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Canada and Europe to draft trade pact

Canada's economy has become one with the U.S. over the past few decades. In an effort to globalize exports, Canada is expected to develop a trade pact with the European Union.
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India launches lunar craft

India launched Chandrayaan-1 this morning, the country's first lunar space craft, with the goal of developing a highly detailed map of the moon's surface.
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Ike halts UPS service in some costal areas

Neither rain nor snow nor wind -- no, wait, that's the wrong one. Ahead of powerful Hurricane Ike, likely to land on the Texas coast this weekend, UPS has closed several of its facilities around Beaumont, Ga...
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Russia pressing Georgia on two fronts

KYIV, Ukraine -- Russian forces have advanced further into Georgian territory in the country's northwest separatist enclave of Abkhazia, where reports say their forces have crossed the breakaway republic's border and are occupying a town in Georgia proper. [...]
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Crisis in Georgia

KYIV, Ukraine -- In a brazen maneuver that has ignited an international military conflict, Russia late last week sent 150 tanks over its border into neighboring Georgia's separatist territory of South Ossetia, prompting Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to declare a 15-day state of war with Russia. [...]