Sony, at the Tokyo Game Show this week in the Land of the Rising Sun, showed off Resident Evil 5 on PS3 using the new Motion Controller to head-hunt the infected in-game.

The motion controller, still not officially named, was announced at E3 2009 in June, and will be used in the “Resident Evil 5: Director’s Cut” when it releases in spring of 2010 but we’ve got in-game footage of it today!

What do you think about Resident Evil 5 using motion control? Will you buy into it?

via Kotaku

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  1. emily wilson

    Nothing special there, it will be similar to playing re4 on the wii only a little more awkward. Having the motion controller in one hand and a ps3 controller in the other? No thanks.

  2. Roger

    I like it. The reason why the Wii is so awkward is because it’s so inaccurate. The PS3 “Sphere” controller perfects this, however, I’m not too keen on the idea of holding the SixAxis in my hand when I use it. I think that SONY needs to incorporate an analog stick into the “Sphere” design to truly have an all in one motion device. Too many people are seeing Microsoft’s “Natal” as being revolutionary when really not realizing that SONY has already been down that path with the EyeToy. If you look at the tech demos we have been able to see, the “Sphere” appears to be more useful in games. “Natal” seems more like a good idea on paper with nothing to show other than a soccer game that allows you to wiggle your arms and legs all over the place. This is an exciting time for gaming.

  3. Kegluneg

    OMG! Another copy to nintendo’s motion kind system… before the eye toy was even thought nintendo already had a primitive system like the one used by the wii… it was a bazooka and was used with a game called “Yoshi’s Safari” for NES (or SNES, can’t tell exactly)… In other stuff, wouldn’t been easier to accept nintendo’s motion system since the beginning to avoid this childish “battle” in which I’m also involved? Accept it, natal and this “thing” are both copies of low graphic nintendo’s concole… FACE IT!


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