wrong with), and have some kind of problem with it! You’re definitely coming across as someone with issues and jealousy eating you up! I can’t even be bothered to comment on the rest of your ramblings… a few months have gone by, I hope you’ve got over this now!

    • Irma

      I hope to God you’re not actually serious, because this post is complete and utter bullsh*t.

  142. Rendy

    It’s sad that Mr. Woods cannot see the brilliance of this show. Though Jensen is my favorite, I’ve been amazed by Jared’s acting talent. He is believable on so many levels that I never see him as Jared pretending to be Sam; or Sam pretending to be the Devil. His mental transformation every time he is dealt another life-changing event leaves me in awe.

  143. Gabby

    This entire post is ridiculous? Why do you feel the need to post such a negative opinion about an actor when you know it will only enrage fans? Also, why should your opinion on action hold any credibility? Do you have some Golden Globes stashed away somewhere that we don’t know about? Not to mention your belief that all actors (or characters) should carry the same facial expressions and vocal inflections.

    Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are great actors. Evidence of this is that they’re still getting paid and they’re still being talked about.

    So Mr Woods – feel free to eat it.

  144. Con

    I think that the article is a bit unfair. Like most, I thought that Jared was absolutely awful in the first season, but has grown into a decent enough actor over the years. That’s not to say that I like alot of his acting choices because I don’t! In fact his performances often lack nuance and he doesn’t seem to be capable of rising above bad material, but instead embraces it or even drowns in it! But I still think that he was the right choice for Sam (which is the opposite of what I thought in the first season).

    Jensen has been good since day one and is now way to great of an actor for this show or this network. He has the ability to rise above the bad writing and make Dean a rootable character despite TPTB undermining him every step of the way! He can say alot with just a few words or no words at all. It sickens me that such a talent is being wasted on a fourth rate show on a third rate network!

  145. Debbie

    Oh Jason Jason Jason. Whenever one man writes off another as a “pretty boy”, I immediately disregard anything else he has to say about that man – because in using that phrase, you reveal your own insecurity about your own attractiveness and jealousy of other men.


  146. lorna

    Funny because I think Jared’s mediocre. Jensen has heck of a lot more talent.

  147. Imzadi

    I have to agree, Jared Sam is sometimes pretty awful. It was never as obvious as when he played “Sammifer” in that future episode. I enjoy his performence when he does comedy, he can pull that really of. But dramatic and evil? Now way.

  148. Meggi

    I second what you said, Jason! JP is rather mediocre and at times rather awful, He is the reason why I stopped watching!

    • Chelsea

      He’s a great actor and if you stopped watching because you’re too braindead to see it, you’re an even bigger idiot than you look.

  149. Anne D Reroug

    I am a very late bloomer when it comes to Supernatural, actually just started looking about 6 months ago by accident. Later I bought the series on DVD to get updated and going on se4 now.

    This is not a show I would usual look after the first show I wanted more laughs. Now I mean in a positive way, these guys crack me up (is that the right expression? I’m not American) The timing Mr. Ackles has both in expression and his whole body language when portraying Dean, just gets me going; It’s a comedy and a good one for me:-)
    I am not an actor or do I have any knowledge to what is considered good acting, I just go by the fact that either I like it or not. I will admit that the Dean character does it for me. I would like to see Mr Ackles in a comedy, be it a show or a movie but a friend of mine would like to see him in a love story; maybe both together;-)
    So it is different to each viewer and the mane thing is enjoying what you look at, because if you don’t; just turn it of or watch something else!

    To boys in Supernatural (Men) Thank you for a grate show, both of you 🙂

    Take care now

    • Anne D Reroug

      Sorry about the typos above and that some words disappear. I am working with a test on a browser that is a beta version:-/

  150. Jeanna

    I’m sorry, oh wait I’m not…
    This article is utter bull crap.
    You obviously are not wise in the entertainment field and the ability to recognize an actor’s talent because you are truly dense. Jared Padalecki is a fantastic actor. He has pulled of geeky-teen, soulless, drinking-demon blood, heart wrenching sadness, and, hello, LUCIFER.
    So excuse me while I disregard every false opinion you have here.
    I find your article insulting and totally off-base.
    Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to have a Jared Padalecki marathon. Goodnight.

