Input Devices

Mice, keyboards, trackballs, etc.


Coal Catalyst portable charger review

Whether you’re spending your day watching lots of videos on a remote island or on your commute to work, chances are your phone (along with your other electronic devices) will quickly run out of battery. You can...
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Kensington Expert Mouse optical trackball

Ah. Hello old friend. The Expert Mouse has been around for about 10 years. The first time I tested one was for, and the trackball was "90s computer case beige" in color. It depended on mecha...
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Razer Salmosa gaming mouse

This one surprised us. We've spent the last month reviewing all sorts of mice: big mice, small mice, weird mice, but mostly expensive mice. And lo and behold, we're having some fun with one of the cheapest o...
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Logitech G9 Laser Mouse

With Microsoft and Razer joining forces to produce their Habu mouse, that really leaves two major companies fighting it out in the world of computer mice, specifically hardcore gaming mouses. The Logitech ...
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Microsoft BlueTrack Explorer Mouse

I may finally have found a replacement for my Dell optical mouse. I've been shipped two dozen mouses over the last couple years, and I always go back to my old wired Dell default special. Why? Simplicity, c...
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Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse

The Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse is the most complicated consumer computer input device ever made. It's also one of the best. It's a mouse, designed for gaming, that Microsoft says was inspired by the Master C...