Minari Film Review

The stakes are low here, but as the film builds to its incendiary climax, it delivers a film where even in these quiet moments, it’s increasingly difficult to look away. 
Riz Ahmed in Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal Review

The Sound of Metal is a mish-mash of ideas about acceptance and perseverance. Even though we’re watching Riz Ahmed do something exceptional, but I’m not sure I like the music. 
Gary Oldman as Mank

Mank Review

Nearly every facet of Mank is expertly crafted, and it’s a far more enjoyable film than it has any right to be. If only Mank was as good as the sum of its parts.

The Disrupted – Documentary Review

There are a multitude of approaches to criticism. One among them is seen less these days—the so called “new” school of criticism. This is the theory that we should evaluate a work of art only on its merits and ...

The King of Staten Island – Movie Review

John Ford’s career as a director is defined largely by the western, its brand of rough justice. Martin Scorsese, the mob film and the fascination and repulsion of organized crime. Though I wouldn’t put Judd Apa...