  151. Courtney

    This article is completely insane! Jared Padalecki is such an amazing actor. Yes you have the right to have your own opinions and I also have the right to mine. Jared is amazing for the role as `Sam’ If he wasn’t, he would have never got the part. Jensen Ackles is also an amazing actor and perfect for `Dean’ Are you seriously judging their acting skills on what shows they starred in in the past? Jensen and Jared have been doing an amazing job from the beginning. They are part of the reason why the show is at a 6th season. Fans watch the show for them. To see them. They are interested in it. When they laugh, we laugh. When they cry, we cry. And when they fight, we hurt. The Supernatural cast is brilliant. Jared, Jensen, Misha, and Jim are absolutely perfect for their roles and impressive actors. They always will be.

  152. Phoebs50

    @The guy/girl who wrote the article – what are you talking about? When an actor plays a character for so long its like he knows him inside out so when jared acts, he does in a way that Sam should appear. Its like telling a person “your not yourself today whats wrong?” There’s nothin wrong with me I’m just —-.

  153. Ritu

    This article was in bad taste. The writer has no clue. In the 1st season Jared’s expressions were a bit constrained maybe but he’s evolved into a fantastic actor. he has the harder job of doing melodramatic stuff without going overboard which is really appreciable. Jensen and Jared both are really good actors, totally excellent in their respective roles. all proved by the show’s immense popularity. I just don’t understand all the hate…..if we’re fans of the show, we can’t go bitching about it all the time.

  154. spnrules1

    I had to come to this post all this time later to point out to the writer of this article that he has no clue on what he had posted a month ago even though he was entitled to his opinion. I hope he read all the reviews of the Supernatural episode “Like a Virgin” last week and noted the praises Jared was getting for that performance. So you Jason really need to re-evaluate your mind frame. Your were in some super small minority that did not think Jared was filling his potential along with all the other rude comments you made in the first article. Remember Jared is Sam and he made that character who he his with all his different portrayals. Pay closer attention next time to what you are watching.

  155. Stephanie

    Although an avid fan, I’m not one to partake in any response to things on the internet. However, this article; wow! Did you deliberately set out with the intent to write the nastiest, most insulting of ‘critics’? I am honestly astounded by it. It was just blatant bashing. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I will gladly listen to others views if a well thought argument is presented. No where in this article did I find a shred of actual, consideration. The near mindless criticism was just ridiculous.

    Both Jensen and Jared have done absolutely brilliantly with the growth of their characters. Devoted fans of either character have to admit that both boys have at one time or another not given a performance that was one hundred percent. So, critics on particular episodes, I can understand. However, for someone to disregard the entirety of Jared’s acting, to suggest his casting was a mistake is such a disrespectful thing to say. The chemistry that both actors have with each other and that is utilized in every episode is a fundamental element of the show. Without both actors, this show would not be what we know and love.

    With your opinion of Padalecki’s acting given, mine is that I personally find Jared to be consistently awesome, particularly when one takes into consideration the immense changes his character has undergone. Just watch Jared’s facial expressions. They are pivotal in the depiction of his many roles in the show. There is a clear, admirably executed difference between season one Sam, soulless Sam, demon Sam etc.

    I may have succumbed to what this fandom terms a ‘fangirl’ outlook, and I honestly don’t care. You have given your views, and now I have given mine; this was highly offensive not to mention insensitive to those who actually adore both Sam’s character and Jared’s (IMO) exceptional portrayal of Sam.

  156. Anita

    I think Jared has gotten better at acting on Supernatural, if you are finding it difficult to understand Sam, and judging Jared’s acting, then Jared’s ability to act is only as good as the script he is given. A lot of the time I feel that the writer’s cater towards a lot of the fans who are drawn to Dean (the extreme ones that don’t like Sam at all, which apparently you are). Maybe my point of view is coming from seeing Jared in several of his projects, including his first, before Supernatural was being filmed. To get a perspective on the ability of an actor, you cannot tunnel vision yourself into seeing him in one role, you must get a general idea of several of his jobs, then judge his acting ability.

