Jupiter Ascending – Movie Review

I've been looking forward to "Jupiter Ascending" since I learned it was an original property created by the Wachowskis. The last decade has been an amazing time for sci-fi movies, but most of the big ones have ...
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Craig Deering tells us about his MTV Movie Awards experience

Though the foursome were originally supposed to be seat fillers for the cast of “Twilight,” the company behind filling seats said it would be nearly impossible to guarantee those seats. MTV pulled a few more strings and got them seats at the front row of the pit, “10 feet from everyone,” Deering said.
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Fighting: Not even a fighting chance

When the entirety of a film's plot is in its title, you can generally assume it is not going to be of the highest caliber. There is a market for these films, though, as long as they meet the criteria of bei...