Social media has taken the world by storm and has claimed the center stage in the lives of many people. We use social media for everything from checking up on the local news to finding out what our high school friends are up to. While scrolling down our feeds, we often stumble upon many posts published by seemingly perfect couples. Some social media savvy couples even have joint accounts while others share hundreds of selfies with romantic captions and hashtags.

At first glance, one might feel envious of the perfect relationships. I mean who wouldn’t? It’s human nature to crave for a beautiful and fulfilling relationship. While the posts on social media may look perfect, their actual relationship may not.

It’s easy for someone to be envious of their perfect lives and eventful relationships. However, it’s important to highlight that life isn’t what’s portrayed by all those picture-perfect posts on social media and loving captions that accompany them. Studies of the have found that those couples who portray extraordinary relationships on social media often don’t in real life.

Furthermore, they have gone on to find that couples who are in stronger and healthier relationships tend to keep the most of their relationships or at times almost all of it to themselves. Let’s take a look at why happy couples rarely post about their relationships on social media:


  • Posting on Social Media is Inviting Trouble


Almost everyone is on social media nowadays. Posting about your relationship on social media gives anyone in your friends’ list (and sometimes friends of friends) a full view of what’s going on in your life.

There are those annoying relatives who always try to find something wrong with anyone that you date. Comments by others on social media can also result in fights between couples. Therefore, many happy couples opt to keep their love life separate from social media.


  • Who Are You Really Trying to Convince?


Often, by publishing photos of their romantic dates on social networks, couples thus try to convince others that their relationship is sincere and happy. They seek validation from external parties such as family, friends, and colleagues. It looks like these couples do it on purpose, subconsciously convincing themselves that they have a good relationship.

A couple who are aware of their strong bond and happy in a relationship doesn’t need others’ validation. They know if for themselves and as a reason, they hardly post about their relationship on social media.


  • Feeling Insecure


Surveys indicate that people who post regularly about relationships are in fact insecure about them. This is because they are afraid to accept the reality of their relationship and to address their shortcomings. Instead, they try to portray ‘the perfect relationship’ on social media which makes them feel happy temporarily.

Couples who address relationship issues head-on and solve them hardly feel insecure. As a reason, they don’t need moments of satisfaction through the means of posts on social media.


  • Relying Heavily on the Relationship for Happiness


It’s true that a healthy romantic relationship often makes people very happy. However, that shouldn’t be the only or the most contributing factor to a fulfilling life. Some individuals who rely too much on their romantic relationships for happiness often take things to social media. Showcasing their perfect relationship on social media makes them even happier in return.

Yet, it’s important to remember that one must focus on maintaining all kinds of relationships to live a happy life. These include the bonds you have with your family, friends, and workmates. They should also contribute to your overall happiness. Couples who rely less on their romantic relationship to feel happy in life often post or boast less about it on social media.


  • Arguments can be Ugly Online


Agree, there is little pleasure in witnessing a quarrel between a guy and a girl. And what if this all unfolds in all sorts of social networks?! Way more awkward right? It’s never a good idea to bring an argument between a couple into the public let alone to social media.

Studies show that healthy couples who argue in the closed quarters of their homes are more likely to solve their problems on a mutual standpoint and work towards fixing it. They also don’t need to deal with the embarrassing and troublesome consequences of everyone knowing about their relationship troubles.


  • Happy Couples Have Nothing to Prove


If you know in your heart that you’re in a healthy and happy relationship, what the world thinks about it does not matter to you. Couples who often post about their relationship statuses on social media seem to care a lot about what others think about their romantic lives.


  • The Distraction that is Social Media


It goes without saying that even genuinely happy couples share pictures and posts on social media every now and then. However, too much of anything is not good. Social media can be highly distracting.

Such distractions don’t help form healthy relationships with your loved ones. On the other hand, a happy couple doesn’t need distractions.


  • It’s Really a Waste of Time


The time that people spend on social media networks often don’t amount to anything. Many realize that it’s a waste of time but don’t realize that it’s an addiction that needs to be controlled. Couples who keep some distance from social media have more time for each other. There will be more meaningful conversations. There will be lighthearted moments without worrying about what their friends on Facebook or Instagram will think about them. Life will feel much simpler and sweeter.

It’s important for a couple to cherish their memories and build on them. Couples who are addicted to social media give high priority to posting photos and videos of very special moments rather than living in those moments. Those who don’t waste such moments on social media are often found to be much happier.


  • It Takes Two to Be a Happy Couple!


Happy couples are often made of individuals who think alike or respect each other’s wishes and opinions. There may be one social media fan in a couple and one who’s not. Arguments and misunderstandings may break out about not posting enough on social media or posting too much on social media between such couples.

Couples who are in agreement about such matters or who have learned to live with each other’s differences are often found to be very happy in their relationships. There are many couples who have come to understandings about what they should post to social networks and what they shouldn’t which is great.

Let’s Sum Things Up

Social media is fun. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people and be up-to-date with what’s going on in your communities. However, too much social media doesn’t help anyone or anything, especially relationships.

Expressing each other’s feelings is completely fine in the real world or on social networks. However, overdoing it is usually a sign of bigger problems in a person and in a relationship.

Couples who are happy in their relationships don’t seek approval from their peers nor they have the need to showcase too much of their happy lives. They are satisfied with spending a good amount of time together.

You may be someone who often tries to paint a pretty picture of your relationship on social media or your partner may be like that. Then it’s a good idea to have a nice chat (offline), take a few steps back from social media and see how things feel. You will be surprised by the results!


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