C Day

C as in Chanel.  The day is question is today, April 8th.  Today is the day that Chanel increases prices on it’s classic bags by 25% worldwide, decreases prices in China by 20%, initiates a leveling of merchand...
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Fashion & Finance Friday!

Still warm enough for open toe shoes and it's Friday - Double Whammy of Awesomeness!   Victoria Beckham opened her first store yesterday in London and it is an environment of beauty worthy of her luxe ...
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Feminism: A Profile in France

LAVAL, France -- “When the rights of some women progress, the rights of others take on a new light and then all of humanity starts to move.” These words hung in the center of an exhibit entitled Rendons nos ...
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French protests yield smelly results

MARSEILLE, France -- Imagine the result if Fenway Park went uncleaned for 15 Red Sox home games in a row. This might give you a faint idea of what Marseille, France’s second largest city and most important sea ...
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Louvre returns relics to Egypt

The famed Louvre museum quickly resolved its quarrel with Egypt yesterday by agreeing to return the steles Egyptian antiquities chief Zahi Hawass accused them of purchasing on the black market, the New York Times reports.