  157. Anita

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yes, Jared’s acting is still improving, I re-watch previous episodes, and he is so much more mature, even towards the end of the first season and the second season. Some of it could be a result of some poor writing, which I think as improved somewhat over the last few episodes, particularly since Sam has been re-souled. I am one of those Sam girls that won’t find a bad thing to say about Dean, because he’s as integral to the storyline as Sam is. I have to be honest, I don’t like Sam light episodes and I did not like when Dean beat Sam unconscious in ‘You Can’t Handle The Truth’, mainly because Dean was unhappy about Ben being endangered by him being turned into a vampire, well that was on Dean, as he knew that vampires had that blood lust and assumed he could control it since he didn’t feed off of Sam. To be honest, I don’t think Dean feels the same way about Lisa and Ben as he does about Sam and he just didn’t realize it at the time.

  158. Anita

    I like the casting of Supernatural, I think the relationship between Jensen and Jared shows through. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I think you’re way off base here. I see improvements in both actors. Yes, they are gorgeous men, BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!! Anyone who thinks differently of Jared’s looks, that’s just your opinion. I am not trying to change opinions, just trying to opens people’s minds that there are people who appreciate the work that Jensen and Jared put into the show. They can only work with the scripts they are given, even though sometimes they get way too Dean heavy at times and give him all the workload, even though they should split it, it would allow both to grow as actors, and IMHO I don’t like Johnny Depp :(.

  159. Joni

    Jared Padalecki isn’t a “terrible actor” by any means. He’s shown throughout the show that he’s capable enough of taking on a variety of different personas. (He’s pulled off sensitive, angsty Sam from season one and quiet, powerful Lucifer more than adequately enough.), but perhaps not necessarily the evil, diabolical one that the writers are fond of Sam becoming.

    Yes, he has a tendency to make awkward, out-of-place expressions, but Jensen Ackles has a tendency to overact his lines as well. They both have their flaws, but they make Supernatural likable and believable enough for it garner attention and fan.

  160. Brok

    This article pisses me off. Good job on writing such a provocative attack on Jared Padalecki’s acting.

  161. Lamie

    Oh come on, dis article sucks ass. I love both jared nd jensen. They r amazing. I feel d only reason dean gets a lot of attention is because he s so much more dan a pretty boy. He hides behind his jokes nd womanizing skills. Everyone knows what sam is like. We all kno he s sweet and caring…but dean hides and every episode is like a personal journey 2 find himself. They are amazing actors nd dey ve both got gr8 faces nd bodies. Next tym encourage pple dont put down their talents…its really nt nice

  162. Anne

    I really enjoyed reading this article, especially since most comments I have read online are so over the top in praise of his acting that I feel I am in the Twilight Zone. I happen to agree with your assessment of his acting, especially in Season 7 of the show. I enjoyed reading your thorough and thoughtful look at his acting. For me, it’s really the facial features that really distract me from the story and make me believe his acting chops are not up to snuff. He did seem to do better in the earlier seasons – perhaps he was more excited about the character then?

  163. Anonymous

    i just felt that this whole thing is a real mess i mean if you people were real fans of supernatural you would obviously not take sides ………….. the whole show revolves around these two characters (Sam and dean) and they (Jensen or Jared) are good in their own way …….both portray their characters beautifully that whenever i watch them onscreen i see the characters Sam n dean rather than their real life counterparts. both have different characters (Sam and dean) and its not simple to dissect their characters so easily ……….both are doing a good job of playing their roles as Dean and Sam Winchester and i am sure many would agree on this…………….. its not like one is better than the other both are equally good and i may be biased but for me i really cant say anything bad about either Jensen or Jared.

  164. lori

    omgawd when sam brings the dog into the vet yelling “save this dog!” terrible TERRIBLE acting. how can any of you people call him amazing. LOL!

    also this is a nice accurate article thanks jason!

  165. Debbie

    I’m sorry but I think you are either jealous of Jared Padalecki or you are in love with him and frustrated because you can’t have him. Back off! You obviously have no idea what you are talking about; I too hope you didn’t get paid for your “unrequited love opinion”. I think Jared and Jensen work really well together; there is almost a real brotherly chemistry between them that the majority of viewers can see. Sorry you missed that.

    • Bettie Johnsonw

      You’re what? Fourteen, maybe fifteen . . . or could it be thirteen? So everyone who sees Jensen and Jared for what they are, D List actors who will never make it to the big screen or win any kind of substantive award, you think they’re either in love with them or jealous? What is it you sad? Oh yeah, “unrequited love opinion.” Wow, I didn’t know your parents let you on the computer unsupervised.

