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The Sennheiser Sound Tour

Part dream-job, part reality show competition, and part marketing gimmick, headphone and sound equipment manufacturer Sennheiser is putting together a new summer program called The Sennheiser Sound Tour. ...
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DOJ sues Hitachi for price fixing

The federal government is suing Hitachi Displays Ltd., accusing the Japanese electronics giant of fixing prices of thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD display panels that were sold to Dell from 2001 to 2004. Doc...
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Stainless steel Shuffle

Apparently, Apple dropped a surprise gift in our laps this morning: new stainless steel Shuffles, complete with robot voices! And the world (probably) resounds with a collective yawn. Ok, so I'm probably ...
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Crippled cell phones just piss us off

Wireless carriers consistently rank low in customer satisfaction rankings. One only need troll the pages of sites like Consumerist to understand why. Expensive, spotty service couples with poor customer servi...