Little Friends Dogs and Cats brings a bevy of furry friends you can play with right on your Switch. Playing a bit like the Nintendogs titles, this pet simulator will make you fall in love with your virtual puppy or kitten as you train, feed, and play with it anytime you want.

The demo we played at PAX East started us off by letting us pick out whether we wanted a dog or a cat as well as its breed, color, and personality. We chose a male German Shepard puppy with a quiet temperament and then took him home with us. We then had to make sure the puppy felt comfortable in its new surroundings so we had to pet him a bit until her warmed up to us. Like in real life, each animal has its own special spot where they like to be scratched and petted.

Petting and brushing your pet also increases his or her friendliness level and allows you to unlock additional toys and game modes like disc throwing tournaments. Our demo only allowed us to do the basics like petting, feeding, and brushing our pooch, but it was great to see how realistic our puppy behaved during each action. Our puppy was quiet, after all, and each pooch will behave differently depending on what kind of personality they have.

While our demo was a bit limited and only allowed us to pet and dress up our puppy in numerous cute outfits, the full game will come with other modes that will let you take your pets out for a walk and train them too. These modes plus the adorable number of puppies and kittens you can choose from are sure to make Little Friends Dogs and Cats a perfect addition to anyone’s Switch library. The best part—you can take your little friends with you on the go!

Little Friends Dogs and Cats will release on Nintendo Switch this spring.

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