  166. Raisa

    Jason Woods is absolutely jealous about Jared Padalecki and he has a fetish about good looking guys… God help him…

  167. Aimen Mobin

    As you said that “Jensen Ackles wasn’t that good of an actor” in the starting, I would definitely say that you are so wrong. But ofcourse, it was just your opinion. I am really glad that his excellent acting abilities made you change your judgement.
    To be honest, I really don’t go about judging; or arguing with people. But being a die hard supernatural fan I would really want to state some FACTS rather than OPINIONS.
    Supernatural would not have been one of the most viewed, most popular and most entertaining show not only amoung teen agers, but infact all age groups if it wasn’t for the brillant cast, the plot and every one behind the curtain of this amazing show. One can’t even imagine to see it turn out so successful without the touching chemistry of the brothers that surely could not have been created by any other actors other than Jensen and Jared. The two are anything but a miscast. Infact at times other than the interesting story line, it is because of the “cast” that one might watch the show. If Supernatural was a miscast it would not have won the fan’s choice award (PCA) and would not have been nominated in several categories. If Supernatural was a miscast millions of people universally, would not be addicted to it. If Supernatural was a miscast people would not have loved and supported it so much that it went up to season 8 [and maybe more to come 🙂 ]
    Every show has its ups and downs but Supernatural always manages to rise again after a slight fall. Jared Padelecki fits in perfectly for the character of Sam.
    I would not be writing word after word to contradict with a person who thinks that Supernatural is a miscast. I do respect your opinion, but why dont you look up for a so called ‘flawless’ show that has a perfect cast according to you. If you’re criticizing the “talent” of such actors you might as well name some one who could have done a better job to the roles of Sam and Dean; other than Jared and Jensen.

  168. TeaShopMuse

    I’m sorry but I think they’re both just god-awful. I have a hard time figuring out which one is worse, Padalecki or Ackles. I teach drama on the college level and they both have so many acting “tics” (Ackles’s ridiculously low, gravelly affected voice and Padalecki’s crazy facial expressions) that it’s painful to watch. I actually used episodes of the show to illustrate how bad some actors on television are. All I can say is that a) it’s a good thing they’re both decent looking and b) I hope they invested their Supernatural money well cuz I don’t think Hollywood is gonna’ be a callin’.

  169. Gaius Fiske

    All these idiots saying that Jensen and Jared can act are delusional. They just like their looks. Both of them are HORRIBLE actors.

    • Debbie

      comment for Gaius Fiske: don’t watch the show! It’s that simple buddy. I’d be curious as to what you do like to watch. No, wait a minute, never mind. What you watch doesn’t interest me in the least. Just turn the channel buddy.

      • Luke

        quit trolling and go back to watching your awful cliche television

  170. Debbie

    a comment for TeaShopMuse. You know what they say, those who “can’t”, teach. Obviously you can’t act or you would be an actor. Therefore, you teach. Feel sorry for your students (hopefully they are not paying good money for this “acting” class).

  171. Raisa

    yah sure! now jack-ass tries to prove himself (or herself, don’t give a rats ass actually) genius by judging how bad Jared & Jensen act?!!! who the hell r u to call them horrible actors and calling their fans idiot? look urself at the mirror before u talk shit… stop being the frog of a small well and get a life…

  172. Raisa

    LMAO! u really make me laugh! yah u r right they r the worse actors in the world… and surely they can take acting lessons from u as u tell urself a great acting teacher!… but i think they’ll pass that bcuz, even though they have very poor acting knowledge comparing with u (as u claimed), THEY r world famous, not U… they have the bank balance probably 100 times bigger than your one… THEY have millions of fans around the world, U don’t have… don’t make fun of urself by bragging about ur acting knowledge and criticizing two stars on TV bcuz THEY r the Stars, not just a teacher like U…

    • Memphis Sunday (@MemphisSunday)

