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Changing opinions about Anime — one 7-foot red robot at a time

Robert Scholz took a deep breath as he carefully walked backwards up the stairs. In the distance he could hear shouts from the eager audience and the sound of the MC trying to hold their attention. Scholz tried to move a little faster, but his pace remained constant while friends assisted him from all sides.
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Cosmetologist to the afterlife

"I'm a big fan of blush. This right here is my secret," the young man says, pulling out a small, circular tin from a cosmetics tray. "A little bit of this, just dab it on, it really adds a lot," he says, runnin...
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The story of Salvia

This is a Blast Magazine enterprise piece. Anthony* sits on his bed across from two friends in his Boston apartment. There's a fan blowing next to his bed. Dave Matthews Band is playing in the background as ...
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The new stoner…you

Editor's note: The names of some interview subjects have been changed for their comfort and protection. This is a Blast Magazine Enterprise piece. Sitting up against a mound of pillows legs stretched over...
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Affair of the mouse

This is a Blast Magazine enterprise piece. From an actual Internet Conversation: BOSTONCHIC: What's up for tonight? Any plans? Any idea how Friday looks for lunch? MUSTANGXX: Friday ain't gonna work. I...
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Girl on Fire

This is a Blast Magazine enterprise piece. The youth of the 1960s made an indelible impression on future generations. They clung to ideals hoping to change the world. They reacted to the turbulent times they...