Almost two years ago, I wrote a news story here for Blast about Sony filing a patent for a new “waggle controller” similar to that of Nintendo’s Wii. Though some time has passed, and the design has changed (the original patent allowed users to hook the two controllers together to form a staff of sorts), we’re now holding what has become known as The PlayStation Move in our hands. It’s different and it’s unique, but is it worth the hefty price tag?

It’d be easy to compare the Move to the Wii. Both feature two controllers and track movement, but once you hold the Move in your hands, it’s quick to see that the Move takes things a step further. While the Wii only uses infrared and built-in accelerometers to detect motion, The Move comes with a heftier loadout. Angular rate sensors, magnetometers, and LED marker tracking make it possible for Sony’s Move to pull of true 1:1 motion tracking. Using a combination of sensors built into the Move remote, and information gathered by the PlayStation Eye camera, the peripheral is very impressive at determining your position without forcing the PS3 to buckle under the pressure of the peripheral.

So yes — the PlayStation Move is a powerful little toy, but e big question is; is it fun to use? That answer, isn’t as clear. Since Sony is treating the Move’s launch as a new console launch, so will we –and it’s a bit disappointing. There’s no new Ratchet and Clank title, no God of War, heck not even a Metal Gear Solid. Now, I know that the Move is meant to reel in the casual audience that has made the Wii such a hit, but there’s also a clear need to prove the peripheral to your core audience. There are a number of previously releases titles that will receive patches to include Move support like Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain and NBA 2K10, but one can’t help but clamor for a new core experience to enjoy.

Kung-Fu Rider -- because you always wanted to play a chair racing game.

Move’s launch library as it is, is a bit of a mixed bag.  You have your standard motion based games you’ve come to expect from the Wii’s existence, there’s an exercise game, a cuddly pet game and of course — a Sports collection.  Of the list, Sports Champions and EyePet seemed to best handle player movement, but it’s the latter that really showed off the system’s power. If you haven’t seen EyePet, the game uses the Eye camera to allow a virtual pet to interact with not only you, but the space and the objects around you. Though there were a few instances that made us question the intelligence of whatever the heck kind of species our pirate hat wearing rat looking thing was; more often than not it was crazy to watch as it seemed to act like it was really in our world.

It’s the Move’s oddest title that also is it’s most striking. Kung-Fu Rider puts players in the seats of an office chair and has them race around crowded cities and towns. Yep, you read that right; chair racing. Yet, that’s not even the strangest part, technically you don’t even need the Move Controller to enjoy it, in fact, you don’t need a controller at all. Sound familiar? Kung Fu Rider seems more like a Xbox Kinect game than a Move game. all that aside, it’s definitely one of the most fun experiences you’re going to have with Sony’s magic wand.

Whether or not the Move is worth your money depends on a few different factors; how much stock you put into motion gaming and if you already own the Eye Camera (without the camera, you can get the Move setup for around $70 but with it’s well over $100). As it is, the Move won’t revolutionize the video game industry, but much like we’ve seen of Microsoft’s Kinect, it has the potential to be something incredible. It’s fate will depend on how the developers create experiences for it. Go ahead and try the Move, just don’t dismiss it for what it is now.

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  1. Nikia Frazier

    Just purchased this for my son yesterday, and so far so good. Loving it, it’s much better than the way. Can’t wait for all the games that I’m sure are going to come out. We’ve been enjoying the demos, and the game that came with it. Really loving the camera, and special effects.

  2. james cooper

    “we’re now holding what has become known as The PlayStation Move in our hands. It’s different and it’s unique, but is it worth the hefty price tag?” Im sorry,but i fail to see where the “hefty” price tag is…. i bought move today, paid £60 for the controller and sports champions(i already have the eye) and i can tell u, it’s worth every penny!! if anyone thinks that move has a hefty price tag, then they’l get a shock when they see the price tag on microsoft’s kinect! the move is perfect,even better than i imagined, i thought they were exaggerating in the ads about how responsive and accurate it is, but thats exactly how it is!! 10/10 so long as they keep a steady supply of good games for move

  3. Mick

    Got mine with Two motion controllers and I must say it’s amazing.
    The “sports champions” Game is very good in its looks and gameplay. The slightist move is detected and sent to the game and You can feel your moves are mimiced in the game as you would expect them to be. Sorry Wii, but if Nintendo doesn’t respond to this, you will be out of the competition.

  4. Matthew Sammons

    SONY has done it this time! Before i bought my PS3 i was going to buy a wii but i looked at all the reviews and they said that PS3 is the best. Now I didn’t know that the PS3 had sixaxis but i realized it when i got the game MOTORSTORM. I REALLY LOVED IT. I still kept up with the wii and the new games and i wish i could have it but i would never want to give up my PS3 for it. So now that PS3 has come out with a motion controller that has exactly 1.1 motion tracking is really good. oh yeah BTW i am a HUGE FAN OF MOTION CONTROL. this is definatly going to be a wii killer. i mean what else would you want in a motion controlling device, perfect control as in when you move at the same time your guy on the screen moves, and then the sleek and stylish design with the best graphics out right now and by the way on the games for playstation move people actually have legs unlike all the games on the wii where people dont even have legs. here are some great games for the playstion move


  5. Bigrawdaddy

    I bought the move today and I’m not sure if I like it!
    It really doesn’t seem to be too accurate. I have done everything by the book. 2.5feet to 8 feet away. And sports challenge game isn’t the best either. I think I will take it back tomorrow.

    • Shadow

      Sorry dude, seems like you either have a defective unit, have the camera in the wrong place, or just do not know how to calibrate….

  6. notmuchmoney

    I don’t know that I would spend 300 dollars on a system and then 100 more on controllers and camera for something that seems only slightly better than the 250 dollar wii. I understand though that the games are better on ps3, but if i’m looking for something fun and entertaining to play with i’m gonna go with the cheaper wii. If i’m a hardcore gamer, i’ll get the ps3, but not just for the move but for the games and the graphics. Sorry but I fail to see the appeal here.

    I understand people are saying it’s better than the wii, but seriously who cares, whoever wanted the wii for the motion control has already got one, so this is more to just get the ps3 fans to open it up to their family since most ps3 owners are harcore games

    • drew32jokester

      Sony knows gaming better than Microsoft, Nintendo and Sega (R.I.P), think about it ,15 years in the industry and No.1 for 11 of those years straight. Sony is a true student of the game and they saw how Nintendo resurrected itself, through motion gaming by coming out with the Wii. Sony went back to the drawing board and simply took the next step in developing the Playstation Move to give you a true motion capture experience in the virtual world of gaming. I bought the Playstation Move when it came out and I LOVE IT! This is the Nintendo Wii Killer! I bet you the closer we get to Christmas, Sony will unveil it’s biggest games for the Move and if not, next year should be very promising. The Xbox’s Kinect is different, but hardcore Xbox 360 gamers could care less about motion gaming, this goes especially for the online audience. Sony may be No. 3 now, but the road to No. 1 will be within Sony’s grasp sooner than people think, just BELIEVE!

      • matt

        Fannnnnnnboooooy. lol I just came on here to see what this new ps move was all about, but these comments are ridiculous. “Wii killer!” “BELIEVE!”. I mean, really? who cares? You’re acting like you’re the CEO of Sony or something. Its kind of sad that you are so emotionally invested in a computer. Get a girlfriend. Damn.

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