It’s probably the general consensus that gaming is a more male orientated environment than it is female. You could probably even look towards the games that are released for consoles, PC, Mac and mobile and say they are more geared towards men. The likes of Call of Duty, Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto, all seem more likely to be played by males than they do females but is this actually the case? Or are women gaming as much as men these days?

There’s a quote that seems to fly around a lot and that’s half of video gamers are women and this is actually pretty accurate. Gaming is a huge mainstream activity that is actually designed to attract both genders, not just one. Whether the players are hard core gamers or just the casual sort, the figures produced by various reports suggest that more and more women and gaming on a pretty regular basis.

There are some interesting stats that have come about as a result of the ESA Report 2017. One is that women aged 18 and over represent a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population than boys under the age of 18. The average female gamer is actually older than the male average, with them being 37 and 33 respectively. Most studies estimate that the percentage of female gamers, hard core or casual, has fluctuated between 38% and 47% over the last decade. So, a lot of women are gaming and this, according to Unibet Casino has even spread to yet another male dominated pastime, online casino activity.

There are a number of reasons as to why there is such a huge percentage of women playing games. One is the fact that a lot of games are no longer designed with a male bias. They are produced to suit both genders and rightly so. Obviously, some games are more geared towards men and vice versa. Reports have shown that men are more likely to be playing shoot ‘em ups, racing games and sports titles than they are farm simulators for example. What this also shows is that there is a greater percentage of women playing these sorts of farm simulators and puzzle games.

Another reason for female gamers to be rivalling their male counterpart’s percentage wise is streaming. Streaming literally boomed and continues to rapidly grow in popularity on a daily basis. Twitch and other platforms allows people, both male and female, to stream themselves gaming live for viewers. This has seen a whole host of female streamers not only become popular but turn a hobby into a full time profession. So it’s no wonder more and more women are taking up streaming.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if we see a greater percentage of female gamers in the not too distant future, especially as these days there seems to be more and more gender neutral games being designed and put onto the market. One thing is for sure, gaming companies can really profit from aiming games towards both women and men and it’s something they’re definitely aiming to do.

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  1. Appvalley

    There had been female gamers since very long, but because of streaming opportunity like on Twitch and YouTube these gamers are getting more exposure these days. I love sssniperwolf <3

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