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With the plethora of online slots on the market, it’s hard for the uninitiated to sift through them all and know the differences between the various games available. One of the main genres that garner popularity is the traditional slot game, which takes inspiration from the classic neon machines which kick-started the casino industry in the early 1900s. The other offshoot is the video slot, which often utilizes themes from popular culture, including movies, TV and video games and appeals to more contemporary audiences.

Traditional slots keep things simple

One of the things which led to slots becoming the most popular way of gambling in the world is down to the ease of playing. Players didn’t need to have any prior knowledge before playing the early offerings of slots, like Charles Fey’s 1895 creation, the Liberty Bell. They simply had to pull a lever and wait to see if any matching symbols landed on the win line in the center.

While gameplay mechanics have become a lot more advanced in the hundred-plus years since then, some players still love the classic aesthetic and simplicity of traditional slot machines. A lot of people, however, also like to feel the sense of ‘updated’ nostalgia that comes with playing traditional slots online. Games available to play at Buzz Bingo like Jackpot Cherries and Diamonds & Rubies from Realistic Games stay true to their vintage roots and therefore remain hugely popular with players.

Video slots and their appeal to film fans

Slot developers have become a lot more innovative in recent years when it comes to developing themes and ideas for the newest games. Diversity has been the key to building up such a lucrative industry. Nowadays, a large majority of online games and bingo rooms are based on popular movies as a way to attract players who are in search of familiarity and comfortable gaming experience.

For example, the 2012 adult-comedy film starring Seth McFarlane, Ted, which achieved a 73% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, features one of the most questionably loveable silver-screen characters of the last decade. A massive hit with fans of Family Guy and McFarlane’s other work, it is no wonder the furry, foul-mouthed teddy bear has been immortalized in slot game format in the Ted slot.

Another, perhaps more reserved example is Dr. Doolittle – another legendary character from film whose franchise has been transferred over into the iGaming industry. The Tales of Dr. Doolittle slot from Quicksilver borrows themes from the 1998 picture directed by Emmy award-winner, Betty Thomas, and features the animal-loving doctor as he goes on a quest in search of the Great Pink Sea Snail.

Whether it be iconic characters or a Hollywood atmosphere, with the wealth of slot games on the market, it’s easy for players to find a gaming experience which suits their needs. Some are simple and nostalgic, while others include storylines and side games. It’s definitely interesting to see how the two industries continue to merge and overlap and, consequently, continue to provide contemporary consumers with innovative and exciting ways of entertainment.

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