      You absolutely cannot be even twenty years old. You just can’t be. If you are . . . well, it would be sad. You sound like a fourteen-year-old. Regardless, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are excruciating to watch. They are terrible. Jared is a lot worse, but Jensen isn’t far behind with all that “blue steel” he does, mugging for the camera, pouting his lips. It’s beyond bad acting. Sure, they’re both decent looking and that’s great, but they can’t act. And just so you know, I teach Victorian Literature at a private university, so I suppose I’m nothing but a teacher like Tea Shoppe Muse up there. (You really irritated me with that juvenile, pejorative comment about teachers.) Even so, I have a PhD, something I suspect you’ll never have, and if Tea Shoppe teaches at a college, so does she. Incidentally, she never claimed to be an acting teacher. She said she was a DRAMA teacher, and there’s a huge difference. Then again, you clearly never even made it to college so I wouldn’t expect you to know that. You think Jensen and Jared can actually act! Idiot.

    • Bettie Johnsonw

      You’re about as stupid as a ten pound bag of rocks. Memphis Sunday is right.

  173. Filipe Eleal

    Please Reply my Comment If You See This… Man You made ??a big mistake saying that:

    We now have to follow this ridiculous soullessness plot, which has only highlighted Padalecki’s flaws even further. If you watch the episode “Live Free or TwiHard,” you see Sam in the background cunningly allowing his brother to be turned into a vampire. This should be some diabolical and sinister look; instead it’s painful; Padelecki seems like he’s viewing some kind of fetishistic porn.

    Everyone I Say EVERYONE who have Watched The Complete Season 6 Know what he looked that way because he was without Soul and did not care for his brother and not because he is a Bad Actor

  174. Aimen Mobin

    You people don’t like the show, here’s what to do: 1) Stop watching the show if all you can do is judge and bitch about it. 2) Go find a better cast for the roles of Dean and Sam

  175. Luke

    I completely disagree. Jensen Ackles isn’t half the actor Jared is. Not to mention, Dean isn’t half as complex of a character as Sam is, and he still can’t pull it off.

  176. Neko5800

    You maybe do not believe me, but I thought that myself. U just put that in words. Thank you!

  177. Carol Sweet

    Oh my god, they are both HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE actors! I think Jared is worse, though. The last two episodes I watched tonight with my daughter on DVR were just laughable. One ended with Jared face to face with Amelia, and I swear, Jared’s face was so ridiculously overly dramatic that I expected to hear organ music from the 1930s.

    The commenter who said something about Jensen’s ridiculous voice is SO RIGHT! Why in the world would he fake that stupid voice? IT’S SO FAKE! Don’t you know his throat is ALWAYS sore? And his constant “model face” poses!! It’s so distracting and just WRETCHED acting. All you people claiming these two clowns are being over-looked by the Emmys are clearly teenagers who just like their looks.

    If you want to see good acting on television, watch “Homeland” or even “True Blood.”

    The acting on Supernatural is just awful, awful, awful. It’s good for a laugh, though.

  178. Bettie Johnsonw

    Both actors are utterly dreadful. It’s hard to say who’s worse. I cannot believe that there are so many delusional fools out there right now who think that a major film studio would EVER invest millions of dollars in “Fifty Shades of Grey” only to cast a horrible actor like Jensen Ackles who is a self-professed Conservative Christian Republican! He is SOOOOO not Christian Grey and no studio would EVER give him that part.

  179. Casey

    Everyone has their own opinions but to me both Jensen AND Jared are wonderful at portraying their characters. So if you dislike the show or actors then PLEASE stop watching the show and talking smack about them. The men are amazing human beings and treat their fans wonderfully. I dare you to say shit about any of the SPN cast actually, to anyone who has met them…All in all it’s one thing to dislike something or someone but keep rude comments to yourselves. And to you Mr. Woods, this article was extremely harsh in how it was written. You’re just a critic who doesn’t know a thing about acting and I suggest you check out Toby Keith’s ‘The Critic’. It fits you to a T.

  180. Thatree Patel

    I’m writing a paper on errors and cognitive bias in perception. Although my paper’s primary focus is behavioral economics (I’m an MBA student at Vandy), I make use of film and television as examples, which is how I ended up here. Unless you’re a plastic surgeon trained in the proportions of the face, physical beauty is generally considered subjective. That is, we look at someone and our brains tell us if they are appealing or not. When it comes to actors (people we don’t have real-time interaction with), if we find them especially attractive, we tend to project positive qualities and attributes onto them. Moreover, as long as they stay neutral about politics and religion, we tend to project our own belief system onto them, making them even more attractive to us. (This is why PR people encourage celebrities to stay middle-of-the-road and speak only in sound bites.)

