The 10 Best Games of 2019

Another year of hits and misses has come and gone, but a few games have stood out to us this year as being the best of the bunch. There’s no ranking the games on this list. Just take our word for it that these ...

Blast’s Gamer Gift Guide 2018

We all need a little help during the holidays, especially when it comes time to finding that special gift for someone. From games to accessories to everything in between, our holiday gift guide has plenty of gr...
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Remote-controlled HDMI switch

With gamers, audiophiles and every middle-aged man building the "theater room" throwing more and more devices into their entertainment centers -- PC's, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, high-def cable boxes -- this little box comes in handy. And it's got a remote. Sweet.
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IOGEAR launches PCPortal

IOGEAR has released a hardware-based virtual desktop solution that lets users access their computers from any Internet connection without the need for managing and configuring software. The PCPortal also all...