Much like many popular film franchises, Jurassic Park made the crossover to the gaming world back in 1993. With its first release coming on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the series has since developed numerous other titles that have been made available on both remote and traditional consoles.

Following Jurassic World Evolution entering the market on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in June 2018, we’re going to look at why the game has received a vast amount of positive reviews.

In-Game Features

Throughout the last few years, simulation games such as Euro Truck Simulator and Zoo Tycoon have helped the genre reach new heights. Much like these titles, Jurassic World Evolution stays true to its roots in offering gamers an immersive business simulator that places emphasis on lighthearted fun.


The franchise’s latest release caters to the diverse playing styles of modern-day gamers, with variables ensuring that, on a day-to-day basis, either a deep management or hands-on approach within the world can be adopted. Moreover, the 2018 title also guarantees variation in the way of in-game progression. The user is in control of the overall purpose of the save, with paths ranging from a purely entertainment-based option to a potentially scientific research-orientated alternative.

Aside from several newly-developed features improving the in-game feel of Evolution, right at the very start of a new save, players are also given the freedom to bring their creative desires to life within the accurately-generated simulated environment. Relating to the earlier feature of being able to adapt the world to fit your desired path, gamer solutions to flexible missions significantly affect the overarching purpose of newly-created worlds and their conclusive outcome.

Expansions and Crossovers

Even though the title itself was released back in 2018, the game’s developers, Frontier Developments plc, have worked on new downloadable content for Evolution that is coming in December of this year. While most franchise’s use DLC as a means of introducing never-seen-before bonus features, the Return to Jurassic Park expansion takes fans of the series back to the original 1993 setting. Along with iconic islands, members of the original cast, such as Dr. Ian Malcolm and Dr. Ellie Sattler, also return seeking to add nostalgia to the immersive title.

In addition to developing their console releases, the Jurassic World franchise has also crossed over to the iGaming sector in recent times in their efforts to expand further. For example, at NetBet – a popular online casino, the movie-to-slot adaptation of Jurassic World is available to play online and features a wide array of in-game bonuses including free spins. Regarding aesthetics, the five-reel slot creation displays a nature park backdrop that captures the series’ unique environment, while the well-thought-out sound effects ensure that suspense is maintained throughout.

Light-Hearted Fun is Captivating Audiences

In an era where revolutionary ideas continue to hit the gaming market, the original feel and sustained light-hearted nature of Jurassic World developments have long captivated engrossed audiences. Moreover, with new content on the horizon and nostalgic casino crossovers now also available, there are plenty of digital dinosaur-related experiences to be had.

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