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MELROSE — Don Michele Caruso, the owner of Caruso’s Pizzeria & Ristorante on Main Street died on Tuesday. He was 80.

Mr. Caruso and his somewhat grungy looking restaurant were Melrose staples for seemingly since the dawn of time.

Customers of his restaurant will fondly remember the signature “Za Za Pizza” (in both Sicilian and round styles!) in which he liberally covered his pies with mounds of fresh basil, garlic, and tomatoes.

Also not to be forgotten are his succulent stuffed peppers, which oddly enough featured raisins in the stuffing. (I mean, raisins? Who even THINKS of that!)

Mr. Caruso not only will be remembered for his culinary contributions to society, but also for countless unintentional laughs, as his restaurant was covered in endless photos of himself and random family members, and long dead Italian priests.

(Here’s ME with my new grandson in the tub! Here’s ME tossing some dough! Here’s ME with Padre Pio!)

Also offering laughs was his penchant for constantly yelling, talking with his hands, and for driving a Ford that looked like it was manufactured in like 1930.

He leaves his restaurant that’s still never open on Sundays, his recipes, and staff who’ll no longer be yelled at for not getting pizzas in the oven fast enough for his taste.

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  1. Bill McQuaid

    My family has been a regular customer for the past few years. My 2 1/2 year old Sammy loved going there for Za Za pizza and just the other day said “I need to go see my old friend Mike”. Tonight his Mommy told him that Mike moved back to Italy to be with his wife; we’ll miss you Mike.

  2. Rich Maccini


    Thanks for the snarky obit. You’re a real class act.



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