Bullets and acrobatics are two important words we would use when describing My Friend Pedro to someone. This action side-scroller isn’t just about shooting people down and getting to the next level, but it’s about how you do it.

Early on into our demo we discovered that Pedro refers to a magical banana that gives you advice during your missions. Whether he’s an actual talking banana or a figment of your imagination remains unclear. Our demo didn’t touch too much into the game’s story but it did introduce us to the essence of what made this game so amusing to play—its combat.

Controls have you aiming at your enemies with one stick and moving with the other, but the fun truly begins when you pick up a second gun. Here is when you can lock onto one enemy and aim at another to unleash some cool combos and multiple kills. Perhaps taking inspiration from The Matrix, you can also slow down time to dodge bullets as they go flying around you. Once you complete each level, you’ll get a grade based on how well you did—or more like, how stylishly you completed it. Multiple combos, not getting shot at too much, and dodging bullets as you perform combat acrobatics will increase your score.

One of the most action-packed parts of our demo had us riding a motorcycle down a highway as enemies and eventually the final boss riding a mystery meat truck appeared. It’s this type of hilarity that made My Friend Pedro such a breath of fresh air from all the other shooters we played at PAX East. Sure, you’ll be shooting people down, but the game looks to be silly enough to make anyone smile.

Look for My Friend Pedro to hit Nintendo Switch and Steam June of this year.

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