Shop Truck

Blast Magazine is fixing up a 1987 Dodge W150 Power Ram piece by broken freakin piece!

The Shop Truck #8 — Seafoam!

Every gearhead seems to love this. Maybe it's just the smoke, but something about Seafoaming an engine hearkens us back to the very roots of our car-loving, car fixing, car breaking beginnings. Seafoam is a ...
Dodge W150 broken antenna

The Shop Truck #3 — Status Report

Kevin had The Shop Truck for almost 90 days, and in that time he replaced a lot of parts and did way more work than he could ever have anticipated on a truck that is, as we both noted, shockingly clean. He run...
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The Shop Truck #2 — Buying It

Let me tell you something you already know: Buying a car sucks. Shopping sucks. Dealing with salespeople really sucks. (The fake "supervisor" that the guy talks to, I mean, seriously?) Knowing that you're getti...