Reload review

Reload is what you would get if a bowling alley arcade shooter crawled its way into your computer. Steam has recently encountered the issue of games slipping through Early Access and Greenlight while being poor...

So let’s talk about Destiny…

Before you read this you should know that this is not a Destiny review; at least not in the sense you’d expect. Understand that I’m not even claiming to have come close to finishing what Destiny has to offer — ...


Bullet hell is such a special place. Flying into this Indie golden age, Dutch developer Vlambeer's newest title, LUFTRAUSERS, brings us back to the time when aerial dominance dominated the gaming landscape. ...
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Halo Goes to War

War is hell, and Halo 3 is heaven, but where does Halo Wars stand? Read our hands-on impressions of the demo to decide.
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Metal Slug 7

If you were on the fence about whether or not Metal Slug 7 was worth it, ask yourself: How great is it to be able to carry a Metal Slug worthy of the series' name with you anywhere you go, with the ability to blast through well-designed levels and enemies whenever you get the urge?
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Gallery: Metal Slug 7 screens

Ignition Entertainment SNK Playmore Shoot-'Em Up November 18Ignition Entertainment sent us the latest screens and the new trailer for Metal Slug 7, a new guns-blazing scrolling shooter coming out in November...
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The Old Shoebox: Download Overkill

In 1992, Epic MegaGames released this almost forgettable little EGA game called Overkill. You, the pilot, are tasked with destroying all the evil alien forces that captured six otherwise peaceful planets, enslaving the populations along the way. Destroy them.