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Facebook against breastfeeding but OK with breasts

She was messaged by Facebook and told to take down a photo of her breastfeeding her two children. They said if she failed to remove the photo, she'd be banned from the site. But there are a number of other photos, more sexualized of course, that Facebook apparently has no problem with.
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Chilean government tries to stop looting

Thousand of troops are being deployed to different parts of Chile, a country recently ravaged by a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake, to try to prevent looting and criminal acts, Al Jazeera reports.
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Your World in Focus 11: Organized relief can save lives in Haiti

Haiti. Just mentioning the country's name makes people stop and listen, and hope what they hear is, for a change, good news. But there isn't much in Haiti. People are dying preventable deaths, children are dying from broken bones. There is a lack of food, water and shelter for the Haitians.