Thank You, Mr. Stewart

My friends know me as someone who likes to stay informed. Someone who likes to stay on top of the news of the world. I love media, from social to visual to auditory. Learning and understanding is one of the gre...
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Drop the bomb

When I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the options available to Democrats in the wake of Scott Brown's election, I noted the "nuclear option" as the most dangerous of the choices on the table. ...
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Republicans be crazy!

Tab dump! So I've got three articles sitting in my Firefox window, and I need to get rid of them if I'm going to scratch this itch at the back of my brain. Over the weekend last week three separate articles...
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CNN shows protesters–so what?

McCain and the rest of republicans understand that people oppose their opinions, and democrats have always been more outspoken than republicans, especially the young ones. I don't blame the network for showing both protesters, rather, I applaud them for it.
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John McCain’s Speech: Analyzed

I couldn't live blog, as there were some technical issues, but I've written my thoughts on Sen. John McCain's speech tonight, below. Let me know what you thought in the comments section.