It’s no secret that musicians are a special breed of human. It’s usually very easy to spot one just by looking at them, regardless if they actually have their instrument in tow or not. Musicians tend to either feel a soulmate affinity for one another, or a stark sense of competition. Either way, there’s always something that binds different types of musicians together by personality quirks, dress-sense and even just simple habits.

Below, we list some of the distinguishing features and general stereotypes associated with players of popular instruments. This is not an exhaustive list, but we’ve done our best. Here’s what we learned from years of band camp.


So, you’re a drummer? You probably own a lot of bracelets, or did early on in your drumming career.

As a kid, you were the one who could never sit still and had way too much energy. Unfortunately for mom, and the entire neighborhood, you weren’t good at sports, so chose to get it all out by drumming.

In your free time, you’re probably jamming out in your parents’ basement or searching drums online shop on Google for the fifth time. You drink your coffee black or with a lot of milk. There’s no in between.


Enter, the life and soul of the party, wearing a low-cut vest. You’re a fan of tattoos, and likely have a full or half-sleeve by now. Maybe a few stud ear piercings. Whatever you dress like, you definitely have an outgoing personality that people gravitate towards. You view life as an exciting journey and want to live it to the fullest.

One thing’s for sure: guitar types can’t stop telling people that they play guitar. If no one knows, who will turn up to their shows?


Were you the quiet kid in class? Let’s guess… no one could get a word out of you until you were at least 10, and even now it’s still a struggle. That’s why the bass is your best friend. It’s mellow and quiet, but essential. You could fit into every friend group if you tried, but you’d rather not. You vibe with the people you like, and that’s that.

You probably only have a few close friends and most of them are either in a band with you or also play instruments. If anyone goes by the creed “music is life”, it’s bass players. Just don’t stay up too late cleaning and tuning your equipment.

Keyboard Player

You probably thought of yourself as the kid at school who didn’t fit in. The one who always wore odd colored socks and mismatched clothes. Definitely owned cats, or begged your parents to get you one.

Whatever you were like as a youngster, you grew up to be addicted to the keys. If anyone could give guitar players a run for their “I talk about my instrument all the time” money, it would be keyboard players. Besides this, you’re now probably a vegan and have a nose piercing (or you’ve thought about it).

And no, you don’t play piano. Nothing upsets a keyboard player more than being called a piano player. There’s something unique about a keyboard that you don’t get with a traditional piano.


Now, we arrive at last at the multi-instrumentalist type. You’re 100% the jack of all trades but master of none, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You just want to know and learn all you can, and have the talent to do so.

If there ever was a tea drinker, it’s you. Green, black, white, herbal, you love it all. As a person, you’re the glue of your friend group. Everyone loves you and you love them back.

What Type Are You?

Maybe you’re one, or maybe you’re a mix of a couple? Let us know how well we did in the comments section, and post if you know any more scarily accurate musician stereotypes.

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