Perception, an immersive horror game where you play as a blind woman stuck in a terrifying house, has been confirmed for Xbox One.

Developer The Deep End games is comprised of several industry veterans who have worked on classics such as Bioshock and Dead Space. Needless to say, their horror pedigree is notable. What makes Perception so interesting is how the visual impairment of the main character affects the gameplay. Using a sort of echolocation, the player will navigate their way through a haunted New England mansion with very limited views of what is around them.

The game was already confirmed for PS4 and PC, so the Xbox One announcement is a welcome one. Or, as creative director Bill Gardner put it in a press release:

“We didn’t want to leave Xbox One players in the dark—no pun intended—by supporting their console of choice. We’re really excited that Xbox fans will be able to experience the unique world we’ve built in Perception.”

The game does not have a release date yet, but we will get a better look at it at this year’s GDC and PAX.

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