The Tuscon memorial and President Obama speech really messed with the ratings Wednesday night. The memorial aired from 8:30-9:30 on all networks so we’ll skip those.

ABC had an interesting night. “The Middle” hit season highs at 8 pm, while “Off the Map” stumbled out of the gate, which could be attributed to the confusion over the memorial. To make matters stranger, ABC aired 21 minutes of a “Modern Family” after the previous original ended late due to the memorial. ABC will reair “Off the Map” tonight after a new “Grey’s Anatomy.”

At 10, “The Defenders” was a bust. No question that CBS will cancel the procedural.

Ratings from 8:30-9:30 are omitted; the memorial speech by President Obama drew 31 million viewers across all networks.

8 pm

The Middle: 3.0 demo, 10 million viewers

The Big Bang Theory (Repeat): 1.5 demo, 6 million

Minute to Win It: 1.6 demo, 5.6 million viewers

Raising Hope (Repeat): 1.0 demo, 3.1 million viewers

9:30 pm

Modern Family: 4.2 demo, 11 million viewers

Minute to Win It: 1.4 demo, 4.9 million viewers

Live to Dance: 1.3 demo, 5.9 million viewers

Kitchen Nightmares: 0.7 demo, 1.8 million viewers

10 pm

Law and Order: SVU: 2.5 demo, 8.5 million viewers

Off the Map: 2.3 demo, 7.5 million viewers

The Defenders: 1.4 demo, 6.5 million viewers

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