    We also over-look flaws in these actors’ performance, just as we do with people in our day to day lives. For example, how many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, that’s okay,” when jostled by an attractive person on the bus or train? We see that dynamic in the workplace, too, with supervisors being more tolerant of the mistakes made by attractive employees.

    The bottom line is that neither of these two actors have garnered much in the way of objective, mainstream critical response. I’d never heard of either of them but watched their performances in a few episodes and was seriously underwhelmed. Plus, when I researched their names, it was very clear that Jensen Ackles is perceived as homophobic. Even so, fans who find him especially attractive who also view homophobia as a negative trait will be quick to dismiss those accounts as untrue, despite a considerable amount of substantive evidence proving otherwise.

    And my apologies to the fans, but as someone unaffected by their looks, I can wholeheartedly say that both actors are pretty bad at their craft. Padalicki is marginally worse than the other one, but not by much. They’re both just about equally awful, which is sort of a good thing for me. It means that this article and its comments are going in my paper.

    Thanks Supernatural fans (and the show’s dismal actors)!

  181. Cindy

    I have been watching SPN since the beginning and find it astounding that Jared Padalecki’s acting actually gets worse as the years go by. I get embarrassed for him at times. I can’t imagine how it must feel working next to Jensen Ackles who is very good at his role as Dean. Hopefully ignorance really is bliss and that’s how Jared manages to show up for work every week. I wish SPN writers would quit giving Jared any sort of emotional scene as he just looks constipated whenever he tries to show any strong reaction to a situation. Jared, they do offer acting classes in every state and country. Heads up.

  182. InHateWithYou

    God shut up. How can some people be so pathetic and just spend their days hating on a person JUST because they are so much more successful than you.
    Jared is a awesome actor, and if you dislike him/his acting so much just keep it to yourself.

  183. Howard

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  184. Rob

    Jared is truly, horrible. I find it interesting that people are claiming how great he is, and attacking the writer of this article. I found this doing a google for “Jarred Padalecki is a terrible actor”, lol.

  185. facebook_extreme.enigma

    Can’t agree more. Amazing post. I always thought Jared acts weird. Then while watching the season 10, I got it all sorted out. He is awkward in almost every of his scene. Very uncomfortable. His body language, his facial expressions, specially his eye brows. I think he thinks he looks cool acting like that but the case is other way around. It has become extremely cringe worthy watching him in the show. When he talks to his brother asking him to share what he is going through but asking it in a so messed up way that Dean would never tell him what he has in mind, ever. Then when Jared kills some bad guy, save someone etc. he always looks surprised that he killed him/her. I mean come on! arent you a Goddamn ‘Hunter’? Havnet you killed hundreds of Demons and regular people in the last 9 and a half seasons? What’s wrong with you man!

    All in all, Jared needs serious acting advice and coaching.

  186. Leo Sigh

    I’ve just power watched all 10 seasons and could not agree with you more. Padalecki is just ruining it for me. He’s a terrible actor. The same forced facial expressions over and over again. The flaring nostrils. The overly-dramatic gazes. Just bloody awful. I love Ackles, on the other hand as he has massively grown as an actor. But honestly I doubt i’ll bother with season 11, I just want to throw something at the screen every time Padalecki appears 🙂

  187. Andrew

    Agree wholeheartedly, but I think with JP it’s been a decline over the years. The first couple seasons he was great with his perfectly acceptable acting of the character. I bought it all, but then as he progressed in the show his quirks started showing more and more like he got lazy with the character. Flash forward and we have an awkward, lanky character next to his, perfect embodiment of the character, brother JA. But all that considered, he does still shine now and again. Look at season 9 finale e23. He brought it all to the table and then some. He has the ability, just doesn’t always capture on film, or the editor is a punce who can’t string together good takes. REALLY though, we all are being too hard, because we still watch it don’t we?? I love the show despite the acting flaws sometimes. It still has it all, and I can’t wait for season11. I’d love them to find their way to netflix though and give us some actual profanity. You can see it just waiting to explode from their mouths at times. It NEEDS IT. Bit off topic but whatever. Chuck lives!

