Shiny things

A regular feature — pics of complicated circuits, wires, and devices

WITTI Little Lights

The definition of  witty is to be "amusingly clever in perception and expression". WITTI, a California based tech & design firm is living up to the description. Art, design and function all meet at WI...
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Microsoft announces Zune HD

Today, Microsoft confirmed the existence of the Zune HD, which had been rumored for weeks now. While details for the device aren't plentiful, we do know that the device will have an integrated HD radio r...
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Shiny things: EnerDel battery pack

On October 9, Indianapolis-based EnerDel unveiled a new Lithium-ion battery pack for hybrid-electric vehicles. "We believe that our battery technology is a pivotal advancement that will enable HEVs and event...
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Shiny things: 600W high-temperature clamping diode

"This product protects the electronics in portable devices -- cell phones, PDAs, whatever -- from damage from electrostatic discharge," said Michael Markowitz, spokesman for STMicroelectronics. I would never have guessed what the 600W high-temperature clamping diode does. I just know it's shiny.