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A story about pens

Buy The Boston Globe or turn to on Sunday to see John Guilfoil's business spending column on executive pens. For the past few weeks, I've been writing -- actually writing with my hands, not a keyb...
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Early swimwear trends

West Bridgewater, Mass.,-based metrostyle has released some of the upcoming bathing suit trends for summer, 2008. Tankinis, which were so huge last year, are still popular, while geometric shapes and mix-and...
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Certainly I have some personal stake in the health and safety of the 9/11 emergency responders. But so does everyone else. 9/11 was a day where we saw the worst of people and the best of people. In the backs...
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September 11, 2007

Today, media outlets around the world are sharing memorials, war news, timelines and conspiracy theories with you. They're going back to September 11, 2001 and discussing their coverage of the day's events, ...
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America’s best restroom

In a scene that would make George Costanza proud, uniform and supply giant, Cintas, is hosting their 6th annual "America's Best Restroom" contest. Yes, entrants from all over the country are holding out, hop...