  188. Joe

    I could not agree more. I actually found this article by googling “Is jared padalecki the worst actor ever?” I am watching Supernatural on Netflix and I really want to like it. It’s well written and for the most part well acted with this blinding one huge exception: Jared. His “smell the fart” face is so offputting, I don’t think I can watch the show any more.

    • Jeff

      I completely agree. I found the article by Googling Jared Padalecki facial expressions. He’s awful.

  189. Kaitlyn

    Have you seen Deans death scene in season 3? Jared’s acting was phenomenal. Season 5 season finale? Amazing acting. Season 2 Sams death scene? Perfect. There are so many more than that as well. Jared and Jensen are both amazing actors and play their characters perfectly.

  190. Samantha Potter

    I completely disagree with this hateful article. Jared Padalecki is an amazing actor who I have had the honor to see develop and impress me over time and work. I will admit at first I was skeptical, but I was the same way with Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins as well. Jared has made me cry of anger, sadness, and joy and has proven he is just as good as Jensen. Sam Winchester is a different person than Dean, and you shouldn’t judge him for playing him differently than Jensen. He plays Sam the way he should, along with his wife Genevieve plays Ruby how she should. You call yourself fans of the show, but spend your free time looking up negative things to hate on it. I am honestly disappointed in this fandom, which I have never been before. Not only that, but Jared spends his free time, live streaming with us and helping us through depression and many more things. Jared is an amazing actor along with all the other talented people in this show like Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Felicia day, and Osric Chau and it makes me upset seeing hateful comments about people who spend their time trying to make us happy and who work their damn hardest.

  191. Angel of West window

    A win-win way. Write the hatred paper and declare that people with the opposite opinion it is the fans Padalecki. I don’t see a single gram of adequacy in the article. Let the author call the criteria for “good acting” to start before passing judgment. Precise criteria do not exist. All I see is a personal dislike of the actor’s habits Padalecki. I can see the fan girl Jensen too. I am one of the few people who don’t like appearence of Jensen the same way as the author don’t like the emotions of Jared, so I watch it for his acting. 1) the Death of Sam did not impress me. In this scene, more the pity Padalecki, because Sam is very young and didn’t deserve what happened, but Ackles just blows out his cheeks and waving his arms, which clearly demonstrates how he is configuring. And at the end we see how the machine worked, and Jensen finally makes truly woeful cry “Sam.” 2) Padalecki beat Ackles in the episode “Heart” and the last episode of season 10. Sam is more reserved than Dean, so I believe in his grief at the end of the ninth season. After all he gone through it was more natural than to be too emotional. Finally, Red meat was not so successful in terms of actor acting of Ackles. 3) Criticism is not appreciated else as this article. Critics have said that 80 percent of the series Ackles has the same expression of face. And that’s the truth. Especially towards the end of the current episodes, he almost always portrays one and the same angry and hole at the same time expression. I’m tired to look at him already. His Leviathan-Dean and demon-Dean have no differences. However, demon Dean looks like just an enhanced version of the regular Dean. You can insult soulless Sam, but his mirror, emotionless eyes this is a very difficult style of play. I can quote the words of Ackles. Jensen said that Padalecki better out roles of other people within themselves than him. It is his own words. Remember the episode with Lucifer in a white suit. It was great acting of old and not so simple creature. Even Pellegrino was lack of greatness compare to Padalecki. Pelegrino was more village type. I can say that the first time I was not delighted with Swan song. But then you realize that this is a mistaken impression because of too unusual scene. Padalecki in the mirror and Padalecki in front of him has not just different expressions, but different manners. When I watched films about possessing i did’t saw nothing more naturally, as Padalecki obsession with Meg, Lucifer, angel. One may argue, but this is just the different point of view not some postulate. 4) When people see Sam on the screen, they long can’t believe that in life Padalecki is the complete opposite. Is this not acting? 5) Misha Collins was the most terrible Lucifer. I don’t see more awful acting before. 6) If you want to argue, then say the criterias besides “I don’t like this”, because any of the actor has those who will say about him “Nothing special.”

