When “Super Mario Galaxy” hit shelves in 2007, it came with a hidden message on its cover. Stars underneath the letters U R M R G A Y showed up. We connected the dots and formed UR MR. GAY.

Now, Nintendo never commented on that wacky phenomenon, but with “Super Mario Galaxy 2” shown at Nintendo’s Media Summit today, a similar quirky conundrum surfaced.

This time around, stars underneath the letters U R M I A Y appear. Now, this string of letters seems like nonsense, but consider the following.

If you reverse the string of letters, and switch in an E for the I (a translation issue I believe), you get the Japanese word “yameru,” which a Google search tells me means “to retire, to stop, to cease, to resign.”

Is Nintendo trying to tell us something is ending? Mario, as a character, certainly cannot be finished, but the Galaxy setting for his games may very well be.

Even if I’m far off with this assessment I still find  it curious Nintendo chose to switch up the location of the stars to something with a possibility of questionable reference.

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  1. DudeNo

    Dude… No. You are clearly taking a very small design feature & trying to make a big deal out of it. *yawn*

  2. DudeYes

    Actuaually If you spell R U MIAY backwards it says
    YA I M R U? which is yeah I am are you?

    • ttt

      that makes more sense and then if u put the the covers together u get a conversation
      game 1: u r mr gay
      game 2: ya im r u

  3. Ya I am are you? yaimru

    Nintendo knew that the public found out about this one, and everyone is talking about it.

    So then they made Super Mario galaxy 2 go backwards (a challenging one that isn’t as noticeable as the first, yet if you can crack the code then yes!)

  4. I know!

    Maybe the first one’s letters spell an employee’s name, or if we unscramble the letters, we could still find an employee’s name! Maybe that employee is important to Nintendo and they are secretly announcing their retirement!


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