Terry Gilliam’s films have always had the feel and look of a child’s dream. From his hilarious and terrifying view of the future in "Brazil" to the dark corners of imagination in "The Brothers Grimm," Gilliam’s lush stories are essentially fairy tales gone terribly, terribly wrong.

So perhaps it’s fitting that 10-year-old Quinn Lord was the one to speak to Blast about his role in Gilliam’s newest film, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus." The feisty young actor, who previously played the terrifying pumpkin head in "Trick ‘r Treat," discussed working with Gilliam, hanging out with Vern Troyer, and the simple joys of blood, guts, and gore.

Blast: What was it like working on this movie with your director Terry Gilliam?

Quinn Lord: Terry Gilliam is amazing to work with. He’s a fabulous director, he always has these great movies. I’ve watched "Doctor Parnassus" like three times, and I notice something different each time I watch it.

BLAST: So there’s always something going on that you don’t catch the first time.

QL: It’s so special, about that. It’s eye-catching or something. Some magic that he has in his movies.

BLAST: So you’ve got quite a few films and television shows under your belt — which was your favorite film to do?

QL: I would say "Trick ‘r Treat." It’s a good movie. I got to work with Michael Doherty; he wanted me to watch "The Shining." I wasn’t even scared of that movie, I wasn’t scared of anything.

BLAST: It didn’t frighten you, really?

QL: Yeah, really! I didn’t get frightened at all. “Heeeere’s Johnny!”

BLAST: That’s impressive. I’ve seen that movie several times and it still scares me. So what did you like about that experience?

QL: The best part was backstage, I was looking at all the meaty, gut things. It was very impressive!

BLAST: So you liked the gross stuff.

QL: Yeah, I was about to say, gory.

BLAST: You’re still very young, but what have you learned as an actor from when you first started? When you go into act, do you do anything to prepare yourself?

QL: Yes, yes, it’s very easy to get into the horrifying characters. It’s why I like the creepy, creepy, creepy roles. The most fun I’ve ever had with like the gory stuff was when I was on "Smallville."

BLAST: This is going to be a big movie — are you nervous about being famous?

QL: I’m not nervous of anything. I’m like the tough guy who can go through the scariest movies, like "The Shining" and other scary movies. I can work through the blood and gore — even if it like rains blood from the sky, it’s no problem. And being famous — I’d like it.

BLAST: Are you going to be doing any more horror films, because it seems that’s where your interest lies.

QL: I’m going to be in another scary-ish movie (“Second Chances”), but I’m the good guy in that one. It’s with Melissa George I think.

BLAST: Do you want to play the villain again?

QL: Yes, I am up for villains. Villains are the explosion! The gore explosion. I get a kick out of the bad guys, they’re so fun to play.

BLAST: So what’s next for you — what are you up to right now?

QL: Right now? Right now, I think I want to watch a movie. Like "Army of Darkness," "Back to the Future," that kind of thing. I like the time warps and time paradoxes, stuff like that.

BLAST: Well that must have been interesting to do in "Doctor Parnassus," that thing about time and space.

QL: Yeah, there’s a lot of story in there. And I really want one of those mirrors — when you see the movie, you’ll want one too. Everyone would pretty much want one. Everyone would come out of the theater and say, “Wow I really want one of those mirrors!”

BLAST: Just one last question for you. What are you up to next in terms of your work, in terms of acting?

QL: I have auditioned for some stuff, and I’m coming very close to a film. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

BLAST: Is there anything else you’d like to say? I know a lot of our readers are very excited about this movie.

QL: Yes. "Doctor Parnassus" is mind-blowing. Well, not mind-blowing literally, but metaphorically it will blow lots of people’s minds.

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