SimCity to get an offline mode

Almost a year after its initial release, the creators of SimCity are giving the game an offline mode allowing players to load and save their cities without being connected to the internet. Yes, Offline is co...
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Spore’s so famous it’s on TV

With a a tornado of viral publicity over its pre-released Creature Creator and a hurricane of backlash about walking phalli and borderline copy-right infringement by way of an Elmo with antlers and floating X-wings, "Spore" needs very little press.
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Spore goes gold

Let the cellular revolution begin. Electronic Arts and their Maxis studio announced today that Spore, perhaps the most eagerly anticipated PC game of this decade, has gone gold and will be available for PC and ...
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Three EA release announcements

Electronic Arts had a busy week as we have reported, and reported and reported, but three more game announcements are worth taking note of. First off, EA Sports announced Thursday that NCAA Football 09 will ...