Activision confirmed this morning that the next Call of Duty game will be Black Ops IV.

Details are scarce beyond the reveal trailer above, but a few important things have been confirmed. The game will be released on Oct 20 following a “community reveal” on May 17 where we imagine we may get more information on where in the Call of Duty timeline the game takes place. Finally, Call of Duty Black Ops IV will be developed by Treyarch, who has been in charge of all previous Black Ops games in the franchise.

The October release date is the first time in over a decade that a Call of Duty game does not come out in November. This is probably in response to Red Dead Redemption 2 hitting store shelves on Oct 26 and Activision looking to beat Rockstar to the punch. It is an interesting shift for the franchise that inadvertently moved several big name releases to the first few months of the new year rather than have them compete directly against what is often the best selling game of the year. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Resident Evil VII would normally be out right before the holidays, but the “Call of Duty effect” over the past decade meant publishers shift their schedules around to stay relevant. It will be interesting to see if Call of Duty sets a new trend with an earlier release schedule.

Call of Duty Black Ops IV will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Oct 20.

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