Save Gas. Save Money.

Gas prices are on the rise, again! So, it’s time to get the junk out of your trunk and save gas, save money! The purpose for your trunk or hatchback is to transport objects: groceries, sporting equipment like ...
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Actor Mark Ruffalo on terror watch list

Actor Mark Ruffalo, 43, has been placed on a terror watch list by U.S. officials after supporting a new documentary about natural gas drilling. “The Kids Are All Right” star spoke out about the dangers t...
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Name your own price for gas

Summertime is fast approaching (forty days away actually -- not that we're counting or anything) which, between the kids being out of school and those oh-so-exciting family road trips to visit the world's large...
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EA giving free gas as game promo

In "Petrol to the People"EA is going guerrilla, -- or is it viral? -- grassroots? -- to promote their newest game. The entire gas station will be decked out in Mercenaries 2 branding and will feature actors dressed up as Mercenaries pumping gas.