Online casinos are multiplying at accelerated rates. They are quickly becoming a part of the mainstream society. It is a way to participate in something that’s prevalent yet still somewhat judged in society from the comfort of your armchair. Casinos are frequently mentioned and depicted as glamorous in Hollywood movies, bringing gambling closer to the masses, and if you just don’t go all Ocean’s 11 on it, you should be fine.

From the classic Cincinnati kid to the heroes of the Hangover, casino gambling has been in our collective consciousness. Like all public opinions on any subject, the media plays a role in our common shaping of it. But how much do you know about the classic, quirky, gimmicky movie casinos that paved the way for the idea of gambling to enter the mainstream?

Nowadays, you can play at an online casino, and real money can land on your bank account more easily than ever. Moreover, online gambling venues come in various themes — the design of some is even inspired by movies. The makers of these online platforms must have been keenly aware of this link with the popular culture and were betting on the familiarity of it to draw in customers.

Which movie casinos come to your mind when someone mentions the word?

This is our take on the top 3 quirkiest movie casinos.

Pinnochio and Pleasure Island

It all starts from one’s upbringing — so the saying goes. The classic Walt Disney motion picture Pinocchio features Pleasure Island, a place where Pinocchio ends up with his delinquent friend Lampwick. Despite the pleas of Jiminy Cricket, our hero indulges in all the excess Pleasure Island has to offer: vandalism, smoking, drinking, and gambling. The whole island is really an amusement park meant to corrupt all who come there. Those who succumb to temptation, including that of the casino, are turned into donkeys and made to toil until the end of their days.

We perhaps risk ruining a few childhood memories by shining light so harshly on this cartoon, but it easily makes the quirkiest movie casinos list. The animation is trippy and has possibly averted many youngsters from stepping foot into a casino… and caused some donkey-transforming nightmares.

Needless to say, there are Pinocchio-themed online casinos where you can play without fear of turning into a labor animal.

Casino Royale

While Montenegro is a real country, the extravagant Casino Royale featured in the 2006 James Bond movie isn’t. Still, it is arguably the first casino that comes to most people’s minds when someone mentions gambling.

Over the years, the James Bond movies have brought casino jargon into everyone’s homes — anyone who has watched the last poker scene in Casino Royale knows what a “buy-in” or a “big blind” is.

It practically propelled the online gambling industry, which was just getting its footing at that time. Surely while doing an online search for the movie, some unsuspecting future gamblers accidentally discovered the growing online casino industry.

Agent 007 is known for glamorizing everything he touches, and casinos are no exception.

Everything is exaggerated in a Bond movie — the stakes, the poker hands, the long drawn-out stares… But all the Bond campiness and quirks are what landed Casino Royale on this list.

Star Wars

From Mos Eisley spaceport and its speedy smugglers gambling for their lives to the gorgeous Sci-Fi gamblers’ Mecca of Cloud City — the Star Wars universe has expanded. Now, in The Last Jedi movie, Canto Bight is not only the newest addition to the quirkiest casinos list, but one to surely live on in the mass consciousness.

The Star Wars universe has taken the world by storm many times over, and everyone not living in a hole has seen at least one or two movies of the famous franchise. Whether you are a fan or not, the Star Wars franchise has arguably shaped popular opinion and is unique with its own quirkiness and kitsch.

The character Han Solo is possibly the most famous gambling man in all the cosmos — though smuggler by trade, he wins his ship from Lando Calrissian in a game of chance called “sabbac.” And the Millennium Falcon is arguably the most famous ship that has taken the most gambles after all — it’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs!

In Star Wars VIII, Canto Bight is depicted as the ultimate destination in all the universe for the wealthy, the legally-challenged smugglers, and the perpetual gamblers. It was brought to life as a tapestry of lavish casinos and extravagant racetracks — the gambling environment of dreams.

The director of The Last Jedi explained that he shot the scenes in the old fortress city of Dubrovnik, stating that it gave it a Monte Carlo-esque environment and that is also looked a bit James Bond-ish. The Medieval-like city has neon lights strewn through it.

Combining the whimsy of Pinocchio and the old school gambling vibes of Bond, this movie easily boasts the quirkiest casino of them all.

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