  192. Angel of West window

    P.S. I saw many fans of Jensen who just jealous toward Padalecki, but try to look this as single true opinion because many people likes appearance of Ackles. I say one more thing. Jensen was in love with Padalecki, may be even until now. This the main reason why he was not so good actor before but become him in Supernatural. You can see his feelings toward Padalecki on the screen some times :).

  193. qwer

    Obviously fan girl of Jensen. Estimation any acting is very conditional, even expert. In life you can look at someone with surprise, and someone will take it for the outrage. Each person has his own understanding of how express of emotions. Therefore, for each actor there is “adequate” people, writing (there is nothing better to do apparently ) whole articles about his bad game.

  194. patrica

    mmm, wow i cant believe you would say this , Jared and Jensen are one of the best actors i’ve seen and i couldn’t even read it all because this is total non-sense , i think you have no right criticizing them until i see you getting awards for your work . and anyone that agrees with him should just mind your own buisness ,i can’t stand people like y’all

  195. Supernatural Fan

    Jared Padalecki just sucks. And I have no idea what he’s doing to get all that air time for over ten years. Sam is one of the most annoying characters in the show. I personally think that there should be more of Dean

    • Brad

      I think he over acts, kind of like Jodi Foster, but I think that’s the way they want him to act in the show, or the directors would have stopped it, and told him to mellow out….

  196. Haley

    What a strange and cruel article. Written I’m sure to try and grain you notoriety than any real fact.

    Jared is the reason I first tuned in to supernatural and he’s the reason I’m still here 12 seasons on. I enjoy Sam and Dean as characters both, I really don’t get how you could even watch this show if you dislike one of the boys as much as you do. I mean it’s 50 50 them. Jensens Dean has become very one note the last seasons where as Sam has been extremely layered and so much more real as a character to me.
    Basically you are entitled to an opinion but the vitriolic way you’ve spat this venom and accusations at such a lovely guy and a reason most Of us tune in is laughable.

    You are not a credible writer, go crawl back under the rock you came from and grow the hell up while the rest of us continue to enjoy Jared’s talent.

  197. Someone With Brains?

    You sound like a Jensen girl pisses at the attention Jared’s getting. Well done.

  198. Spn lover

    If u r a supernatural fan and u think u EXACTLY are,u have to repect all of them even a little.not hate or love them because of their appearance or whatever,they made this show tohether & without even one of them the show will be ended.and we all know they are brothers in real world too.they both care for each other as sam and dean does.& in my opinion its sort of disrespect act.if you hate one of them u should keep your opinion for urself or at least not saying that in this hatefull and dean fan way.they continued this show for 13 years because of us and in this way we all cried and became happy with them.god knows how many times they saved some of us with show or even other people with their kind acts.jared is the kindest person i ever saw among actors.he doesnt care about just himself.i admire him alot and i cant stop smiling when i see his face.i have to say that im a dean girl but i count myself as a member of this big family and because of the respect they show to each other i will do the same.

  199. Ryan G

    For such an old show, I’d love to know the demographics of the people commenting here… still.

    Okay, so my partner & I love Supernatural (we just call it Sam & Dean, I’m sure you were wondering) and after watching the first time, somewhere around Season 10 we both started noticing Sam do that reaction thing he does where he over-emphasises his (facial) expressions. From there on in, it became hard not to notice, but it didn’t make the show any less enjoyable for us.

    The second time around, we still enjoyed the show, but there were times where it got a bit annoying and we really wondered why – so I Googled it and hey, this is what I found…

    Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t act anywhere near close to anything as well as he does, but then again, I’m not a professional actor.

  200. Mike

    This is so spot on, me and my wife have been binge watching all the seasons from 1-14, we are in the middle of season 14.

    My wife was the first who noticed how bad an actor Jared P is. And when she started pointing it out I myself could not have it ‘unwatched’, and he got even worse for every new season.

    Jareds forehead is the star of the show, it has more meaningful expressions and emotions than Jared himself, yeah ok! his forehead technically belongs to him 🙂 .

    We like the show but would never go so far as calling Jared a good actor. In the last couple of seasons we have been bursting out in laughter every time Jared is making an effort of trying to show ’emotions’ on the show and how it falls flat every time, it’s becoming hard to watch and we are looking forward to finish season 15 and move on.


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