Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number review

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is the second and final game in the Hotline Miami series, bringing us a definitive ending the the ultra violent retro-styled rogue-like. And it was good. Hotline Miami 2 takes e...

Growing pains of a maturing medium

Is the ever-widening division among its audience a threat to the video game industry, or simply a hurdle to be overcome?
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Velvet Assassin review

The new stealth game from Southpeak Games and Replay Studios is technically adequate, but falls short of its historical aspirations.
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The doctor is in

Gamer Doc promises a different kind of video game shopping experience, with three local locations set to open this year.
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Staff announcement

Dear Staff,   I'm pleased to announce that Joe Sinicki will take over the long-vacant assignment editor duties for our technology section.   "Milwaukee Joe," 23, has written for Electronic Gaming Monthly an...
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Game creator makes his case

I was 11 years old when my father came home with our first modem, a 2400 baud U.S. Robotics. I still remember that shrieking sound it made when connecting to a remote service. A few days later, I discovered The Sierra Network (TSN), later known as the Imagination Network (INN).
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Game over?

Atari is out of money. They don't develop their games anymore. They're fighting to hold on to DragonBall Z. Worst of all, they're just the redheaded American stepson of European Infogrames. But I don't think hope is lost.
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Retro: Virus the Game

This review originally appeared on Reviewcenter.com and Sharewarejunkies.com in 1998 during the Golden Age of shareware gaming. The game (and manufacturer's website) remain the same today as they were back then...