Comet TV Swag: Reader Giveaway

Halloween may be long over, but you can still indulge in all the witchy wonderfulness of The Craft on Comet TV this month.  The network welcomes all who want to cast a spell on the dreariness of the new year an...

“Westworld” Review

There was a point, before I saw HBO’s newest show, when I described it as "Jurassic Park" with robots. It’s hard not to make the connection-the show takes place in a technologically advanced theme park where th...

Laughing with the Minds Behind American Dad: The Blast Interview

There are few shows on television as funny, scandalous and family-oriented as American Dad. The unique combination of inappropriate comedy with an underlying message of connection has allowed the program to succeed for over ten years. Recently, the show reached its 200th episode milestone and its co-creator, Matt Weitzman, and various members of the cast, Dee Bradley Baker (Klaus), Kevin Michael Richardson (Principal Lewis), Scott Grimes (Steve) and Wendy Schaal (Francine), sat down with Blast Magazine to discuss the program’s longevity and future.