Take-Two today announced its hockey franchise’s latest installment, NHL 2K11, will bypass HD consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 and will become a Wii exclusive.

It’s actually not a joke. Take-Two President and CEO Ben Feder says the franchise needs a “breather” and will only release for Nintendo’s Wii next year.

“We’re taking the year off on our PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions,” said Feder. “We’re doing that because we’re so committed to competing and winning, and we think those platforms need a breather so we can go back to redesign and rethink as opposed to continuing to iterate.”

“As a result of that, the following year we’ll come back a lot stronger,” he added. “We’re continuing to develop for the Wii, which we think is exciting. We have built a presence, in Canada specifically, on the Wii title with the help and support of Nintendo, for which we’re very grateful.”

NHL 2K11 is scheduled to release in Take-Two’s Quarter 4 of 2010, so anywhere between August 1 through October 31.

As long as Sid the douchebag Kid isn’t on the cover I’ll be happy.

Source: IGN

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