One of our favorites from PAX East this year was the hilarious Felix the Reaper, an inventive puzzle adventure that follows the story of an unorthodox reaper who likes to boogie just a little too much.

This puzzler will put your brain to work as each level pauses time and gives you a certain objective for you to complete such as placing certain targets on designated spaces so that when time restarts, they’re dead. The challenge is getting to where you need to go while avoiding the sun.

This means you’ll need to plan your moves carefully and shift the angle the sun is shining to move carefully along the shadows of trees, carts, and random objects in your path. Later levels will also require you to create your own path through shadows by placing items on specific spaces. During our playthrough we got stuck at parts because we didn’t think it through carefully enough and had to retrace our steps to reset our mistakes. Thankfully, the game has a hint mode that tells you where you need to go to next. And for those who want an extra challenge, you can omit these altogether and see how quickly you can clear each stage.

There’s a lot of charm to this puzzler even in the way Felix dances once you complete each stage. Sure, you’re essentially seeing people get impaled, eviscerated, and maimed every now and then, but it’s presented in a tactful and comedic way. The game also has a romantic plot despite amid all the killings, and you’ll later learn that Felix’s ultimate goal is to get close to his crush.

Look for Felix the Reaper to hit multiple platforms later this year.

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