Bryston unveils gorgeous new subwoofer

Here's a quick look at the new Model A Subwoofer, introduced today by Bryston. We'd like to see it uncovered, but what we do know is that this is Bryston's first subwoofer that does not use 8-inch drive...
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Altec Lansing iM237 Orbit MP3

When you get something like the Altec Lansing Orbit Mp3 and a crisp, clean sound with great bass and highs (read the back of the box, they quoted me) it's easy to realize why name is still the first thing audiophiles look at when they buy a toy.
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Altec Lansing SoundBar

It's certainly priced right, and if you're looking for a clear, compact speaker that won't need its own room and require multiple wall and ceiling mountings, the SoundBar is a great choice. [...]