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The 10 worst movies of 2013

There's nothing like getting assigned a "Top Ten Movies" reflection story to make you realize just how much garbage you've consumed in the past year. I've just looked at my reviews from 2013, so please allow...

The Ten Most Overpaid Actors

Forbes has compiled a list  of the 10 most overpaid actors in Hollywood. The numbers are deduced by the amount of money the stars earned for their past three films in comparison to the overall income for ea...
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From its acting to visuals to historic significance, "Valkyrie" is engaging on all ends. Though it may not be the most heart-warming movie to be released Christmas day, it is the perfect movie for Oscar season.
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Two Magical Years for TomKat

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes celebrated their two year anniversary on November 18. Scientists marked the occasion by continuing to ponder life's great mystery: Why does she look so freakin' old?...
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Tropic Thunder will make you laugh

Ben Stiller might not act in the greatest movies, but he sure knows how to write and direct them. With ‘Tropic Thunder', Stiller creates an explosive new comedy that's sure to blow anyone's socks off.