Aloha – Movie Review

With a promising cast led by Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper, how could “Aloha” not succeed? The romantic comedy chronicles washed-out veteran turned contractor Brian Gilcrest’s (Cooper) return to Hawaii. Amid...

American Sniper – Movie Review

Directed by Clint Eastwood and adapted for the screen by Jason Hall, "American Sniper" opens with brief snippets that depict the mindset and philosophy of the Kyle family patriarch, Wayne (Ben Reed). It's rathe...
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Johnny Depp is STILL sexy

News travels fast, but in case you haven't already heard, Johnny Depp was named "sexiest man alive" by People magazine for the second time. People descibed the 46-year-old (I know, wow) actor as "the king of...
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The Hangover: You’ll remember this one

Without a doubt, go see "The Hangover." In a summer of blockbuster comedies, "The Hangover" is shaping up to be the best one out. If you have been itching for a sequel to "Old School" — or just itching for something that will make your sides hurt from laughing too hard — go see this movie.