NASCAR had their 2010 overview today which means it’s just about that time of year. The abundance of fresh air, sunshine and our beaches attract NASCAR fans from all over as they converge on Central Florida to watch the season opener, The Daytona 500 that falls on Valentine weekend this year. A true lover’s paradise, I’m sure. Now, I’ve never been one to actually enjoy NASCAR because the idea of driving 500 laps in a circle is ridiculous and somewhat asinine to me but a majority of people beg to differ. Add to the manual of rules that are placed on each team and the point is driven home that everyone really is driving the same car. I hear it’s about the car, no, it’s about the driver that wins the race but how does one actually win in NASCAR? Luck, I would think and drafting. It’s all about drafting….and rubbin’. No wait that was only in allowed in Days of Thunder or was it? NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France said today that “NASCAR is a contact sport — our history is based on banging fenders.” So it really is then about rubbin’, right Harry?

The new list of improvements for the sport lacked the most import thing; lack of any serious fun being placed into the sport of racing once again. The 2010 season should include these new rules to reintroduce the love of NASCAR to every possible fan including myself. With the help of my dear old Dad we compiled these:

1. One Grandstand at every track must be reserved exclusively for alcoholics and persons wearing electronic ankle monitors. Do not take offense to this but if you have ever attended a NASCAR function you know EXACTLY what is being referred to.
2. All cars will be required to have ABS.
3. No speed limits on Pit Road just hope the ABS works.
4. Speed sells so there is no limit on engine size and nitrous oxide will be permitted.

Brian France said fans want excitement so with the elimination of restrictor plates at Daytona and Talladega by God they will have excitement. With unlimited cubic inches and nitrous oxide the speed limit would exceed 250 mph. So who needs the new spoiler or roof flaps? That was so last season.

What am I implying? Maybe NASCAR needs to allow one to two races a year that are without all these ridiculous rules that have overtaken the actual process of racing and made this too much of a business and less of a sport. Those few races would generate new interest and exceed revenue expectations wherever the races were held. Hell, have everyone sign a waiver and I bet they would sell even more tickets!

"Rubbin’ is racing Harry, so let’s go racing!"

The Diva prefers NHRA but cannot resist making NASCAR joke when given the chance.

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