Unless you like skipping over large amounts of our content at a time, you would know that we have a soft spot for the upcoming NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits. We like platformers, and we like pretty platformers with neat game mechanics, and from the looks of things, NyxQuest hits all three of those points. That’s why I’m glad we sat down to talk about the game with Roberto Alvarez de Lara Sieder of Over the Top Games, the developer behind Nyx’s first adventure. We’ve also included exclusive screens of the game for you, so if you haven’t seen the title yet, now is your chance for some visual learning as well.

BLAST: We want to know about Over the Top Games. Tell us who you are and what you are about.

Roberto Alvarez de Lara Sieder: We are a team of young developers with a lot of passion for the game industry! We have been making games for some time for other companies, and one year ago we decided to create our own studio to work on our own game designs.

BLAST: What kind of games do you play when you aren’t making them?

RADLS: In my case I like to play all kind of games. I’m a big fan of games like Katamari Damacy, Shadow of the Colussus and those that stand out for some reason. I’m a big fan of FPS like Counter Strike and Unreal Tournament.

In our office there are people that love RPGs and that are fans of Nintendo franchises like Super Mario Bros, Metroid and Capcom’s Mega Man. As you can see we are all players!

BLAST: We can see in the trailer and from screenshots that NyxQuest is a platformer. Tell us a little about the gameplay that you may not be able to glean from the media available.

RADLS: From the start we wanted to create a platformer that used the Wii Remote in original ways. The main concept was “a character that needs help from gods to advance in his adventure”. From there we chose to base everything in the myth of Icarus and Greek Mythology, because it was a nice mix.

BLAST: Visually, NyxQuest looks fantastic. The backgrounds give the game an epic look, as you control your relatively small character through the levels. What inspired Over the Top Games to implement this art style?

RADLS: We wanted the environment to feel epic. The adventure of Nyx is an enormous task. She leaves her realm to find her dearest friend, Icarus, and she finds herself in a hostile world. We wanted the sceneries to transmit that to the player.

Sources of inspiration are Dali and Giorgio de Chirico. They have awesome paintings that transmit just what we wanted.

BLAST: How does co-op gameplay work in NyxQuest?

RADLS: Co-op is big fun, because one of the players controls Nyx, the main character, and the other controls the powers from the gods. It requires a lot of synchronization! But it makes for fun gameplay and the best part is that it allows you to change positions for a different experience. We always laugh when we play the parts with big columns that one needs to grab for the main player to advance.

BLAST: When do you think the game will release in North America? Europe seems to having a great time with it, and we’re all jealous.

RADLS: We are sorry for that! My sources tell me you won’t have to wait a lot!

BLAST: Do you have any other projects you would like to tell us about? Is there anything else you want our readers to click away from this interview knowing about NyxQuest that we didn’t cover?

RADLS: We are now working on some new ideas for new games. ‚ We are discussing where to go next and for what platform.

I hope everyone has a good time playing NyxQuest and enjoys the game as much as we enjoyed creating it. We placed a lot of ‘love’ into that game 🙂

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