My Dream Emmy Ballot: Comedy

With Emmy nominations right around the corner I’ve taken the time to reflect on my favorite shows of the past year, my not so favorite shows of the last year, and everything in between to try and determine ...
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Grey’s 100th: Ordinary or extraordinary?

It looks like ABC will be featuring the deaths of not one but two young, blonde doctors during next week's season finales. Izzie Stevens, played by "27 Dresses" star Katherine Heigl, veritably signed her death ...
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An interview with Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller

Blast got to have an in depth talk with "Pushing Daisies" creator Bryan Fuller. We talked about what we can expect from its second season, the 12 Emmy nominations it got for its nine aired episodes, and just how much we both love McDonald's deep-fried pies.
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The 59th Primetime Emmy Awards

Although confusing and downright strange at some points, this year's Emmy Awards were not entirely disappointing. Thanks to the fact that Ryan Seacrest was not on screen as often as he may have liked to be, the...