C Day

C as in Chanel.  The day is question is today, April 8th.  Today is the day that Chanel increases prices on it’s classic bags by 25% worldwide, decreases prices in China by 20%, initiates a leveling of merchand...
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Countries place cap on global temperature rise at Copenhagen

The developed world went through its industrial revolution with little regard for the environment, as it was not seen as a factor in those days. Now, as countries like India and China revolutionize, developed countries like Canada are demanding that they take action first?
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Gadhafi berates UN Security Council

Dr. Cole spoke about citizenship and how his colleague, Margaret Somers, defines citizenship in her new book (a definition borrowed from former Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren) as the “right to have rights.” We all have basic human rights, of course as guaranteed by universal declarations and the Lockean theory that everyone, as human beings, is entitled to the necessities of life and liberty. However, without a state or government or body to enforce these rights and protect them when they are violated, they are always out of reach.
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United States destroys Barbados

The United States soccer team began its quest for a berth in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa the right way Sunday. Scoring their first goal just 53 seconds in off the foot of Clint Dempsey, the U.S. tacked o...