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The 10 worst movies of 2013

There's nothing like getting assigned a "Top Ten Movies" reflection story to make you realize just how much garbage you've consumed in the past year. I've just looked at my reviews from 2013, so please allow...
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Hardwicke replaced, Lautner soon to be?

Perez Hilton recently reported that "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke has been replaced for the film's sequel "New Moon" by director Chris Weitz ("The Golden Compass"). Next in line for a possible replacement is Taylor Lautner, who Blast already mentioned could be getting booted from his role as Jacob. Hilton said that actor Michael Copon ("The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior") is a possible candidate for the role.
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A Twilight review from an anti-Twilighter

About three things I am absolutely positive: first, I just saw Twilight. Second, there is a part of me - and I don't know how minuscule that part might be - that thinks it was almost okay. Third, it was unconditionally and irrevocably hilarious.
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Blast’s Twilight Issue

Twilight fans, it is only three days and 11 hours until the long awaited release of "Twilight." To keep you on your toes, Blast has a special issue for this last week to help sate your "Twilight" needs.
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Twilight … do it for the chicks

Boys, you may call "Twilight" a "girly" book, based on the thousands of 14-year-olds and their mothers who make up a large portion of Stephenie Meyer's fan base. But Ben from has found a new reason for men to read the four book long Twilight saga.
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Midnight Sun: leaked, unfinished and glorious

On August 30, Stephenie Meyer posted a notice on her official website saying that someone close to her who she had given an early draft of her upcoming novel, "Midnight Sun," had leaked it onto the internet. After reading the draft of "Midnight Sun" that was posted, I only have three words for Ms. Meyer: Please finish it.
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Top 10 Jacob/Rosalie moments in Breaking Dawn

Jacob is perhaps the funniest of all of the Twilight characters, and his and Rosalie's verbal sparring in "Breaking Dawn" is a perfect example of that. In honor of its humor, Blast has picked out our top 10 favorite Jacob and Rosalie moments from "Breaking Dawn".